Linux Game Cast 468: Full-Metal Panda

Linux reaches 1% in the Steam hardware & software survey! Playstation emulator RPCS3 enables support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), Back 4 Blood mysteriously works with ProtonGE, and a predictable end to the 3DFX announcement.

Special thanks to:
Linuxgnuru (mic arm form wishzone)
BASIL (twitch resub)



00:00 Intro
06:45 Linux reaches 1% in Steam survey
09:25 Steam enables patch notes for developers
12:05 Back 4 Blood with Proton 6.14 GE
14:20 Carrot Heart
16:35 Jupiter Hell 1.0
17:55 Death Trash
19:50 The Cork Book I
21:10 Unbound: Worlds apart
24:15 Total War skin pack update
26:05 1 year of Hellpoint
28:25 Dead Cells training room
37:15 3DFX hoax conclusion
41:05 RPCS3 gets FSR
43:40 GCoC 2021 GODOT
45:45 Athenaeum v2.0.4
48:25 Dungeonz
49:30 Remembering Loki 20 years later
56:50 Review: Jupiter Hell
01:05:55 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

We are the 1%

  • 1.0% for the first time in years.
  • Fairweather Linux fans showing up for the Gabe Gear party.
  • There’s a big bump in machines with 256mb of vram, which could indicate Virtual machines
  • Slight uptick in manjaro users, trying out that steamOS lite maybe?
  • People seem to be upgrading their Ubuntu boxen.
  • Will we be tracking SteamOS or Arch this time next year?

Patch notes!

  • So if you clicked on the release notes button on the update screen and it redirected you to the generic news page for the game was deliberate?
  • I was willing to blame game devs who care more about the money than their customers, but I think I need to blame VALVe’s own Steam devs who care more about the money.
  • The SteamDB dude took a rightful shot at them for finally adding this.

GE 6.14

  • It runs back for blood. Don’t ask eggy how
  • There’s a hotfix out for two games
  • I’ve been poking at some games with GE FSR, Fallout 4 at 1080p looks like native 1440p but running at 144Hz instead of 60 like if it was native.

Steam: New Games

Carrot Heart

  • Co-op roguelike with online multiplayer? Colour me intrigued
  • There’s some emphasis on position and terrain control too
  • A GTX 480 seems a little excessive as a min spec for a 2d game tho

Jupiter Hell 1.0

  • Played it on Tuesday for the stream.
  • Rocket launchers go splash splash
  • I deliberately avoided playing this until 1.0 was out.
  • Stay tuned for the chairs!

Death Trash

  • Hipster pixel Fallout with real-time combat now in Early Access.
  • Hopefully they add online multiplayer before they hit 1.0.
  • If the first DLC for this game is not titled Full-Metal Panda I will be disappoint.
  • I think we played a demo of this a while back?

The Cork : Book I

  • “draws inspiration from classic Metroidvania platformers (with a heavy emphasis on vania) and the deliberate, challenging combat of Souls-likes.”
    • So it’s Salt and Sanctuary without the edgy art style.
  • Sounds a bit like it’s just a Simon’s quest remake.
  • That character sprite size is a wee on the small side.

Unbound: Worlds Apart

  • Remember Snapshot?
  • That portal traversal reminds me a lot of that mixed with Guacamelee.
  • Definitely has good art direction going for it.
  • It does look nice but is that the only mechanic?
  • I like a good Metroidvania but / puzzle game but you have to mix that business up.
  • Something Ori and Hollow Knight got all kinds of right.
  • Thais one simple track looks like it would become stale after a few minutes.

Steam: Game Updates

One last hurrah

  • Well, so much for Venn’s promise last week.
    • That said, this was already in the pipe, so Feral’s just releasing what they got.
  • Guess the contrat wasn’t over, eh?
  • Did SEGA’s lawyer rock up to their emails and go “I’m sorry, what?”

1 year of Hell

  • Now with 100% less seizure sparkles.
  • There’s a tournament to see who the best cenobyte is.
  • My money’s on Jerry.

Cells make perfect

  • Practice mode so that you can figure out how to deal with problem enemies and bosses
  • But no surprise bosses.
  • Maybe I can finally beat the third boss!.


3DFX #2

  • The thrilling conclusion.
  • This dude better two factor all his things.
  • His LOL JK ATI account noped as well.
  • He’s going around squatting on twitter handles.
  • That won’t end well
  • And the account is gone altogether.
  • This being the internet, anyone can say anything
  • There was a will to believe though.
  • A smart manufacturer might want to pay attention to that


  • I’m interested to see if this result in a substantial performance bump, especially when running at higher than native resolution
  • No 3D for ps3d
  • If you leave Demon Souls at 100% scaling (720p) and turn on FSR, it does look passable at 2560×1440, but the internal scaler looks better.
  • If you’re trying to PS3 on a laptop or a certain portable handheld device, you can probably PS3 at 60FPS.
  • This is going to help when playing on your GabeGear.

