Linux Game Cast 471: Nice Cans

Valve turns 25, Portal shooter Splitgate launches with day-one Linux support, AMD adds 17 new PCI IDs for Navi, OBS YouTube integration, 4K game capture with Blackmagic, and Proton is the new native.



00:00 Intro
07:06 Valve turns 25
09:24 Proton is the new native
13:10 Steam’s most-wishlisted games
18:35 Developer leaves Steam over refund policy
21:45 Steamguard 2FA from the command line
24:35 Super Woden GP
27:00 Axis Football 2021
29:15 Hunter Girls
31:50 Splitgate Season 0
34:05 Blasphemous 2 and free DLC
36:05 Developer backtracks on dropping Linux support
44:15 New AMD PCI IDs
47:35 Agile input in GODOT
49:05 Goverlay GUI for Mangohud
50:50 Wine 6.16 brings better high-DPI
53:05 OBS 27.1 RC1 adds Youtube integration
55:30 Blackmagic 4K 60 capture cards
01:02:30 30 free and open-source games for Linux
01:07:15 Review: Creator Crate
01:17:30 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Happy birthday

  • 25 years ago, a couple of ex-microsoft employees had a dream.
  • A dream of making a classic, beloved games and then blue balling the fans with the sequels


Proton everything

  • The longer we go the more likely it is that those early Linux ports won’t just work anymore.
  • Proton will serve as an adequate workaround.
  • With FSR.
  • As we’re seeing, this isn’t a unique position amongst people
  • Several developers have and are planning to drop linux support in favour of just using proton

Reading Wish Leaves

  • Oh, yeah! Silksong is still not out.
  • Everyone’s favorite bug waifu game.
  • There’s a bunch of AAA games clustered at the top too.
  • Glad to see that some in demand games are still offering native linux ports (victoria 3, worldbox, crownsworn,etc). Most of these will have to be enjoyed with proton

Steamguard CLI

  • That’s all kinds of handy.
  • Need to import the msFiles with the Steam Desktop Authenticator.
  • How about a Chrome plugin that makes it automagic.
  • Steam’s 2FA is a wee in the stone ages, so it’s good to see some folks trying to work around some of the limitations
  • Something to integrate this into an application like Authy that can sync across devices would be nice.
  • Though with this, one once you’ve set it up, you can package it all for yourself and keep it safe with your backups.

Steam: New Games

Super Woden GP

  • Art of Rally with textures?
  • Local multiplayer? Really?
  • Big Kudos to Victor (ViJuDa) for sending us keys

Axis Football 2021

  • Axis Handegg to our non-north american audience
  • Another addition into the highly prestigious linux sports games canon
  • People seem to really like the franchise/season mode in this. There are some complaints about how it implements the actual foosball, but this may or may not be an issue for you.
  • They sent us A copy.

Hunter Girls

  • Lost Vikings with less beard?
    • and less puzzle solving
  • I get a bit of a SHING! Vibe from the whole having to juggle multiple characters in combat.

Steam: Game Updates

Splitgate Season 0 Launch

  • Remember you can force Vulkan in UE4 with %command% -vulkan
  • Was it originally called Portal Wars? That’s what the window says.

Free DLC Blasphemy

  • The last bit of story content exploring the last few elements which still hadn’t been explained will be coming out on December 9th.
  • And it’s free!
  • There’s also latin talk of a sequel in 2023, which I look forward to.

Linux turnips

  • I would suggest offering refunds before Valve has to step in.
  • Rust & Rocket Cars already set the precedence.
    • Human Fall Flat and Supraland, as well.
  • Also, strange timing.
  • I was under the impression that the game was…you know…done?
  • t has been a struggle to reliably build and test the Linux version
    • AKA “our code is kind of shit and our linux build is busted. It’s cheaper to just ignore it and move on”
  • Oh, but macos is fine?
  • Fuck you!
  • I liked this game, and much like the others I’m not touching it again.


17 new PCI IDs sighted

  • Extra PCIe IDs added to AMDGPU.
  • These just appear to be different revisions of the 6000 series cards.
  • Could be a die shrinkage.
  • Still, hard to get excite when we’re still dealing with stick issues.
  • It’s like telling a starving populus about your new recipe.


  • Ah! Another Pedro.
  • Godot can now do input buffering on android. And only android. For now
  • THe framework is in palace now, so it can be applied to other platforms as needed

Govercube baby

  • GOverlay is a openGL/vulkan overlay manager. Basically allows you to manage post processing, fsr and other such things in an attempt to optimize your settings
  • You now can apply overlays to a cube in realtime to mess around with your settings
  • Having that live preview is a big improvement, especially now that you have FSR all the things.
  • You get to see Mangohud that’s showing you the FerPS and check what vkBasalt does live.

Wine 6.16

  • WINE now is canon in Marvel Comics
  • There’s a new HID based Joystick backend
    • Should allow direct input Joysticks to work now.
  • A rework of the GDI syscall framework, which is necessary for a bunch of older apps and things that don’t require 2d or 3d acceleration. Simple visual basic apps for tracking killer IPs and whatnot.
    • It makes tetris work good
  • Also you can finally install internet explorer 4

OBS Studio 27.1 Release Candidate 1

  • Hot YouTube integration.
  • Twitch/YT integration is only available in the official ppa.
  • Re-enabled drag & drop for scenes & sources on Linux.
  • No issues streaming last night with 27.1 rc 1 adasdasdwefsdf23423qeqwasd.

4K 4 way

  • Like most people I constantly find myself needing to capture 4 2160p streams at the same time.
  • Doing that with Magewell hardware will run you around 3.5K but that’s the professional option.
  • For us non-pros Blackmagic has just what the FSM ordered.
  • 4 x 4K DCI 60 for $545.
  • After two years BM has most of the bugs worked out.

