Linux Game Cast 519: 3 Headaches 1 Show

All Steam Deck reservations ship by the end of this year! Cancelled open world space sim Limit Theory goes open-source, testing We Don’t Go To Ravenholm on Linux, and Intel Arc Desktop GPUs are absolutely, positively not being canceled… probably.

Special thanks to:
RTheren – Hobo Cat Adventures


00:00 Intro
06:08 All Deck reservations shipping by years end
09:18 Introducing the Crankshaft plugin for Deck
13:33 Deck client beta updates
16:53 Steam Bash Bash dates
18:28 Steam capsule art crackdown
21:58 Proton Experimental updates
24:18 Half-Life 2 We Don’t Go To Ravenholm MOD on Linux
31:48 Intel Arc cancellation drama
43:43 Limit Theory releases source code
47:13 PPSSPP PSP emulator updates
49:53 Unvanquished GUI update
53:23 Review: Vagante
01:06:03 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

All Deck Reservations to Ship in 2022

  • If you order now, you might get one before 2022 is over.
  • That sound was a thousand voices going “fk, shouldn’t have just bought ____”.
  • Well, slightly slower SSDs be damned, this is still good news. Hopefully they’re still going to be selling them in 2023 cuz that’s when my budget opens up for one

Crank your Deck

  • Crankshaft and the rest of the plugin projects for the Deck like are amazing and I wish these would have been around for the OG SteamOS as well.
  • I wouldn’t recommend the SDHQ plugin, it doesn’t play nice with the ProtonDB plugin, and I don’t think I need to remind anyone of just how much more useful ProtonDB is.
    • Might need to explain what the ProtonDB plugin is/does.
    • It’s on the home page for Crankshaft
  • If you tap on this rating, you will be taken automatically to the review for that game, where you can see the recommended build, written review, and game info.
  • Deck native ease of use tools for some of the more advanced stuff is always welcome in my book, and crankshaft seems pretty cool
  • I was worried someone actually made an official SteamOS plugin for that one actual crank game controller

Deck update

  • Someone put it in the oven and test it.
  • There’s gonna be a couple more 35-ishº C days next week, I’mma have to keep an eye on it.
  • The achievement progress “ding” has been nixed, so you’ll only get sounds when you complete it. This might be less than useful for achievement hunters

Steam Bash Bash

  • WHAR Steam Zsh Zsh!??
    • I want that ksh ksh
  • Steam Bash Bash runs September 19 at 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7) to September 26 at 10:00 AM PDT (GMT-7).
  • If you didn’t get an invite please check your list of eligible games.
  • A discount is not required to participate in Steam Bash Bash, though the event page will most prominently feature discounted games.
  • Something about the white background and black foreground/mix of all colors is messing with my eyes.
  • I don’t like looking at that promotional picture.
  • Part of the requirements is that Melee weapons feature prominently in the gameplay and will likely be action platformers, hack and slashers and spectacle fighters
  • Someone should still submit a shell based game just to see if they can get it through

Capsule Art

  • No more hijacking the capsule art to advertise for VALVe competitors, or to mislead people, or deter them from even opening the store page because the capsule is stupidly out of date.
  • That said, the example game cards are right in Poe’s Law territory.
  • You can set an override capsule to showcase timed events/seasons.
  • No more “we won eleventy awards from places you have never heard of”.
  • I kinda wanna play custard castle small claims court
  • You can have specific event or content overrides, but any text has to be fully localized and it can only last 30 days
  • Flibit had a pretty good take


  • HROT performance fix just in time for Episode 2 to come out!
  • Outriders doesn’t hang on the Deck no more.
  • Also if your mom is anything like mine, Zuma’s Revenge is now playable.
  • FF14 players rejoice, you get a bunch of fixes for the on screen keyboard and you can now run in clean new prefixes

Steam: Game Updates


  • Needed some Proton.
  • It’s more halflife and more ravenholm.
  • I toiled around in it for a bit and didn’t encounter any spite-nopes.
  • May not work on AMD GPUs.



  • Yeah, that’s wild crazy talk until someone reminds you that Intel killed off Optane (3D XPoint) this week.
    • Lenovo was advertising Intel DAOS just a week ago.
  • Despite voicing plans to launch an Intel Arc graphics card every year until 2025, it seems that there are now “high-level discussions going on regarding the cancellation of dedicated desktop Arc cards”.
  • Looks like the AIB partners have fk all idea what’s going on as well.
  • They were promised silicone by the end of July.
  • Smells like Intel is sitting on a bunch of bad silicone they thought could be fixed in software.
    • Moore’s Law’s Not dead speculates that it’s the scheduler
    • Most of the issues seem to be in hitting 90fps+ at any resolution
  • Apparently battlemage has hit some technical roadblocks as well.
  • Intels’ gonna keep it close to the chest until they actually announce the decision
  • They’re also might try to refresh alchemist for 2023
  • At this point I think it’s all going to be marketing bullshit until cards actually go on sale.
  • Raja Koduri has stepped in and denied the validity of those claims?
  • Kinda…ish?
  • The problem is, Brad, everyone knows something is up (including AIB) and Intel is being Intel.
  • I thought they brought on people like Ryan and Tom to de-intel communication and marketing.
  • (From Pat Tom) On a related topic, AMD passed Intel in terms of market capitalization for the second time.
  • This speaks more to AMD no longer being on life support vs Intel dying.
  • We want both companies healthy because we’ve seen what a decade of market dominance looks like.
  • I would still like to see it come, and Intel should know better than walking in and expecting great success.
  • Yes, this first gen is crap for anything other than the Hardware AV1 encoding.
  • I don’t think it’s canceled, but honestly I don’t know what the hell Intel is doing.

