Linux Game Cast 453: Nier Death Experience

Steam Playtest exits beta! Vkd3d gets them rays, why the Metro Exodus Linux port was less than stellar, and testing NieR Replicant with the latest Proton Experimental.

Special thanks to:

  • Rtheren – Ghost of a Tale



00:00 Intro
06:20 The 25K game Steam bug
10:55 Steam Playtest exits beta
14:05 New ways to browse Steam
18:00 About that Exodus port
20:00 Vkd3d-proton 2.3
22:55 Proton Experimental
25:40 Steam client beta updates
27:45 Neverwinter fullscreen
30:40 Baldurs Gate 2.6
33:40 Don’t forget me
34:50 Silicon Dreams
37:55 Neir Replicant Linux report
49:55 KOTOR Aspyre remake
52:40 AMD BO Fences
55:50 Super Tux Party 0.9
57:55 Godot 3.3
01:00:10 Kaetram Open
01:03:10 Powerslide Remake 1.21
01:04:40 Review: Gratuitous Subtitle
01:15:00 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

25K Bug Fix

  • You know someone had to report this.
  • Steam game collectors are 100% a thing.
  • There is probably more hours of gameplay on steam then there are hours in your life

Steam Playtest

  • It’s a real boy now!
  • I look forward to seeing how this gets abused, like Early Access and Greenlight before it.
    • Supporting me at this level gets you access to our Steam Playtest.
    • Done.
    • It’d still probably waste less money this way. Nobody’s gonna pay a recurring full cost of a game
  • I hope people start using this to start testing linux ports. It’s a pipe dream, I know

New Ways to Browse Steam

  • It still takes the same amount of clicks to get to the Linux games list sorted by release date.
    • Indeed, that’s all I checked for.
  • Sort by LAN support is nice, but I wish they added the ability to cross section them
  • I like that you can get right to the specials.
  • Tend to make use of that when looking for something for Fridays.
  • If you’re going to keep tinkering with the navbar, please give people an option to pin a specific view…
  • Like the Linux native games sorted by release date.


  • Member how I said this reminded me of a Linux port from 5 years ago?
  • I guess they re-used a lot of the same tooling they had for Metro Last Light and the Reduxes.
  • I’m not going to refund it but it’s been uninstalled until they get things sorted.

Vkd3d-proton 2.3

  • Get them rays
  • Control works with nvidia. AMD TBD. My money’s on mesa getting it before AMDGPU. Or failing that, working WELL
  • Team Red does get a nice performance bump though. That’s always appreciated


  • Includes the new VKD3D
  • Mount and Blade Bannerlord is now playable and the Origin overlay is described as functional.
  • So you can play multiplayer with friends via EA Overlay

Custom dead zones

  • Add options for joystick deadzones sources?
    • Huh?
    • Basically you can set no dead zone, your own dead zone or use the device’s default
    • I personally don’t play with my joystick THAT much, but I guess the people who do appreciate the option. If it works well
  • Apparently switch controllers got a little hinkey with the rumbles
  • This is the kind of stuff we need if we are to keep game input devices from becoming e-waste the moment the analog bits start drifting.
  • Though it was already an option for controllers, this expands the functionality to Joysticks.

Steam: Game Updates

Neverwinter fullscreen

  • It works!
  • It took a few years after the Enhanced Edition got released but you can finally fullscreen Neverwinter Nights on Linux without it shutting down your other monitors.
  • They’ve been selling kingmaker long enough that they’re now just calling it a standard module

Baldur 2.6

  • Bye bye miss 32-bit pie!
  • Well, GemRB exists if you really, really need to play baldur’s gate on your 32 bit machine running modern linux
    • I know you’re out there you little psycho you

Steam: New Games

Don’t Forget Me

  • Sort of a pixelly LA noir crossed with thimbleweed park
  • Probe through people’s brain meats and try to suss out their stories
  • It’s got twitch integration. Crowd control could be fun

Silicon Dreams

  • Another cyberpunk interrogation game
  • Reminds me a bit of the boardgame inhuman conditions
  • Well, apparently Cyberpunk 2077 did not live up to the hype
  • Might as well throw as much shit as possible at the wall to see if anything sticks.

NieR Eggplant™ ver.1.22474487139… (proton exep)

  • I want to give this a mention since a lot of people are/were looking forward to it.
  • With Proton experimental everything works out of the box.
  • 1080/1440 with everything on yolo hits 60.
  • 2160p manages about 48.
  • It’s capped at 60 and anti aliasing is not really a thing.
  • The areas are small and loading screens, they are plenty.
  • Lighting is hella flat.
  • Graphically it looks like a fanmade HD remake with some new models and animation.
  • Models that don’t 100% mesh with the environment.
  • Combat is alright?
  • Doesn’t feel like $60 worth of game and we’re looking at 4 years minimum for any kind of update.


KOTOR remake

  • Aspyr is working on it so there is a chance.
  • I would very much like this!
  • And if they remake it proper, it won’t have the UI issues at higher resolutions like KOTOR2.
  • Hopefully it’ll be a little bit more than a hi res texture pack
    • I do wonder if they’ll change anything if it is a straight remake
  • I guess now that EA doesn’t have exclusive access to the star wars IP anymore, there’s a new hope for some linux native star wars games.
  • They did the MAC port back in 2003 so the company has touched the code before.

BO Fences?

