Linux Game Cast 488: One Legged Duck

Steam gets banhammered in China! PotonDB has a festive holiday update, wine on Wayland year-end updates, and Linux has become a viable gaming platform.

Special thanks to:
Romeo Sid Vicious (increased patron pledge)
Foxy (Universim and Megaman 11)



00:00 Intro
09:14 Steam winter sale
12:05 Linux is viable for gaming
18:14 ProtonDB holiday update
22:42 Steam banned in China
30:52 Wine on Wayland year-end update
35:03 OpenHV prerelease
39:07 VR Linux desktop with Simula
44:02 Build retro game with web assembly
47:26 Super Tux 0.6.3

Colour key: Venn Jordan

Steam: News

Winter sale

  • Once again, I’m at a complete loss of what to buy for myself
  • Good for getting people presents tho.
  • I look and look at the same games on my wishlist going the same % off every few weeks when there is a sale.
  • I’m keeping an eye on Dark Alliance.
  • Dec 22-jan 5.
  • Does this one have some BS gaming mechanic I’m not seeing?

Linux is viable for gaming

  • Nuh uh I heard you can break your computer by installing steam on linus linux told me so
  • The last two years have definitely been a proton fueled ride though.
  • Getting games in a playable state on linux within a week of release has really changed the dynamic
  • The one remaining hurdle is anti-cheat. The back end is ready to go, now we just need some game devs who are willing to play ball.
  • Hopefully the deck will change that once it starts getting into people’s hands and there’s a reason for online games to support a new handheld on the market.
  • YouTubers have been having a lot of trouble recently, but they’re trying to make a point out of love” money, you misspelled money.
  • 74 of the top 100 most-played games on Steam having a “Gold” or “Platinum” status means fk and or all if you’re dealing with the “I got this” Linux experimenters.
  • That said you have to dig a little bit in 2021 to find something on Steam that Proton can’t handle.
  • Anti-cheat compatibility is in the hands of developers now.

ProtonDB update

  • If you’re using experimental, you’re now a tinker. Er. I don’t make the rules.
  • Multiple dashes don’t get concatenated into a long dash, which is good for copypasta of Command line flags
  • Customizations on top of GE will now get recorded
  • They’re on libera too. Howdy neighbour!
  • Planned stuff for 2022 includes: a way to determine relevancy of reports a new home page and steam deck specific reports.
  • Speaking of games mostly working, this is the place I visit when they don’t.
  • Hows abouts adding a dedicated reported fixes block for each game.
  • Dude has an IRC now.
  • I got a feels ProtonDB will become less relevant when steam launches the whteverthehelltheyareworkingon 1.0.

China Bannhammer

  • Well, kinda… sorta.
  • I don’t think this will drive users to the China approved Steam.


Wine on Wayland year-end update

  • Cross process is still a big road block here. It mainly affects games that have launchers or third party programs like steam or origin
  • In a year’s time they’ve made very good progress. Copy/Paste, multi-monitor, HiDPI scaling and a bunch of other core features are implemented
  • When X finally gets on that boat and sails off to the lands in the east, this will be the only way you can get strike suit zero running

OpenHV prerelease

  • A bit of backstory is required here
  • Hard Vacuum was a vapourware RTS game from the 90’s that actually had a decent amount of development done on it
  • In 2005, Daniel Cook released a post mortem about the project as well as all the sprites and tiles he still had
  • These days, if you want to make a new game, you have a lot of the initial work done for you.
  • So this project has taken the hard vacuum assets and game design and are attempting to apply it to the OpenRA project. Makes sense, it implements most of the retro RTS stuff you’d want
  • All this to say, if you like CnC/RA style RTS games, this one has a new release for the holidays

VR Desktop

  • I want version 6.3.1 of this, hard.
  • Until then you can enjoy some funky text.
  • I want to see what uses people come up with.
  • Then I want to experience them in a decade or so when the tech catches up.
  • *tom cruise cosplaying intensifies*
  • You can use the external camera if you can’t touch type. Mavis Bacon help you

Browser games 2.0

  • Make some retro games to run in a browser
  • The “console” you get has a 160^px display, 64kb of ram and storage
  • As long as your language can output to web asm you’re good

SuperTux 0.6.3

  • Speaking of WebAssembly
  • New gameplay features include swimming and wall jumping.

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