Limit Theory source code

  • Limit Theory was successfully Kickstarted in 2012, receiving $187,865 in funding.
  • Dude ran out of cash in 2018 and said he would open-source the code.
  • Here it is.
  • Maybe something will come of the code eventually. I guess we’ll see if any of the former backers are willing to take a stab at it.
  • At the very least it can stand as an example of how not to develop a game.

PsTPsTPT 1.13

  • Improvements to the moon speak are appreciated, last time I tried it managed to be worse than the Brazilian Portuguese translation most games have.
  • I need to update the PPSSPP version in the PiBoy since the last few updates made Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony basically unplayable.

Sharp Unvanquished

  • Outlines!
  • This whole post is all about the UI and presentation improvements coming with the next version.
  • Yeah, that first comment kinda hits home with this game.
  • All the game issues and they are focused on this.
  • Well, at least someone is and progress is progress.
  • Their menu system is now moving to a library that uses HTML, CSS and …. Lua? Okay then

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Vagante
Devel: Nuke Nine
Engine: Custom (C++ and SFML)
Price: £10.99 / $14.99 / $16.99

Wazzat: Vagante is an action-packed platformer that features permanent death and procedurally generated levels. Play cooperatively with friends both locally and online, or adventure solo in this challenging roguelike-inspired game.

Mandatory Disclosure: It was part of the Stand for Ukraine bundle



  • Windowed and fullscreen make with the working.
  • Starting a server has a 50/50 chance of spite-noping the game.
  • The solution to this, you guessed it, Proton.
  • The default keyboard layout was done by a serial killer.
  • You will resort to button mashing in order to decrypt things.
  • It did have mapping for the Steam Controller so I broke that out, it works.
  • Well, it works if you have the controller connected before you launch the game.
  • It’s pretty pixel playtime so the 3060 didn’t have any performance issues.


  • This game is, frustrating.
  • It’s random because roguelike but the well placed instakills and serviceable combat kept me entertained.
  • The first time I was smashed to death by a block I grinned a bit and whispered “well played”.
  • Then a was brained by an attack arrow in the first 3 minutes of the following run.
  • I like being kept on my toes and Vangate does that rather well.
  • Everything drops items so you are constantly checking things out and upgrading.
  • And try as you might, turning Vangate into a spreadsheet sim would be nigh impossible.
  • Again, I like the simple combat and platforming elements mixed with cahaos.
  • I fear the reason you have never heard of Vagante boils down to marketing.
  • Yes, Vagante is an action-packed platformer that features permanent death and procedurally generated levels.
  • Yes, it’s a roguelike-inspired game.
  • But…
  • This is Super Meat Boy / Broforce with wizards n shit.
  • And it has online multiplayer.
  • The roguelike-inspired elements are set dressing.
  • I think it has the potential to become an excellent fk around chaos simulator.
  • At $14.99 you might wanna wait until it shows up again in a bundle.



  • Launches OOTB in a very tiny window
  • You can drag your own resolution
  • Getting into the game proper is very counter intuitive
  • I’d recommend text boxes with little instructions like “press start and pick a character to continue”
  • PS4 Controller works with correct prompts, but it shows up as a “steam controller”. Also you gotta tell the game which player is using which input. Old school
  • Multiplayer is a little…unstable? When the game can enter multiplayer mode without crashing you can connect to people and it works.
  • There’s support for couch co-op too, and I think you can actually mix and match network and local players
  • The soundtrack is some actually well done fantasy noodling


  • It’s side scroller nethack!
  • That revelation came the second I got a brown potion and a green scroll that I had to use to figure out what it do
  • You can save after every level, which has a locked chest and a boss with the key to said chest
  • You have your three classes with four different looks each so that in multiplayer you can double up on wizards.
  • Any character can use any gear, so you end up just using the best of everything and becoming an uber-gish
  • Honestly, the combat is kinda the weak spot here, which in a dungeon crawler where you have to kill things, is not a point in your favour
  • Jump and stab, maybe shoot if you have a ranged weapon, if you got a spell charge it up
  • Multiplayer is decently fun cuz you can just wail on dudes, so that’s a plus



  • Launched out of the box
  • Holds 144 at 2560×1440.
  • Had to use KWin to get it to fullscreen
  • There’s an option in the menu to enable DirectInput but it’s grayed out on Linux.
  • To use a DualShock/DualSense you need to enable SteamInput and then select Steam Controller in the options.
  • And you need to select it every time you start the game with these.
  • The audiovisuals are … well they’re there.


  • This was possibly the first time I’ve ever had to press literally every button on the controller to figure out how the fuck I even started playing the game.
  • In that same vein, why do I need to push a button at all? There’s fuck all else you can do on that one screen and there’s no prompt to tell you that you need to push a specific button.
  • That’s the kind of shit that invokes insta-refunds nowadays.
  • Just put up the class selector immediately as soon as the player is on that screen.
  • Speaking of classes the Knight is the basic one, the rogue comes with a dodge roll by default, and the mage comes with a magic spell by default.
  • I still preferred the knight, it was the only one I managed to beat the third boss with.
  • I like roguelikes, and there’s enough variety here that I think a lot of people would enjoy it too.
  • Heck! Very Positive on Steam.
  • But I don’t like Vagante all that much and having to do a little chore to get the controller to work every time I start it doesn’t help either.



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