Linux Game Cast 506: Betterer, Fasterer, Strongerer

Steam Decks get a lockscreen! Heroic Games Launcher integrates Winetricks, Collabora brings sanity to Bluetooth on Linux, Ultra Deluxe Stanley Parable, and Ubuntu puts Steam in a Snap.

Special thanks to:
Al12gamer (twitch resub)



00:00 Intro
06:15 Steam Decks gets a lock screen
09:35 Adjust refresh rates in SteamOS Beta
12:10 What the hell is Rougelike?
15:10 Ubuntu puts Steam in a Snap
20:50 Trigon is 3D FTL
24:20 Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe for Linux
33:43 Twitch could be cutting streamer pay
39:54 Heroic games launcher adds Winetricks
42:20 Open-source Warcraft III
45:31 Pipewire Bluetooth support enhancements
47:23 OBS adding support for HEVC / 265 streaming?
53:43 Review: Lila’s Sky Ark
01:06:38 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam Deck Client and OS Update

  • Bonus lock screen so nobody can snoop on your hentai games on the bus
  • SteamOS will now try to detect bogus SD cards.
    • I want a bogus/excellent sound effect triggered.
  • It will notify you if your charger is below 9000.
  • Added localized keyboards for 21 languages and layouts.
  • Don’t upgrade from the Desktop.
  • There’s clearly some disconnect between the desktop client and the Deck specific SteamOS client.
  • But this is the stable version, the interesting bits here are in the beta

SteamOS refresh

  • Speaking of the beta
  • You can set the screen refresh rate between 40 and 60Hz, yes literally all the Hzs in between.
  • And the framerate limiter adapts its ratio to what you pick.
  • You can talk €uros with your fellow EU peeps.
  • Doing some clever detection to spawn the OSK when picking text fields on the desktop.
  • And some attempts at making the laptop fan sound less like a laptop fan.
  • It’s still not as loud as Dell’s Latitude 5410/5420 fan.

Going Rogue

  • Like RNG heavy procedurally generated games? Like ultra grimdark fantasy games where you roll around a bunch until you get deaded? Does the phrase “rinse and repeat” tickle your pickle?
  • The Going roguefest highlights a bunch of current and new roguelikes, souslikes, roguesouls and likelikes for your perusal
  • That’s one way to announce a Roguelike themed sale.
  • Though that does help explain the concepts to new users who maybe didn’t have as much exposure to this genre
  • Welcome, Japanese console players who are looking at the Steam Deck.

Steam Snap

  • Canonical has also revealed it’s hiring an entire team dedicated to improving the gaming experience on Ubuntu”
    • Are they, really?
    • Shame they turned away all of those good candidates
  • I mean, from Valve’s perspective I don’t think they want any barriers between people’s credit cards and the steam store
  • How pressure vessel and snap interact could be interesting

Steam: New Games

3D FTL hook it to my veins

  • Check out the demo on Brad.
  • You can die in the tutorial.
  • Ask me how I know.
  • 2.5 D.
  • Yeah, it certainly doesn’t fuck around
  • The battles are a lot more to the wire
  • So far it’s an interesting set of changes on the stock FTL formula. I’ll defintely be playing more of it

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

  • Man, I hope this one takes a little longer to beat.
  • I half expect Frog Fractions level nonsense buried in this.
  • Last playthrough I did a Portal find the cake run to try and get out of the map.
  • The game was ahead of me, but it let me believe for a bit that I had actually done it.
  • If you thought Superliminal was genius, play this and watch the same thing happen but on a narrative level rather than a mechanical one.
  • Do you think we’re getting native vkd3d with this one?


Twitch cut

  • Ohnoes, anyway.
  • Only a handful of streamers have managed to negotiate 70% deals.
  • We’re talking the biggest of the big.
  • I thought with Twitch everything was always 50/50.
  • Oh, right partner-level streamers.
  • Dropping the excwoosivity requirement is nice, but where the “hell elks” are you going to stream?

Heroic tricks

  • Highlighting new contributors at the end of the changelog is a nice touch
  • Winetricks is now integrated
  • Special characters will now work in file paths under linux
  • How was Winetricks integration not a thing from the start?


  • Java (libGDX) based warcraft 3 reimplementation
  • Those build instructions are rough.
  • Making folks manually extract and patch jar files isn’t a good way of doing things
  • It’s also not a full engine reimplementation.
  • This is just an attempt at a better mod manager.

