Linux Game Cast 509: The QuadTim

Psychonauts 2 comes to Linux next week! Steam releases a patch for whiny Steam Decks, NVIDIA Image Scaling lands in Gamescope, and GoGodotJam 3 is underway!

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00:00 Intro
06:54 Steam Deck battery & time notifications
08:39 SteamOS (beta) reduces fan noise
11:34 NVIDIA Gamescope
14:04 Hovercars 3077
18:16 Old World
21:34 Fractal City
23:29 Serious Sam 4 Steam Deck support
32:14 Psyconauts 2 headed to Linux
36:36 Dolphin EMU progress report
42:54 Stone Kingdoms
45:00 DHEWM keyboard & Wayland updates
48:09 GoDot Jam #3
50:39 Review: Dungeon Reels Tactics
01:04:20 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Time and status

  • Your battery is almost dead and you’re disconnected from the network.
  • BTW, you’re late for work.
  • Time on the lock screen is actually very useful if you happen to lay down on the couch fallen asleep and the Deck is the closest thing to hand.
  • You’d just end up smudging the screen to unlock it just to see the time.
  • Some fixes for the per-game perf profiles.
  • Per game profiles were loading the wrong FPS cap. Kind of a crucial fix there
  • No more unexpected pinch zooming

Better Fan

  • Updated fan controller for less brrr.
  • Can confirm, if you have a Dell Latitude 5410/5420 going nearby, you can’t hear the fan in the Deck anymore.
  • And can also confirm the white noise with KZ ZSN Pro X IEMs is gone.
  • Yeah, folks were complaining about that fan noise, so there’s your fix
    • Or you could just use headphones

Nvidia Gamescope

  • NvidiaFX incoming.
  • I’mma need that to be on the Deck UI so I can smell the FSR vs NIS discussions I’ve been hearing about in the Windows world.
  • Well, on kernel 5.17.9 w/515 and the latest gamescope git, It does work nvidias
  • Cyberpunk performance is still a little poo

Steam: New Games

Underground racing

  • That hover looks a wee sus.
  • That’s the Need for Speed font.
  • Do you want to know what an EA trademark lawsuit looks like?

Old World

  • Somewhat appropriately this game may cause your GPU to be encased in a block of ice
  • Also unlike New World being an ARPG, old world is a 4x game. Same number of clicks, different intents

Fractal City

  • Maggie Robertson gonna sue somebody.
  • If you want to generate interest in your game follow the rules and include a moving picture.
  • If you only have shadows, you don’t need to pay a texture designer
  • Claims to be a short game, so i’m guessing you may be able to clear it under the 2 hour refund window

Steam: Game Updates

Serious Sam 4 now supports Steam Deck

  • Latest update added new GPU support.
  • And they tossed in some bonus SteamDeck.
  • It has been 18 months since the last update.
  • Anyone remember Fusion?


Psycho 2

  • About. Damn. Time.
  • I love it when Microsoft releases a new Linux game.
  • Kinda excited about this one.
  • I enjoyed ¾ of the original.
  • Historically double fine has been very, very good to the linux folks. That dropped off over time, but it’s nice to see a return to form
  • Psychonauts 2 is UE4 tho, and we’ve seen some pretty rough ports. Hopefully this is a non-shoddy port

Dolphin update

  • Nintendo killed the Wii store servers and with it took down Dolphin’s ability to reliably get official system files for the system and when a specific game requires a specific system file to be used.
  • Knowing how hypocritically bass ackwards Nintendo is when it comes to emulation, I wouldn’t be surprised if the knowledge that it would hurt Dolphin wasn’t a factor in killing the servers as abruptly and as quietly as they did.
  • Disabling MMU by default on a specific trio of Disney games does fuck all for their performance
  • An Exynos SoC like what you’d find on the Galaxy S22 has no GLES drivers.
  • It’s actually using ANGLE to translate GLES software calls to Vulkan.
  • Part of me wants to applaud Samsung for making a Vulkan only phone.
  • But Dolphin works on that too, now.
  • Deck performance is promising
  • Stick with the flatpak installation
  • Solid OpenGL and Vulkan performance, however sometimes the CPU power governor may interfere with what dolphin needs. Keep the CPU in the 3-3.4ghz for best results

Stone Kingdoms

  • Love2D Based RTS inspired by stronghold
  • I had to look up what the latter half of that actually means. Then I saw the box art and realized this was a PC game I had passed over at EB hundreds of time
  • Build historical medieval settlements, do rts or economic stuff

DHWEM update

  • Support (hopefully) all keyboard keys on all kinds of keyboard layouts by using scancodes for otherwise unknown keys.
    • That was always one of my major hangups with OG Doom3.
  • No more running as root.
  • Improved compatibility with Wayland.


