Linux Game Cast 521: Diet Milk With Lime

Axiom Verge 2 exits Epic Early Access! Steam gets crazy with Joy-Cons, simplifying id Software store listings, and NVIDIA releases a bunch of files that end in h. Then Blacken Slash faces, the ChairAQsition. All this, plus your emails.

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PtDave (twitch resub)


00:00 Intro
00:51 Spider Man on Linux
07:00 Better joy-con support for Steam
10:12 Proton GE 7.29
12:47 Axiom Verge 2 comes to Linux
17:19 Kung Fu Er San
20:04 Live Maze for Twitch
22:09 Forsaken Portals
24:19 id software Steam listings update
34:04 Nvidia releases new old header files
37:49 Big update for heroic games launcher
41:29 Principia goes open-source
44:19 Super VGA golf
48:14 Review: Blacken Slash
58:14 Email

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Hot swap sticks

  • Now you can get fancy with the Joy-Cons
  • Really fancy.
  • Adding the joycon layout to the configurator instead of just mapping the buttons on the switch pro controller is nice
  • I guess the steam input guy got a lot of busted joycons and fixed them up
  • A hotfix came out shortly after to fix the slightly abnormal behaviour the joycons were exhibiting

GE 7.29

  • Comes with the workaround to ameliorate the stuttering in Phantasy Star Online 2
  • Big kudos to Nova the Canadian on Discord for the heads up on that working on Linux now too.
  • Fullscreen hack doesn’t work unless FSR is enabled, but GE decided to make that the default going forward for everything you run with ProtonGE
  • And I support this decision!
  • I only use ProtonGE for the occasional game and I almost always enable FSR as well.
  • Vermintide 2 seems to be running well with this once you update the EAC proton runtime
    • Which has a mandatory introduction mission by the way. Please let me get to an options menu before you force me to start playing

Steam: New Games

Verge 2

  • Suck it, free time.
  • Got a free year of devel in EGS.
  • The original nailed whatever game loop the Metroid had back in the day.
  • Can we get an option for max framerate?
  • MANGOHUD_CONFIG=fps_limit=70 mangohud %command%
  • I die a lot.
  • That looks like Metroid got real cozy with Blasphemous.

Kung Fu Er San

  • Big kudos to the dev for sending us keys
  • Black belt, the next generation
  • Anyone remember Kung-Fu Master on the NES?
  • This is a mix of that with a little Street Fighter 1987 thrown in.

Live Maze

  • Big kudos to the dev for sending us keys
  • So this is a sort of twitch chat interactive intermission
  • Hook it up to your channel, Stick this up and the chat can try to race to the center of the maze while you poop
  • You can also use this for contests .
  • Slightly more interactive version of Twitch plays marbles?

Forsaken Portals

  • Big kudos to the devs for sending us keys
  • A privateer styled deck builder
  • I guess it’s a little similar to the Last federation or Drox Operative in the sense that you can build alliances, space stations and the like as well
  • And here I was thinking, man, I could really go for a card game with spaceships ‘n shit.
  • IDK, maybe this one does something new.

Steam: Game Updates


  • Now you have to buy all the DLC, gotcha.
  • If you just own doom 3 you get bonus BFG
  • If you owned the classic Doom collection, you now get all the classic Dooms, including 64.
  • I can finally play 64 without having to buy Doom Eternal.



  • Posting documentation going back to Fermi.
  • Pascal support means I’ll have a long term driver option for the 1080TI maybe sorta
  • I remember when they released the Maxwell headers originally, Google+ was still a thing.
  • These are the headers which contain the address bits for the GPU 3D renderer and texture sampler.

It’s a choppa

  • It’s a very chonky release
  • Esync/Fsync is now togglable
  • Epic online service integration is now shown through the UI for gog games
  • You can sort games by playtime
  • More improvements on GOG cloud saves
    • Which the native Linux versions of the games they have on their store do not support.
  • You need to be using the Windows version to get that!
  • And somehow, there’s a subsegment of the Linux community that keeps sucking GOG’s proverbial dick.
  • If it weren’t for Lutris, Heroic and the rest of these kinds of clients it would be absolute shit.


  • Physics puzzle game from 2013
  • Had a less than successful indiegogo
  • Now fully open source
  • Building on Linux is straightforward.
  • Watching the trailer it would seem some fun is there to be had.

