Linux Game Cast 502: Our Backend is Fine

Installing SteamOS on your Playstation 4! Hypercharged Unboxed comes to Linux, Fall Guys flirts with EAC support, Lutris adds support for the Steam Deck, new Intel ARC details, and the state of handheld gaming in 2022.

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00:00 Intro
07:08 Steam Deck keyboard updates
08:40 Steam Deck OS Beta
11:33 Steam client beta
13:28 SteamOS plugin manager
16:08 EmuDeck
18:38 SteamOS 3.0 for PS4
21:08 Hypercharge gets Linux support
24:08 Void Marauders
25:58 Pusheep
27:33 Fall Guys with working EAC on Linux
32:43 Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe
35:08 Postal 4 coming to Linux?
42:33 Intel ARC GPU updates & AV1 encode
51:43 Handheld gaming in 2022
57:03 Lutris Steam Deck support
01:00:13 Bottles 2022.3.28
01:02:18 Vega Strike 0.8.0
01:03:53 Game Maker AppImages
01:06:13 Review: Rejoinder
01:16:58 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam Deck Client Update

  • Oh hey, the on screen keyboard respects both areolae now.
  • Wasn’t that the entire point of it tho?
  • This is the stable one, this is the one you want.
  • Being able to keyboard with the areolas like I did on the Steam controlla is very very welcome!
  • Also having the new keyboard in desktop mode is very very appreciated as well.
  • They also moved the branch selection box for switching between stable and beta all the way down on the System settings menu.
  • And I think I know why

Steam Deck OS Beta

  • Beta is opt-in.
  • You can finally install windows 11 without having to hack windows
  • SteamOS will warn you if your charger is weaksauce
  • Better idle power consumption.
    • That’s what they need to focus on.
    • Well, power in general.
    • People bad at maths believe it should run for eleventy hours.
  • The listed improvements are awesome
  • So awesome I opted into the beta as soon as I read them
  • 15 minutes and 2 force shutdowns later I was back on the Stable branch.
  • “Improved stability” – If by that you mean make me long for the ability to launch more than half the games I have installed, sure!
  • Something is very very broken here and if I had to guess, it was that “fix for acpi error spew”

Steam Client Beta

  • Add non steam stuff with spaces!
  • Updating your drivers shouldn’t force media pre-cache refresh
  • It’s good to see the Steam Deck forcing VALVe to fix some long standing Linux bugs.
  • Can we fix the one where the shift/ctrl keys get stuck on if you use the ones on the right of the keyboard?

Deck Plugin Manager

  • Clever use of CEF injection to allow extra stuff for your Deck UI.
  • I really wished they hadn’t labelled one of the buttons with Cheat Engine, but that does show the unwashed masses the kind of power this opens.
  • You can basically launch anything from the overlay.
  • Would be awesome to see a Pidgin or Discord plugin for the Deck.
  • Maybe one for the Tubes/Twitch/Netflix.
  • Real talk: Does it have any plugins?
  • Also, charge dat Deck.

EMU Deck

  • The install process is pretty manual.
  • Gotta run all the emulators at least once before you use them for realz
    • Gotta generate those .configs
  • I looked at the process and how much I don’t really play emulator games, so I’ll stick to Retroarch, which is literally a one tap install.

Unofficial PS4 SteamOS

  • Oh shit, running xenoverse 2 (a not very well optimized game at that) @ 1080/60 is pretty decent
  • Install procedure is much the same as other Linuxes.
  • If you have an external SSD or USB-SATA adapter, you can load SteamOS 3 (the Deckless version of the Deck image).
  • I would suggest trying it if you’re curious but I suspect SteamOS 3 proper is going to be much nicer.
  • The x86 generation of consoles will have a loooong lifespan.