  • Starts on the 27th of may. This one’s a twofer
  • The ultra version is solo only, 5 days long and has a bigger cash prize
  • Themes to be announced.
  • Usually it’s the Jams with the most constraints that produce the most interesting games/demos
  • Same as the variety you used to find from big name publishers and developers back in the day.
  • Instead of the repetitive sameness they shit out nowadays.

– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Dungeon Reels Tactics
Devel: Grandma’s Basement Games
Engine: Unity

Price: £11.39 / $14.99 / $17.49

Wazzat: Dungeon Reels Tactics is a party-based, roguelike, with slot machines and puppet shows! Collect new party members with their own pre-built slot machine reels and embark on an adventure to ATTEMPT to defeat The “Great Evil”

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys on Curator Connect



  • No issues on Debian 11.
  • Fullscreen & Windowed mode.
  • Didn’t check the ferps but it was well over 60 @ 2160p on the 3060.
  • It does function with a controller but it’s not a fun experience.


  • Fuck you pillars, for I was victorious.
  • Might have lost two party members and was down to 2 health and RNGd a jackpot… but it still counts.
  • This is a RNG boop-fest.
  • Warrior, wizard, some useless fk who was what, lucky?
  • Take turns moving around, applying buffs, clicking on baddies.
  • Upgrade your shit and continue the adventure.
  • You can pick up party members among other things during your travels.
  • It’s really really basic and that’s a good thing since I was able to keep track of everything.
  • That said….
  • The gameplay tip text at the top of the screen scrolls left to right, aka, the wrong way.
  • Hit space to end turn but popup forces you to click OK.
  • I know you worked hard on the battle animations and the slot machine bits but that gets old after a while.
  • I would like to see an option to disable it.
  • We’ll call it “speed-booping”.
  • Outside of that there is nothing wrong with Dungeon Reels Tactics but it’s not going to change your mind if you’re not a fan of turn-based roguelike strategy RPGs.
  • I also worry that people who eat that kind of shit up will find it lacking.
  • At $14.99 it’s the price of one Hollow Knight so I’ll leave that up to you.



  • Launches OOTB
  • Holds 60@UHD
  • Hey, resolution controls!
  • Controls are mostly click and keyboard
  • All of the pixel art seems pretty distinct, but the limited colour palette makes some of the more crowded fights…well…croweded


  • Oh it’s gambly
  • I gotta say, as a skinner box it’s pretty good
  • Hitting jackpots feel super satisfying, and I think the RNG is weighted to favour them a little. They seem to pop out at pretty convenient times
  • All the classes have fun different abilities and mechanics to go with them. It’s similar to griftlands or slay the spire in that regard
  • One gripe I have is that to “balance” the fight, most non boss fights will have 3 enemies per party member. That means once your party is full, fights are gonna take a hell of a long time
  • The boss fights where you have to manage taking big hits from a frequently acting bag of hit points were fun
  • I wish the regular fights had more. Not more enemies, just more tactical situation
  • For the most part, grouping up and focus firing what you can will win you most fights
  • The “storyline” is cute. Really re-enforces the gambling mechanics by having all the characters be gambling addicts



  • Launches out of the box both here and on the deck
  • 144 out of the box on this PC and whatever refresh rate you have set on the deck.
  • Good vsyncs!
  • It’s a 3D world with sprite characters, I have complained about it before and it hasn’t gotten any better.
  • At least the sprites are sharp and pixely this time.
  • What actually got me in the aesthetic department was the background music.
  • There’s no cohesion and yet it all seems to work really well.
  • Each background track seems to be inspired by old games the devs really liked.
  • I can make out Doom, Fallout 1/2, and early Final Fantasy.


  • And as I have mentioned before, music can make or break a game.
  • More so than graphics in my eminently questionable opinion.
  • And no other game makes this more obvious than Morrowind.
  • Though Dungeon Reels Tactics does a very good job too.
  • The actual gameplay progression is laid out fairly similarly to Slay the Spire, yet another game I really like
  • And the combat is fairly similar as well, with you being given 3 random “cards” which are given to you after a spin of the one armed bandit.
  • If one of your characters dies you may want to use your soul crystals to get a scratchy for another party member, or maybe you’ll get lucky and one will be offered to you as loot.
  • It has all the trappings of a really good roguelite, like Slay The Spire, it just doesn’t look quite so… elaborate.
  • And honestly, I don’t care how it looks, I’m having a lot of fun playing it.



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