Linux in a Pixel Shader

  • We can resurse further.
  • Vrchat is a social VR game and it is running Linux within a shader.
  • Inject a full operating system into a shader, for a game where people spend most of their time doing sexy roleplay.
  • So when we finally unearth the fargate, what will we get running on it first? Linux or Doom?
  • This came about when Udon, a programming language designed specifically for VRChat, was introduced and it allows people to run code inside the game.
  • With that people realized they could inject shaders into the game and make entirely new things which the game originally didn’t allow for.
  • Enterprising crazy person du jour, _pi_, realizing that since someone had already made an emulated CHIP-8 for VRChat, decided to try and create an emulated RISC-V processor in HLSL (because Unity).
  • Interesting anecdote there about how shaders don’t really do arrays and you can’t really debug a shader that doesn’t do a lot visually with the currently existing tools.
  • I did get a bit lost in the most technical bits of the actual programming but there’s a lot of detail if you want to have a look.
  • And the code is on Github:

30 for 30

  • Shattered Pixel Dungeon is now a full spin off from the original Pixel Dungeon.
  • Outside of Hearthstone, Pixel Dungeon was probably the game I played the most on my phones/tablets over the years
  • Zero K looks really nice, if I was into RTSs I’d probably play the crap out of that.
  • Shout out to LGC news section regulars super tux, openRA, wyrmsun and everyone’s favourite cube controversy; Minetest
  • There’s a part 1 and 2 to the article as well, it runs the gamut from nethack to stunt driver
  • A lot of these open source games are labours of love, and have pretty solid gameplay, if lacking a bit in the graphics department. I highly recommend you check a few of these out if you’re ever super bored and just want to play something

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Creator Crate
Devel: Jori Ryan / CreatorCrate Games
Engine: Unity
Price: £9.29 / $12.00 /13.49

Wazzat: A fast, chaotic, and totally unique platformer with roguelike elements. Outsmart everything that wants you dead with your grabby robot arm. Rampage through a massive circular space station. Grab, stab, block, throw, and devour your enemies! More than run and shoot: improvise and CREATE!

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys



  • Everything worked as intended OOTB.
  • Fullscreen, windowed, resolutions, all there.
  • Easy 60 @ 1080p on the 2060.
  • Keyboard & mouse + XcloneSx worked.


  • Now about that keyboard & mouse.
  • You made a platformer that requires a keeb & mouse, Brad.
  • I tried it but I haven’t played a platformer with a keyboard since the 90’s.
  • Despite the multiple warnings that I should not use the controller, I diad.
  • Hey, insta-better with the movement and jumping bits but the graticule was flipping the hell out every time I touched the right analog stick.
  • Dug around in the menu and disabled autoaim and things were much better.
  • Redid the tutorial with that and got the hang of things.
  • It’s a kinda serviceable platformer… ish.
  • You can eat and regurgitate things, toss them around, and bionic commando off lights.
  • Then the gun shows up and things fall apart quickly because guess what, scientist be packing as well.
  • That gun gets in the way of jumping and trying to manage that during a firefight while aiming, na.
  • The only real complaint I have is the lack of a ladder animation.
  • Well that, and I didn’t really find the game engaging.
  • It comes across as a couple of neat ideas that never quite got baked into a cohesive experience.
  • But for $12 hey, it has a demo so you decide.



  • No major regressions from the demo they released
  • Hold 60@UHDt
  • Those controls are way too twitchy. Platforming using wasd isn’t ideal on the best days
  • Also whatever you’re gripping can offset your center of gravity and what your little robot grips on to. So it’s fun getting stuck that way


  • So as far as I can tell, the dominant strategy in this game is to just murder the fuck out of everything, reduce them to their component atoms and then replicate the gun and just cruise through
  • I say that, cuz while you eventually get to engate Roberto-mode, the gun is still easily the best thing you have.
  • It’s a competent enough metroidvania by design, with a bit of randomization tossed in. You lock in the map as you make it through checkpoints.
  • I feel that part is a little underutilized. Maybe do something clever about item placement for some of the better items
  • They did steal the HP/MP system from hollow knight, but it’s a good one, so I can’t blame them
  • The physics are also super wonky. I get that it’s kind of the point, but it’s not super great
  • All in all, it’s just okay. There’s some good stuff, there’s some bad stuff and it pretty much evens out



  • Launches out of the box
  • It does not hold 144 at 2560×1440
  • I think it may be loading in the physics for and the entire map for the sake of the transition between the map view and the game view.
  • They do make a point of stating that gravity is different depending on where you are in relation to the core of the space station.
  • I didn’t bother with the controller since they make it very clear that keyboard and mouse are recommended, and I can see why.
  • Precision aiming can and often does save your life.
  • But you can rebind everything, so that’s fine by me.
  • I honestly couldn’t tell you anything about the background noise without starting it up again.
  • It’s nothing to write home about, I think.


  • It’s hard.
  • I had to put myself in “the zone” to be able to make any progress.
  • What you don’t see in the video are the 5 times I died before I could even open the first gate after the tutorial.
  • Thankfully the areas in between checkpoints are not too long, so you can fail quickly and try again without too much time wasted.
  • The new weapons and mechanics are introduced as you progress and each section at the start of the game seems to be dedicated to teaching you how they work.
  • You can tell when you’ve reached an area that is there to test your knowledge because you’re not given any guidance and the difficulty ramps up even more.
  • It’s not my jam and, despite their attempt to justify the floatiness of the platforming by putting you in a space station and the inconsistency of it by how far you are from the center of it, the platforming didn’t feel great for me.
  • But it’s not a bad game, not by a long shot.



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