  • This would make Mesa drivers give NVidia a run for its money in performance for your typical rasterization scenario.
  • Reading into it, it looks like it’ll need some work. There are some security considerations that some are raising

Stux party 0.9

  • Got some high dpi support.
  • Bunch of UI / menu tweaks.
  • Cleaning up your code before implementing network multiplayer is probably a good step to take


  • They pre-emptively pulled a linux and decided to stop dicking around in revision versions and just increment the minor version.
  • A bunch of the previously in-development stuff is now in the mainline like the web editor, mac arm support and generic VR support.
  • The web editor is really taking shape.
  • It’s up and running on the M1.


  • HTML5 based game engine meant to be an example of how to write such a thing
  • Practical examples like this are so useful to new game devs because it gives them a starting point to hone their skills on
  • They have a wishlist of features, multiplayer being one of them.
  • Open source browser based mmorpg.
  • Tried the online demo but didn’t find anyone elks playing.
  • Looks alright.

Powerfix 1.21

  • Last week we mentioned the Powerslide Remake opensauce reimplementation.
  • As I played through it I discovered that two of the tracks were freezing when loading and causing segfaults.
  • I reported it and two days later a fix was released.
  • Apparently the US and EU versions of the game had slight differences and since GOG packaged the EU version, and the Steam version is just the GOG version repacked, it had issues.
  • But Dmitry Polubokto, the lead developer, fixed that with a quickness.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Guildmaster: Gratuitous Subtitle
Devel: Jim Makes Games
Engine: Unity
Price: £10.99 / $13.99 / $15.49

Wazzat: Guildmaster: Gratuitous Subtitle is an irreverent fantasy adventure, juxtaposing humourous dialogue with challenging tactical combat in a world of elemental magic and sneaky goblins.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys via Curator Connect



  • Everything worked OOTB.
  • The only huh moment was the game being limited to 1080p.
  • I liked the zoom UI feature that nuked all the deadspace.
  • Hipster-pixel graphics with a screaming midi inspired soundtrack.
  • The only bug I ran into was right at the start when one member of my party stuck in a walking animation and the game fkd right off.
  • Had to restore from an autosave.
  • Oh, it doesn’t capture the mouse so have fun with that navigation.


  • Right off, the game lets you know that it has a sense of humour about it.
  • If you consider slaughtering the innocent a grand time.
  • Pick a party, smash that auto equip button and….
  • Seventeen clicks later you get through a fkn door, any door.
  • Welcome to the exciting world of tactical RPGs.
  • Credit where credit is due, Gratuitous Subtitle looks, sounds, and plays the part.
  • It’s got that in enchanted spades but FSM damn I find the entire genre boing.
  • Nothing against the game, I think it’s well done but if you never found seventeen clicks to get through a door enthralling Gratuitous Subtitle will not be the game to change your mind.



  • Tiny window ootb with tiny, tiny text
  • Please scale your fonts by default. Reading is hard enough as it is
  • They’re little pixelly men in their little pixelly world. It reminds me a bit of the old Gold Box game overworlds
  • You control by clicking. So click away.


  • It’s not bad
  • Gameplay wise, it’s a pretty simple tactics RPG.
  • Your HP, dodge and Mana bar are the characters stats, while their weapons provide most of their moves and basic attacks
  • Some folks are dual classed and can double fist items, but they seem to appear at the whim of the game
  • The tactical combat itself isn’t bad. It’s your standard four against many and you have to use terrain and action economy to make sure that your dudes aren’t totally overwhelmed
    • Most of the time that involves finding a nice choke point and let them come to you
  • The AI is pretty dumb, but it is vicious and will take advantage of whatever holes you carelessly put in your position in it’s attempts to overwhelm you
  • I feel the player units themselves are where the game falls flat. They’re just kinda plain
  • The guildmaster powers seem like something of an afterthought. Your choices are basically do an basic attack’s worth of damage, heal a basic spell’s amount, or cast a buff that lasts three turns, every three turns
  • The game has to remind you to use it.
  • The writing is okay. It gets a little too fourth wall breaky for my taste at times, and someone was trying their damndest to come up with witticisms, but I’m not really a fan of being made to read people’s bad jokes.



  • Launched in fullscreen and then went to a 720p window
  • I think that’s a first.
  • Framerate is capped at 60, rather than vsync’ed
  • There’s a bug if you enable the tutorial when you’re about to start a quest
    • The tutorial messages get stuck on screen and you don’t get the Begin Quest button.
    • Starting a new game without the tutorial bypasses that.
  • That’s a bit of a cockup
  • Arrow keys are bound along with WASD, and that’s about the only keyboard controls you get.
  • I would have liked some other keyboard shortcuts.


  • I wasn’t expecting to have my mind blown, but many of the guildmaster’s quips got a solid chuckle out of me.
  • That’s probably not saying much, since I’m easily amused.
  • Still, there’s a lot of puns and callback jokes to previous lines.
  • And make no mistake, the pun-ery is what you’re here for.
  • Because the rest of the game is a fairly standard turn-based RPG.
  • Not a JRPG.
  • Think more along the lines of Temple of Elemental Evil/Shadowrun/X-Com.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I like those games and I like Guildmaster too.
  • But the key differentiator here is the humor and I’ll be a naked monkey’s uncle if it doesn’t deliver.
  • Dinging it a chair for the technical cockups.



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