Linux Game Cast 475: The GUI Middle

Easy Anti-Cheat AND BattlEye launch for Linux! VR enabled SteamDecks, DOTA goes Vulkan only, Nvidia fixes a leaky D3D12, and a $60 capture card that doesn’t suck.

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00:00 Intro
04:42 Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) on Linux
12:42 BattlEye on Linux
14:02 Steam Deck FAQ
16:22 VR tested on Steam Deck
19:17 PipeWire support added to Steam
22:17 DOTA goes Vulkan only
24:47 CS:GO Riptide announcement
27:22 Color Breakers VS mode
29:22 Staxal comes to Linux
38:37 Nvidia fixes a Proton leak
40:52 DXVK 1.9.2
42:57 WINE 6.18
44:52 Proton GE can run Crysis
47:32 1080p60 game capture for $60
52:17 Review: ATOM RPG Trudograd
01:03:52 Email

Colour key: Venn Jordan Sandy

Steam: News

Epic Cheats

  • It requires developers to click a checkbox.
  • Someone will have to go first and even then the only incentive to do so will be potential SteamDeck sales.
  • Seriously, instead of annoying developers about adding EAC, buy a SteamDeck and start playing games.
  • This is a numbers game.
  • B4B needs to get on that.
  • As I’ve said, Sweeny cares about ca$h.
  • I want to see the size of the cheque Valve cut for this.
    • I am willing to wager that it was a ballpark cheque of 100mil
  • This is great news. But I still don’t like Sweeeeeeeeny.
  • I’m looking forward to the revised “I would totes run Linux if ______” tweets.
  • Now, when does Epic offer their launcher for the GabeGear?
  • You know they want some of that cheddar.
  • If it really is as simple as hitting a tickbox on your next build, that could be pretty great
  • I’m sure regardless, there are gonna be some growing pains
  • Hey though, something steamOS related that was promised and delivered. How about that

Battleye inbound

  • it will be up to individual developers to enable support.
  • Nice to have. Not a ton of in demand games using it these days, but it’s good to have the option
    • Destiny 2 is the big one. Not really holding my breath for bungie to pull that trigger

Deck FAQ

  • No mayo submersion tests?
  • No egpu support is a bit of a shame. Would probably help the device long term
  • The new UI we talked about last week will eventually replace BPM

Virtual Decks

  • Someone in Japan slapped Windows on their Deck.
    • I am pretty sure that it is still SteamOS 3 desktop in the video. Plasma has the winblows styled experience.
      • Yeah, it plasma. Same icon in the lower left
        • Wiki
        • Vs tweet
  • According to the tweet in “kinda” worked.
    • Which makes sense. But the guys and gals at Valve did mention that VR isn’t going to be optimized for this experience.

Steamy Pipes

  • Pipe Wire by default for Remote Play.
  • First time I’ve seen an app directly target the pipes.
  • About Damn time they fixed the “Ghost Controller” issue. That was a big reason why I had to stop using the controller after a while.
  • Using pipewire’s screen recording for game straming/remote play makes sense
  • I’m curious if it can help at all with the remote play latency

Steam: Game Updates

Moving Dota Technology Forward

  • RIP 32-bit systems.
  • RIP OpenGL. `
  • They’re basically moving to Dx11 exclusively.
  • On linux, we get vulkan via dixvix


  • HAHAHA They added a Spectrum ZX skin on the Famas.
  • It is a nice feature that you can organize people into teams now for private practices.
  • $14.99
  • New challenges await, with new maps, new game mode options, and the all-new Private Queues.
  • Trailer has Rambo murdering a jungle chicken.
  • Has a deathmatch mode.

Colour Breakers VS

  • First to 5 completed paintings wins
  • Ruined friendships” indeed
    • Everyone is dead to me if we do versus.
  • How many people can play?


  • This game looks like Minecraft and Animal Crossing made a baby.
  • This definitely looks like it is built with kids in mind.
  • Yeah, lots of comparisons to Stardew valley
  • It’s got online coop, so you can chill out with your friends and farm radishes. Or mayonnaise
    • Mostly Mayo…..Mostly
  • Thanks for sending over some keys.


Nvidia drivers

  • Sorted a memory leak with D3D12 in Proton.
    • According to Foxy it fixes RAm munching in Cyberpunk.
  • This is good news for anyone playing rFactor 2 under dxvk.
  • More power management fixed for mobile as well. Laptop users thank you for improved suspend support

DXVK 1.9.2

  • Pathfinder: WoR has some bustedness dixvix won’t fix
  • Some cpu overhead improvements in dx9
    • Which is great for older games like FFXI. which don’t really need it but it is great to have.