VGA Golf

  • What the fuck that is way prettier than a hipster pixel golf game has any right to be
  • The closest thing we’re getting to a linux port of Lee Carvalho’s Putting Challenge.
  • Damn thing even has online multi.
  • It Looks like Virtua Golf is such a thing existed on the Saturn.
  • The only reason I care was that one screenshot of the pool table.

– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Blacken Slash
Devel: ehmprah
Engine: Unity Godot

Price: £4.99 / $4.99 / $4.99

Wazzat: A tactical roguelite RPG where the items you choose define your character. Create powerful builds from an abundance of loot as you try to save a corrupted retro computer system in byte-sized tactical puzzles.

Mandatory Disclosure: Dev sent us keys on Curator Connect



  • Launches OOTB on Debian 11 / Nvidia combo.
  • Full Screen and drag your own resolution windowed mode.
  • Had a solid FFS moment when I grabbed the xclone controller and the cursor started moving around.
  • Mouse emulation?
  • Really?
  • In 2022?
  • Has a couple of soundtracks to choose from.


  • Fun?
  • Well, you might remember earlier on in the review when I brought up mouse emulation being used in place of proper controller support.
  • That’s code for you’re going to be playing Blacken Slash with a keyboard & mouse in front of your PC.
  • Not chilling on your couch with a controller or with your GabeGear.
  • That sucks, because Blacken Slash is a fun little pickup puzzle game that’s full-metal RNG.
  • Granted it has options to modify the RNG between runs but what’s the fun in that?
  • Anyway, back to my point.
  • It’s the kind of game that works best in spurts. Not stidown marathon sessions.
  • You move your triangle around, decide on movement, attack and sometimes survive.
  • Get some upgrades between levels, mix and match skills, bitch about not getting the heals upgrade and off to the next plain of 3D nope.
  • For $4.99 it’s not bad entertainment at all.
  • How, fkn, ever.
  • If you are going to go through the trouble of putting your mobile app on the Steam don’t fuck up the end game and cheap out on controller support.
  • This mobile game was designed for touch, not mouse & keyboard.
  • Fix that.



  • Launches OOTB, fullscreen on the wrong monitor
  • You can toggle window mode, which turns it into a phone sized screen. Hmmm
  • Drag your own resolution from there
  • Controls are tap to do everything because it’s a mobile game
  • Visuals get the point cross
  • The soundtrack is bumping


  • As far as tactics style games go, this one is okay
  • You have a pretty small board and a number of abilities you can expand upon as you kill stuff or try to get obstacles
  • Each board has one of a couple mission types:
    • Kill all the baddies
    • Get to the objective in a certain number of turns
    • Last a certain number of rounds
  • The maps are varied enough that despite having all the good tiered items, you still never have the exact geometry you need to survive
  • The minute I started getting computer puns in the dialogue I started blocking out all of the story stuff
  • The missions are pretty short though, so I can see this being a decent way to pass the time between bus stops or while getting paid to poop
  • Nothing super revolutionary, but I think it’s probably worth the $5 if you pick it up
  • At the end of the day, it’s certainly not awful or lazy, but it is kinda meh



  • Launches out of the box on the Desktop and the Deck
  • Correctly v-syncs to your display refresh rate.
  • Doesn’t have controller support and on the Deck you have to play with mouse emulation on either and analog stick or a trackpad
  • There’s a lot of text and some beep boops to simulate voice acting.
  • Simple but fairly effective graphics
  • Hovering over things tells you what’s what


  • Once again I feel I need to reiterate, that despite not being very good at roguelikes I do really like them.
  • Most of my sucking in this genre stems from my lack of patience and refusing to take it slow as the turn based nature would seem to facilitate.
  • But I didn’t really enjoy Blacken Slash.
  • It’s not bad, it’s very well made in the sense that it’s sort of like X-Com but completely solo and randomly generated loot.
  • The presentation seems to suggest you’re a 1337 #4x0r and you’re going around helping your another #4x0r who is slightly less 1337 than you are.
  • But the actual gameplay is fairly standard and easily understood.
  • Honestly, there’s absolutely nothing I can point at to say that it’s bad or poorly done.
  • But there’s also nothing I can point at to say that that’s what would set it apart from the rest.
  • I have given bonus chairs for a good soundtrack on many occasions and yet the one in Blacken Slash is also nothing to write home about.



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