Linux Game Cast 460: Shirty McShirtshirt

A Blizzard executive wants to know if you game on Linux, Collabora puts the WINE in Wayland, Hollow Knight defaults to Vulkan, SMACH Z officially calls it quits, and a new Linux app for aspiring VTubers.



00:00 Intro
05:56 PC Gaming show Steam announcement
08:45 Steam client update Dualshock fixes
10:23 Proton experimental latency improvements
15:23 Proton GE hotfixes
17:23 Blizzard exec asks if you game on Linux
22:42 Blue Rabbit
25:32 Hollow Knight adds Vulkan support
28:02 Pocket Cars enhanced Linux grass
34:28 Giraffe!
35:38 WINE on Wayland with Vulkan
38:28 SMACH Z officially calls it quits
43:58 Dolphin MEGA Progress Report
48:08 SDL12-compat fake CD ROM support
51:18 VTuberWebcam
54:08 Bugdom
55:28 Nanosaur
56:56 Review: Sunblaze
01:08:15 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • Valve has not been at E3 since 2011.
  • That includes the PC Gaming Show.
  • Could be the SteamPi announcement or Steam 2: Episode 1.
  • If you’re listening to this after the PC Gaming Show, send us some hatemail.
  • Like a certain subsection of the internet, I very much liked what I saw in the Elden Ring trailer and I hope From Software will continue to not disappoint too much.
  • Apparently Venn is now a streaming site.
  • I have to assume its based on reflecting signals off his reflective ass-body
  • Will we get a dying light 2 port native on linux?
  • EVE online finally migrating to excel 2017
  • The article says that it’s a Valve announcement regarding Steam Next fest, so this might just be the announcement of an announcement

Client update

  • No Linux specific fixes, in either release.
  • If you bind a button to a touchpad tap on the DualShock/Sense it should work with repeated taps in quick succession now.


Proton latency

  • I can see this being super useful for fighting or platformer games where you need frame perfect inputs.
  • Why would vsynced games mess up latency?
    • Because it’s making it so that every frame is displayed at a specific interval, regardless of whatever inputs you sent between frames
  • It’s especially noticeable in older FPS games.
  • Quake 3 for example, VSync that at 60 and try to hit a moving target with the Railgun
  • It’s often preferable to have a frame or 5 be skipped in this particular scenario.
  • And I guess finding that compromise between frame-skipping/microstuttering and input latency is the key here.


  • Origin is more stable now.
  • It wasn’t too bad on GE-6.8 for me, but other people’s experience clearly differed
  • Cyberpunk look way better now.
  • Get the latest hotfix.
  • Fix for Guilty Gear XX ACR2, but you may have the new Guilty Gear Strive is out now.
  • That one seems to work with default Proton according to ProtonDB

When you don’t like the numbers

  • Don’t like the results?
  • Keep swapping the dataset until you do.
  • “Oh no, a forum got a hold of this poll and they all voted”.
    • Well, they all had mobile phones.
  • That’s still ~1000 people engaging.
  • It’s not nothing.
  • Nvidia isn’t doing it for the funsies.
  • Ah yes, much better to believe a competitor’s numbers based on random attribution of surveys rather than one that you had control over.

Steam: New Games

Blue Rabbit

  • 2D Mirror’s Edgelord?
  • The background reminds me a lot of The Blues Brothers platformer.
  • Oh, Blue Rabbit! Okay…
  • Only suggestions of drug use? Bah

Steam: Game Updates

Hollow Update

  • RIP 32-bit.
  • Hello Vulkan.
  • Rumble only for the XBOne controller on Windows?
  • Was that the only controller they had available to test at the time?

Veggie Cars

  • Linux compatible grass.
  • 3 new levels and 1 arena.
  • And not a single new area or car.
  • They tell you to use feral’s game mode, AKA set your governor to performance for best results
  • Only the new grass works on linux.
  • You can eat your veggies after you’re done with your grass.
  • You still need to add bots to the multiplayer.
  • I honestly can’t say the grass was the feature I really want to see improved about this game


Wine-o Wayland

  • This is likely going to be required in the future if you don’t want to have your performance constrained by Xwayland.
  • I’m looking at you all current unity titles.
  • Vulkan, multi-monitor, and HiDPI make for a good start.
  • The Wayland driver now exposes multiple monitors to Wine and supports dynamic addition and removal of monitors.
  • That may make the case for multi-monitor gaming on some Proton titles.

Official End

  • They threw up a link for refunds but don’t expect one.
  • Even the Atari VCS announced an actual release date
  • The dream is dead.
  • Smach had to crash and burn so that the Ayaneo could fly?

Dolphin MEGA Progress Report

  • The Native M1 Performance is pretty impressive. Come on Hector! Get that GPU working!
    • Still waiting to see what Mapple drops in the new Mac Pro.
    • Rumour is 20 or 40 computing cores with 64 or 128 GPU processing cores.
    • The M1 has 8.
  • Ctrl-F linux finds nothing.
  • A lot of this has to do with the Aarch64 Improvements and bug fixes
  • One thing that does pique my interest though is that they finally managed to get GBA-GameCube working, so you can play emulated pokemans on your emulator
  • All that AArch64 spiel and no mention of the Pi 4 at all.
  • Will need to keep an eye out for LibRetro’s announcement of a Dolphin core.