Steam: New Games


  • Native Linux support as a selling point.
  • Strange times, these.
  • It’s running on Unreal engine and get this, it’s performant.
  • Big kudos for letting us Linux scrubs play with it and big kudos for sending us keys.
  • Heck! The twitter person who sent the keys even included an extra one specifically for a giveaway.
  • Gotta hope that people wanting to optimise for deck is contagious. It’s certainly a good sign to see some developers get the hint

Void Marauders

  • No relation to void bastards
  • Space pirate XCom
  • Apparently there’s a mini nemesis system a la shadow of mordor


  • Stephen’s Sheep Yeet?
  • Pusheen pls don’t sue.
  • Getting some sausage vibes from this.
  • Sheep sausage vibes.
  • It’s that block pushing puzzle on ice but made into a whole game.

Steam: Game Updates

Steamy Fall Guys

  • Couple of hoops to get this working.
  • After playing with several hoops I can confirm it gets stuck at the loading screen in-game.
  • For all we know they could have been testing it for a few days and decided, na.
  • Looks like they cut on the integration and just put the file in the wrong place
  • Hopefully we can get an official announcement soon
  • I didn’t even get to the point of it not loading.
  • I blatantly refuse to create an Epic account and tie it to my Steam account.
  • This will be my GWYF in the aftershow.
  • I don’t have an issue with the Epic account.
  • No different than Bethesda, EA, Ubi, or Squeenix.

Ultra Deluxe update

  • Now that there’s been enough time so that people can get the “go outside” achievement legitimately, the updates can start
    • And will continue weekly until the game releases apparently
  • Expanded scripts, more goofs.
  • I do appreciate the console versions also bringing new stuff to the PC version.
  • It’s usually the other way around.
  • We either get a shit port or the PC version is what drives further development for the console version.

Scissor Deck

  • So it begins.
  • Granted, this all depends on how successful the Deck ends up being.
  • There is a timeline where developers will have Deck builds.
  • How urine resistant is the deck?


Intel ARC

  • Intel confirmed that a limited edition Intel Arc GPU will be coming this summer.
  • GPU prices will have normalised by then.
  • There is no longer an issue with stock.
  • The Arc will have to compete on price / performance.
  • Hardware accelerated AV1 encoding has my damn attention.
  • It sounds all well and good intel. Give me the numbers.
  • Their presentation was very careful with their word selection
  • It’ll have its own DLSS and hookers.
  • I too only really care about the price at this point.
  • Either a 3060Ti, R7 6700, or Intel equivalent.
  • Whichever is better priced by the time I’ve had enough of VKD3D and Pascal not getting along.

Handhelds in 2022

  • Valve’s SteamOS has also shown that Windows might not be the default OS for many of these devices for too much longer indeed.
  • ETA Prime on youtube compared this with the Intel CPU to the Deck and in actual gaming the Deck came out on top every single time at the same TDP of 15W.
  • Also, the Deck was better in 2 of the 5 games even after putting the Intel SoC at 28W.
  • And it did that a third of the price of the cheapest OneX
  • I do applaud OneX’s lead person being humble and admitting as much.
  • That’s a much nicer reaction than GPD’s attempted smear campaign.
  • The only one that seems to be competing in price is Ambernic but… They’re literally android phones from 5 years ago running your usual round up of chinese knock-off emulators.
  • There is a chunk of people into portable gaming and for some of them the Switch doesn’t cut it anymore.


  • Humble integration is borked due to an API change on their end
  • CLI commands for browsing and import/export of runners
  • Expanded “add games to lutris” dialogue with support for a whack of installation options
  • Flatpak support coming spoon due ton technical difficulties
  • Adding a steam shortcut post install will make games available through the deck UI.
  • It requires disabling the read only flag of your Deck’s system drive.
  • This should be an issue for the types of people who install Lutris on their Steam Deck.
  • Major SteamOS upgrades might reset the system partition and require you to reinstall Lutris.
  • EA & Origin integration.
  • Added an option to enable BattleEye anti-cheat support.

Bottles 2022.3.28

  • Handy dandy yaml format for exporting and sharing bottle configuration
  • YAML install scripts… Did someone lutris Lutris?

Vega Strike 0.8.0

  • RIP in peace python 2. IF you still want it you gotta build it yourself
  • Also apparently they needed to provide two builds, one for GLVND systems and another if you’re still on debian sarge


  • Click to export an appimage
  • Given the state of GMS games from the chairsqasition from a few weeks back, an appimage is probably a very good idea.

– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Rejoinder
Devel: BigFrog Studios
Engine: Unity
Price: £3.99 / $4.99 / $5.69

Wazzat: Fight an army of skeletons and evil warriors! Collect coins to upgrade your gear! Defeat tough bosses in this roguelite with procedurally generated levels!

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys on Curator Connect



  • Everything worked OOTB.
  • Menu navigation with the xclone was a bit wonky but serviceable.
  • It can hold 60 @ 2160, just but frame pacing is bad no matter the res.
  • Windowed & fullscreen + a fugly slider that does little.


  • I’m guessing “procedurally generated levels!” is code for the stone with the circle in it moves around a bit?
  • Yeah, that’s the first thing I noticed. Though I was playing the same level over and over until I realised things move around, a bit.
  • Outside of that you get a gaggle of characters to choose from.
  • Some swing fast and others not so fast.
  • They all roll well enough…
  • Now that we’re done covering the entirety of the combat system.
  • Quit laughing, I’m serious.
  • Boop & Roll would have been a more fitting name for this week’s game.
  • You boop a baddie, roll away, and pray to FSM machine gun kelly but with arrows doesn’t show up.
  • If you perform this repetitive task enough time you will be rewarded with a boss battle.
  • The two bosses I was merced by were regular enemies, but bigger.
  • Granted, the archer boss had fire arrows and a lot of em… didn’t end well, for me.
  • For $4.99 you could pick it up to support the developer but that’s really all I have to say on the topic.



  • Launches OOTb
  • Holds 60@ UHD
  • The loading screens don’t fully black out the screen, so I can still see little bits of the previous scene while the new one is loading in
  • No steam input worky for me, had to disable it. Was greeted with Xbox glyphs
  • The soundtrack is certainly there


  • This game doesn’t really have much going for it does it?
  • Run around, cheese badguys, try to get a weapon that doesn’t expose you to so much whiff punish that you get murderfucked by archers
  • And..that’s sort of it
  • You have a bunch of dudes you can keep playing as. Dying resets you back to zero, but you keep all your stuff and the enemies still scale for your gear and level
  • Anything with a ranged attack will just pepper you with arrows, so you kinda just gotta make sure your regen is high so you can tank stuff and get out of the way until you can clean them up
  • If the core gameplay isn’t your crack, you kinda get done with it after about 30 minutes
  • Also, there needs to be more tiles for the levels. There are literally as many tiles as there are squares on the game world, so everything kinda looks the same always. INcluding that one gem platform that looks like it should do something but it doesn’t.
  • Some online co-op might also liven things up
  • This looks like a one person project, and it’s big frog’s second? (there’s a game from last year still in early access) game after a laundry game and certainly their first crack at an action game



  • It launches out of the box
  • Holds 60 on the Deck, at 1280×800, and can’t seem to quite hold 144 at 2560×1440.
  • Navigating the menus with the controller requires you to push right first then you can go up and down.
  • And you can’t rebind the controls! -1
  • What in the actual fuck is going on with Unity?
  • Did the free version remove the option to let people rebind things?


  • Uhhhh… No?
  • It’s a bare bones, rogue-extra-coors-lite, arena brawler.
  • It’s Hand of Fate combat but with extra bullshit to force you to learn that cheesing enemies isn’t just sound strategy, it’s basically the only way to get through some of the fights.
  • That’s not a problem, I’ve played many bullshit games.
  • And if you’re a new game developer and you have a certain mechanic in mind, focusing the game entirely on that mechanic at the cost of everything else is very much what you should be doing.
  • For your own edification if nothing else.
  • The problem here is, the only thing I can find that stands out in any way shape or form is the combat.
  • And the combat… The combat is what happens when someone builds a combat system just going off of how Venn describes Dark Souls combat.
  • It’s all of the boring and repetitive stuff with exactly one way to do it right and only ze one way!!1!
  • For the price, I’m not offended.
  • I just got bored after I figured it out.



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