Fresh WINE

  • Gaming related fixes are the primetime of the HID joystick driver and a crash fix for RE 7
  • I prefer my WINE to be a little aged.

Proton GE

  • just in time nice try eggy

EVGA XR1 lite review

  • Thanks for the RT EVGA, you’re so cute.
  • At the end of the day we have a USB3 capture card that does 1080p 60 and 4K passthrough for under $70.
  • That’s around $40 less than the Elgato Cam Link 4K.
  • You’re trading the ability to capture 4K 30 for 4K passthrough and for most people that’s what you wanted in the first place.
  • Linux support is plug-and-play, there are no drivers to install.
  • It does lack the 3.5mm audio holes, garish red knob, and annoying RGB blinky nonsense of the XR1 but she’s got it where it counts.
  • 1080p capture is solid, no issues with 4K passthrough, worked with my DSLR.
  • So If you’re here for some confirmation bias, ya made a good purchase.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: ATOM RPG Trudograd
Engine: Unity
Price:11.99 CAD /

Wazzat:ATOM RPG: Trudograd is a turn-based post-apocalyptic roleplaying game, which continues the story of ATOM RPG as a stand-alone sequel/expansion, and follows the traditions set by classic cRPGs such as the early Fallout and Wasteland titles.

Mandatory Disclosure: They sent us keys



  • Using Vulkan this bad boy can almost hit 60 @ 2160p, comrade.
  • 1080p held a solid 60 with everything on 11.
  • Impressive for a Unity title.
  • Windowed and fullscreen mode make with the working.
  • Not, I repeat, not compatible with the Nintendo Power Pad.
  • Ya point, ya click, ya WASDQE…. then you scroll a bit.
  • On a technical level it gets a clean bill of health on Debian 11.
  • Good work.
  • If I had to pick at something it would be the encoding on the intro video. Looks a bit rough on a 43” monitor.


  • Yall got any more of that, direction?
  • I spent 45 minutes aimlessly wandering and by pure RNG found my pa.
  • Not a fan of hand holding but, damn.
  • That said, I’m only here to let you know it works on Debian based systems.
  • I’m not a fan of point-and-click adventure games and Trudograd did nothing to change that.
  • However, these two lads get off on this nonsense so sit back and hear them out.



  • Launches OOTB
  • Holds 60@UHD using the vulkan renderer
  • The UI is a little screwy IMO. All your actions are hidden in a context menu you can only see when you long press on stuff
  • Their main narrator has a lot of sibilance. Otherwise the voice acting is a bit sporadic


  • I went for max speech, luck and intelligence
  • Well, it hasn’t been 30 minutes in the game, but I convinced drunken NPC to sleep with me for $100. So it has that going for it
  • Honestly, I’ve been a bit spoiled with BG3. The sheer level of fuckery possible in that game makes going to more traditional CRPGs really, really hard
  • Still, I do like the broad variety of dialogue options that bring in all of the skills. Sort of hitting the wall with what you can do when you’re restricted to a fallout/infinity engine style game
  • Also, like fallout they give you ample ways to build your crazy russians to suit whatever playstyle you prefer
  • The city exploration stuff is similar to POE Deadfire.
  • The combat is bog standard for the genre. Competent enough gun chess
  • Speaking of, you will spend large swathes of this game on the map screen cuz it’s the only damn way you can actually find your damn way around
  • Point of order, I was wrong last week about not being able to import old characters. You can, but only if you finished the previous game and didn’t use any mods
  • I didn’t play the first one, so I think my investment in the world isn’t necessarily where the game needed it to be
  • All in all, it’s just okay. Nothing really wrong with it, but nothing that really hooked me



  • Launching through Steam causes the game to soft lock after the opening cinematics. This is on both Vulkan and OpenGL. Looking into what is causing the lock. Okay apparently it works fine now. God damn unity games.
  • Launching the game alone outside of steam runs great. When I booted it from the terminal; I had no audio but when I relaunched it the audio came back.
  • Story wise they make you fill out a questionnaire on how the last game ended through key story events. So far there are some dialogue references but nothing really game changer.
  • The UI hasn’t changed much overall. But what has changed is how buttery smooth it is now. The response is way cleaner than the first game which is nice.
    SE and some music tracks are nice from what I can actually hear. Voice acting is all over the place.


  • I made my character Str , Dex and Luck based and I was able to kill a fair amount without save scumming too much, which is nice.
  • The story is a pretty good continuation from the first. Mind you I never beat the first game so there is no save movement for me. I just remade Blint Carton for this and went ahead and continued killing.
  • Is it triple A quality graphics, no. But does it allow you todo more crazier stuff? Hell yes.



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