Game audio

  • You can now give SDL-compat a directory full of MP3s and it’ll treat it like a CD
  • Probably makes packaging a lot of older games a lot easier now. No loopback filesystem nonsense.
  • Makes sense for a LOT of Id titles since you’re buying a soundtrack that includes a free game.
  • It’s not like many people have an optical drive (hooked up and working) in their PC.
  • For the sake of game preservation, this kind of trickery is very much necessary.


  • It’s kinda useless without a preset for manbearpig.
  • I look forward to the incumbent 2d sexy tux nightmare fuel.
    • Not searching for sexualized penguins.
    • Nope.
    • No sir.
  • Full body tracking?
  • No, it’s just face, hands and head.
  • Made with Panda3D
  • Also not open sauce!


  • 1999 MacOS Gaming represent
  • Now available for all platforms
  • Dude has Pangea’s approval for the port, so nothing below board


  • Dinosaurs with guns.
  • You’re a cybernetic dinosaur from the future who’s sent back in time 20 minutes before a giant asteroid hits the Earth.
  • 90’s plots, man.
  • They even made a sequel.
  • Iliyas Jorio is a name to remember, it would seem.
  • This and bugdom were done using a reimplementation of Carbon, which let old macos 7-9 apps run on OSX called POMME

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Sunblaze
Devel: Games from Earth
Engine: Unity
Price: £12.39 / $14.99 / $17.49

Wazzat: Lead Josie into her retired superhero dad’s training simulator! But beware, the training room might go rogue, and keep you inside… Sunblaze is a brain-twisting precision platformer with hundreds of challenging, handcrafted levels to keep you dying for hours and hours.

Mandatory Disclosure: Big thanks to Bonus Stage Publishing for sending us keys



  • 60 at 1080 & 2160.
  • You get full screen with selectable resolution and windowed with whatever the hell res it gives you.
  • Rebindable controls.
  • Check out the audio options on Brad.
  • First time I’ve seen EQ, nice.
  • It makes retro beeps and boops accompanied by chiptune synth in the background.


  • You’re a kid that’s being trained to do FSM knows what by your dad in a computer controlled shape-shifting FK room.
  • The computer malfunctions and the wild & wacky adventure begins.
  • Right from the jump you have dad dropping some well crafted dad jokes.
  • Granted if you’re in your late 30’s or early 40’s some of the references will make you feel the olds.
  • But let’s get right to it since it needs to be addressed.
  • Is it fair to call Sunblaze SMB meets Celeste?
  • It’s a fk you hard precision platformer, fair.
  • It has buzz saws and that mechanic that turns you into a bouncy spirit light, also fair.
  • Outside of that you get rooms (kudos on the slick transitions BTW) filled with assorted nonsense like regular blocks, blocks that fall, blocks that stab, blocks that burn, blocks that explode and the occasional drone to mix things up.
  • Then you have a showdown with one of those big ford from Axiom Verge, and a unicorn.
  • It takes a little over 1.5 hours to speedrun so it should deliver 5+ hours to peasants like myself.
  • Not a bad deal for $15.



  • Launches OOTB
  • It holds 60. But it’s pixels
  • You got yourself a window mode but drag your own resolution
  • The pixels themselves are serviceable. I’ve seen better pixel art, but this isn’t bad by any stretch
  • The soundtrack is just a loopy pile of meh
  • Controls are good and everything is rebindable. Xbox prompts only


  • It’s certainly easier than celeste
  • While it certainly has the same sort of screen based design of it’s meateste precursors, it hews more towards Meat boy in its stage progression
  • I like the danger room getup, it gives a fun little diegetic reason for all of this nonsense
  • Also I can appreciate stuffing someone in a death trap and subjecting them to dad jokes ad nauseum
  • Gameplay wise, I’m just not that big a fan of precision platformers. This one is pretty well done
  • It’s not breaking any new barriers, but it’s a solid addition to the cannon that’s worth checking out.



  • Launched out of the box.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game which specifically says it failed to Vsync
  • So the FerPS are capped at 60
  • The DualSense worked out of the box without need for Steam Input, that was nice to see.
  • And it’s a hipster pixel platformer
  • The music bleep bloops are very high energy though you can tell it’s not a very long loop.


  • If we are to compare this with Celeste, which is inevitable when they themselves make said comparison, Celeste would be my choice of a better game.
  • The gameplay is very similar, the controls are just as responsive if a bit more limited in Sunblaze (no up dash, and no wall climbing), but the main difference I noticed was the story bits.
  • There was a big plot element in Celeste, while in Sunblaze it feels more like an afterthought.
  • Then again, I have said time and time again that when it comes to vidjagames in my opinion the story is secondary to the mechanics and general interactivity element.
  • I can get a good story out of a book or a movie, but I can only get true interactivity out of a videogame.
  • And in that respect Sunblaze delivers exactly what I would expect.
  • Unfortunately for it, Celeste gave you a much wider range of movement and that allowed for even bigger level design fuckery.
  • 2 very solid lawn chairs!



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