Linux Game Cast 520: Thorbin’ Time

Proton Experimental adds initial support for HALO Infinite! Logitech announces a cloud-based gaming handheld, OBS Studio 28.0 is ready for testing, and Dennis Payne tells us about open-source game development and his Mojotron Kickstarter.

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00:00 Intro
01:19 Ryzen 5600G in a B350
06:53 Steam adds support for Nintendo Joy-Con controllers
09:21 Fixing Steam Deck overscan
11:17 SteamOS 3.3
14:17 HALO Infinite on Linux
18:32 TMNT Shredders Revenge update
26:43 Logitech cloud-gaming handheld
31:33 New games added to ScummVM
33:48 Dolphin EMU progress report
36:43 DXVK updates
39:23 OBS 28 Beta breaks some things
42:18 Open-source game dev & Mojotron with Dennis Payne
01:17:53 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Nintendo Sticks

  • We mentioned this in passing last week, I’m starting to suspect someone at VALVe watches the live show.
  • I guess I have a shit ton of extra wireless controllers once I replace the joysticks in all of the joycons

External Decks

  • RIP overscan on external displays.
  • The spoiler tags in guides go away when you click them now so it’s not like reading declassified DOJ material
  • Long game names now scroll in the menu
  • The last of the betas for this round of Deck updates, you probably already have this even if you’re running the stable version.

Two Threes

  • It’s the big boy beta round up for the Deck
  • Hopefully 5GHz WiFi will be fixed for good this time.
  • Display scaling on external displays for both Desktop and Game mode.
    • Can disable the auto scale if you don’t like it.
  • New network connections in Desktop mode now appear in game mode as well.
  • And more of the usual bugfixing and minor performance improvements.
  • Moved firefox into a flatpak.
  • First-time launches of Firefox from the desktop will now prompt for installation via the Discover Software Center, which will handle updates as they are published.
  • Fixed echo cancellation CPU overhead when the microphone isn’t being used.

Steam: New Games


  • Are we talking launches or multiplayer?
  • Tide 2 is kinda working as well, I think.

Steam: Game Updates

Stable Turtles

  • Lots of fixes for multiplayer
  • Dizziness != iframes
    • So now certain bosses just stunfuck you in place?
  • The boss behavior where they’d teleport to the other side of the screen after hitting them was fixed
  • Starting a new game doesn’t reset your achievement progress
  • Multiplayer has platform icons so you can see who you’re playing with is a filthy console peasant or windows user
  • “Fixed many connection issues at the beginning of stages that could result in desyncs and missing players.”
    • Heeeey!
  • Fixed online lag during boss fights sometimes breaking the boss’ behaviour.
  • We ran into that one but it landed in our favour since the boss stunlocked.



  • Why do otherwise sensible companies blow money on things like this?
  • It’s logitech, the microswitches will nope in 11 months.
  • Stadia 2: Samus Returns?
  • A portable machine for streaming, they need to ask NVidia about GeForce NOW on the SHIELD.
  • The Logitech G Gaming Handheld will support multiple cloud gaming services.

Insane Escapism

  • New games include the CD rom edition of Tender Loving Care, Uncle Henry’s House and Chewy: Esc from F5
    • Which incidentally, when you say it like that, makes it sound like they’re all part of a very depressing, emotionally scarring Trilogy
  • How was the 11th Hour not supported until now?

Dolphin progress

  • RIP Windows 7 and 8. Hello Win10 ARM?
  • Graphics mod infrastructure has been introduced to allow per game graphical modification.
  • There’s a very complex write up and a list of specific games that currently can utilize this feature, but right now all it can really do is fuck with the bloom settings to make them extra trippy
  • A brief descent into madness via Monster house
  • QT6 was the killer of old Windows support.
  • They killed sparkle bloom, noooooo!


  • Shared Fences implementation allows for Halo Infinite videos to work
  • Bioshock Infinite (No relation) gets some rendering issues fixed
  • The modern patch for NFS 3 actually works with DXVK now
  • And the internet’s favorite cat game this week also gets purrformance improvements.

OBS Studio 28.0 Beta 1

  • Switched rendering on Linux from GLX to EGL, which should result in a better experience.
  • This means it will not remember your sources.
  • Added support for the H264 Format in the Linux V4L2.
  • Big move to QT6 and websockets 5.0 comes built in.
  • Everything is on fire.
  • I’ve posted issues with bitfocus & the captions people.
  • You can build it on Debian 11 using QT6 from backports.

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