Wireplumbing Blueteeth

  • I dropped this in since I saw the Deck getting mentioned.
  • But having Pipewire handle some of the shenanigans and shortcomings of bluetooth audio is very appreciated.
  • “Oh, what’s that?
  • You want to use the microphone and listen to things at the same time? Mono!”
  • Actually allowing native backends to handle the bi-directional audio is very nice, and it means you can keep listening in Stereo while using the microphone.
  • Very important if you have a certain handheld computer that you’re using to talk to other peeps.
  • I use a pair of bluetooth headphones on the TV box whenever I want to watch or listen to something the girlfriend is not into, and I noticed these options in pavucontrol.
  • It’s a pretty drastic improvement over what we used to have. Which was diddly shit


  • The underpinnings for HEVC/265 streaming are showing up in OBS.
  • This will drastically change streaming quality.
  • Also adds HDR support.
  • Might have something (or be in response to) AV1 hardware on Arc.
  • AV1 is royalty-free while HEVC is royalty bearing.
  • I can see a timeline where Nvidia tells the OBS team to have at, they will cover any licensing or legal bits.

– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Lila’s Sky Ark
Devel: Monolith of Minds
Engine: Godot
Price: £11.39 / $14.99 / $17.49

Wazzat: Protect a psychedelic world from bizarre beasts and punishing bosses in this poetic mystery filled with secrets, puzzles and music.

Mandatory Disclosure: Graffiti Games, the publisher, sent us keys on Curator Connect



  • Built in FPS counter, nice.
  • OOTB with the xclone and no issues.
  • Windowed mode.
  • Fun little soundtrack.


  • Oh look, another hipster-pixel top-down game, le yawn.
  • Oh, It’s a bit cussy.
  • From the team behind Turnip Boy commits tax evasion?
  • Stab puppers, narfoxes?
  • Cat slug lords?
  • Welp, you get to pull off a meowschwitz.
  • And it’s a game that makes you think.
  • Haven’t seen the drop off and have at mechanic executed this well in some time.
  • Pedro brings up the dung beetle and that’s a good example of “figure it out fko”.
  • NGL, I was put off by the amount of backtracking that is on show at the beginning of the game but it turned out to be well executed.
  • Combat is serviceable but it does turn you into a pot hoarder.
  • Think Zelda, minus the sword.
  • Boss battles are fun.
  • Really the only complaint I have is sometimes the color palette causes a bit of level blindness.
  • I spent 30min trying to figure out how to invade the sky palace area when all I needed to do was hop over the exploded mainframe.
  • Thanks, YT lets play.
  • And it’s a wee short, clocking in at around 6/9 hours.
  • I’m 4 hours in and having a good time minus the BS save system.
  • I will give this one a finish since it’s real damn obvious something dark is going on #letterstomum.



  • Launches OOTB
  • Holds 60@ uhd
  • Picks up the DS4 with native glyphs. Very nice
  • The art style owes a nod to hyper light drifter, but it very much carves out it’s own identity, being more overly psychedelic in theme rather than just aesthetic
  • The music sounds like some FTL beep boobs. It’s not bad, but certainly not the standout feature of the game


  • It’s pretty freakin’ neat
  • Monolith of Minds did a very good job capturing the feeling of mystery that Legend of Zelda had. You’re just given this big huge world and left to explore it
  • Everything is kinda obtuse, but not overly so. There’s a logic that follows to how you interact with the game world. If you can’t throw something far, it’s cuz It’s used for something else. Like the eyeballs. Eye lady just wants more eyeballs. /shrug
  • I really like the Jacquasian design of the map. It’s kind of a big spiral that keeps opening up as you find new exits and shortcuts
  • I’m not a super big fan of the combat. You don’t need to grind that much for stuff to throw, and there’s usually plenty of trash available, but I’m also that guy who never uses potions because I’ll need them for the end of the game



  • Launches out of the box
  • Holds 60 both on this box and the SteamDeck
  • Not a very smooth 60, there’s a lot of rubberbanding to the frametime
  • DualShock 4 only works with Steam Input disabled, but on the Deck it’s all Steam Input and it works fine there.
  • Very hipster pixely, like a slightly less audio-visually impressive Hyper Light Drifter


  • Let me put it like this.
  • Imagine a world where the entire progression is made by Dark Souls quest logic.
  • By that I mean guesswork deduction and blind ass fucking luck!
  • That is Lila’s way.
  • But unlike Dark Souls, you have a map and a little arrow pointing to where you should go for the main quest.
  • It’s also interesting how the central AI upon looking at Lila goes: “Oh! You’re the protagonist. Let me open the gate so you can be on your way.”
  • And you go “But I have questions”
  • “Off with you, already!”
  • It doesn’t really hold your hand and the Soulsborne references come thick and fast.
  • But it really does seem to be a very well put together metroidvania, which doesn’t take itself terribly seriously.
  • The whole dung beetle bit near the beginning was pretty good.



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