GSoC 2021 – Progress report #1

  • Five projects are getting GSOC contributions
    • Implementing a DAP backend for debugging Godot projects by Ricardo Subtil (Ev1lbl0w)
    • Adding pseudolocalization to Godot by Angad Kambli (angad-k)
    • Improvements to Godot’s soft-body dynamics by Jeff Cochran (jeffrey-cochran)
    • Automated graph layout in VisualScript & VisualShader editors by Umang Kalra (theoway)
    • Command palette for the editor by Bhuvaneshwar (Bhu1-V)
  • Go read their progress reports, maybe help’em out

Athenaeum v2.0.4

  • This version is a return to form after a shark jumping last version.
  • The UI has been simplified and hopefully some of the bugs ironed out.
  • Still no plans to allow developers to sell games.
  • The “new” UI makes a hell of a lot more sense.
  • I mean, it looks like a launcher


  • Browser based MMO
  • It’s intended to be an ongoing project so people have something to cut their game Dev teeth on

20 years of not loki

  • I would like to know once and for all what really went down.
  • The deets we get from that thread are more than enough to justify why Ryan didn’t want to talk about it on LWDW.
  • Ah the early 2000s internet boom.
  • We’re not gonna get another wild west like that for a good while

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Jupiter Hell
Devel: Chaosforge
Engine: Custom
Price: £19.49 / $24.99 / $28.99 (20% off until the 15th)

Wazzat: Jupiter Hell is a turn-based shooter from the depths of cosmic hell, built on a classic roguelike framework updated with modern 3d graphics. Rip and tear zombies, demons, and heavy metal monstrosities with chainguns and chainsaws. Like chess… with shotguns!

Mandatory Disclosure: Thanks to Evolve PR for the keys



  • Sudo service lightdm restart.
  • It’s been a while since I had a game cock up my X session.
  • I tried it with Vulkan and OpenGL.
  • OpenGL fullscreened on the correct monitor, Vulkan, not so much.
  • I was able to window the Vulkan and move it and fullscreen to the correct display.
  • Then I cut on the FPS counter and played the tutorial.
  • Noticed I was dropping into the 40’s so I went to dial the resolution down to 1080.
  • Yeah, hold on to something.
  • OpenGL or Vulkan, changing resolution in fullscreen jacks up all the things.
  • Nope, fk that, it did it again when changing resolution in windowed mode.
  • Steam couldn’t kill the game, impressive.
  • Tapped the Proton button and this worked as expected.
  • What’s the deal between High and medium? Going from 47 to 72 at 2160p.


  • I remember DRL being more… roguelike?
  • Jupiter hell is described as chess with shotguns but it feels like a twin stick shooter that was smacked rather lightly with the turn based stick.
  • Turns out making a shooty pew pew game top-down, roguelike, and turn-based is about two slices of sun dried tomatoes away from a nope sandwich.
  • Forcing me to drop to TTY twice didn’t help things.
  • Passable soundtrack, has that going for it.



  • Launched OOTB
  • It causes some monitors to blink while fullscreening with compton
  • Yeah, make sure your controller is connected
  • It really likes to vibrate my ps4 controller, but it will work until you unplug it
  • The tileset is fine. I’d like a little more distinct protagonist though. Sometimes he blends into the background
  • The soundtrack is alright. A bit too generic metal for my taste


  • Why is my mail in /var/mail/root?
  • The game itself is pretty fun.
  • There’s an emphasis on cover and running to get a better ranged vantage and that’s reflected in the weapons stats for min range, max range and effective range
  • One thing I’m a little lukewarm on is the waiting mechanic
  • Basically, it encourages you to open the door, aggro all the baddies and run to a nice cover spot to pick them off, which would be great if most of the fights didn’t end up like that
  • Still, it’s a pretty solid roguelike. I’d argue they priced it a little too high at $30CAD, but if you’re a fan of the genre definitely pick it up when it goes on sale



  • It launches out of the box.
  • Holds 144 at 1080p but at 2560×1440 it has some issues.
  • Uses 100% of the GPU doing it, too.
  • The graphics are isometric 3D and they do their job.
  • The music is pretty high octane, I like!
  • Only XInput controllers work, and it ignores Steam Input altogether.
  • And you have to plug the controller in before starting the game, otherwise it doesn’t work.
  • But it’s a roguelike, so you’re probably going to play it with the keyboard more often than not.


  • Yes, yes it is.
  • It’s a better version of Doom The Roguelike without poking Bethesda’s lawyers, well Microsoft’s Lawyers.
  • It takes the base game and mechanics of DRL and puts them in an all new 3D engine with a pretty metal new soundtrack.
  • DRL was one of those games I always installed on every computer I use regularly, along with Fallout 2 and Soapbox Race World.
  • I can tell you I will be replacing DRL with Jupiter Hell on every single laptop that can run it.
  • I like it a lot and now that it has its own identity, even if it’s taking more than a few cues from Doom, it can stand on its own merits.
  • Good job, Chaosforge!
  • Controller support needs work but I do like what you have going on here!



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