Linux Game Cast 523: Wiggle Wolf

Wii U emulator Cemu goes open-source! A new Linux handheld based on the ODROID-N2+, Valve has an abundance of Steam Decks, Denuvo wants to crack down on Switch emulation, and a new Steam Mobile App that kinda works, sometimes.


00:00 Intro
03:13 Vintage analogue computing
06:02 Steam mobile app enters beta
10:35 Steam Deck prepares for launch in Asia
14:50 Updated Deck shipping estimates
18:10 Decorporation FPS
20:10 Yars Recharged
23:15 Rune Teller MMO
29:35 New ODROID-N2+ Linux powered handheld
33:21 Wii U emulator Cemu goes open-source
36:21 Denuvo wants to crack down on Switch emulation
41:21 Godot 4.0 nopes VisualScript
45:01 YSFlight goes open-source
47:46 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan eMpTy

Steam: News

Beta Mobile App

  • It works, I guess.
  • Not about to trigger an authentication login just to test the QR thingy.
  • Welp, it triggered it.
  • It’s a bit, jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanky.
  • Never gave me the option to scan a QR code and I have the latest client beta.
  • Had to manually speed type the code since it was almost expired by the time the app got around to displaying it.
  • Add a landscape mode FFS.
  • It’s a bit sluggish on the Amazon 10 tab… like everything elks.
  • What’s the point of the Steam Mobile app again?

Steam Book

  • Steam deck: The brochure.
  • Valve is bringing the Deck to the Asian market.
  • Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and HK.
  • It would seem the Deck is best experienced by pointing it at a cityscape.
  • Hey, we get a mention of the Steam Controller.
  • 18. We’ll soon be shipping a general installer for SteamOS
  • 22. A reminder that you own the Deck, go ahead and break it.
  • 26. Steam Deck 2 + Chrome OS.
    • We’ve known about borealis for a while but it’s good to see a reminder
    • Also if Google starts contributing manpower and funding to proton, well… that is an interesting future
  • PDF is nice and all, but WHAT HARDCOVER coffee table version?

Updated Shipping Estimates

  • If you were in Q4 you might have been bumped up to Q3.
  • You can check your status, link in the show notes.
  • Valve says Steam Deck production has continued to outperform their estimates.
  • Or has it?
  • My pessimism gland goes into overdrive when reading corporate speak.
  • While I (like most of you) want to believe people are buying the snot out of Decks and Valve is continually ramping production I have to bring up option 2.
  • A bunch of people got their reservations bumped up and didn’t have the $$ for it.
  • Valve has some spare Decks all of a sudden.

Steam: New Games


  • I get big superhot vibes from this
  • The lego-man hands loosely gripping everything in the trailer is pretty funny.
  • Yeah, this smells of we have Superhot at home.
  • Well, minus the mechanic that made Superhot fun & challenging.
  • Rougelike with random level generation.
  • D00d, did you GPU drop LSD?

Yars: Recharged

  • Has very little to do with Denise Crosby or electric Armus
  • It is a re-imagining/modernization of Yars Revenge
  • This is published by atari and I guess this was originally intended to go on their VCS.
    • ‘member that?
  • No online multiplayer
  • WHAR Yars: The early years?
  • From the same team that brought you Basic Math Recharged.
  • Man, I looked at their games and it’s basically the same mechanic with some asset swaps.
  • Granted, a lot of that has to do with the limitations of the OG ATARI.
  • Might make for a fun little mobile game?
  • The VCS is going for $399 at BB.
  • ^^^ and that’s why it’s on Steam…

Rune Teller

  • We have elden ring at home.
  • Online co-op, I’m saying there’s a chance.
  • It’s done in that art style, you know the one.
  • The combat looks rough if I’m being polite.
  • Outdoors the shadows are all noisy AF
  • In the cave, lit by torches everywhere, no shadows… k
  • World of JankCraft



  • Watch out, Steam Deck.
  • For $111 you will soon be able to get this gaming juggernaut.
  • ODROID-Go Ultra.
  • Running Ubuntu 20.04.4 with a gang or emulation cores.
  • 2GB LPDDR4
  • Quad-core ARM Cortex-A35
  • 5” screen.
  • You could do some N64/PS1 + Gamecube era gaming on this guy.
  • October 2022.
  • That dual USB A + C charger looks amazing janky
  • Still For a handheld emulation box that’s a pretty good deal
  • 2gb ram… old Ubuntu… janky charging cable… pass


  • This has been going to happen any time now for a few years.
  • Reads like dude is burn out on the project.
  • Burnout is as good a reason as any to open source your project
  • There are already a bunch of PRs to improve linux support
  • No Emulator detecting DRM on WiiU games
    • Introducing Denuvo for Wii U.
  • Speaking of.
  • Thought about trying to build this sucker myself, however:
    • Currently requires case-insensitive filesystem
    • GTK3 via wxWidgets
    • nah

DRM Switch

  • This is some grade c- bullsh*t.
  • I’m really curious how they plan on making this worthwhile for game devs.
  • Yes, we have Switch EMU on the Linux.
  • Steam Deck.
  • It still baffles me that companies like Denuvo can exist.
    • I mean I know why. It’s the execs making this decision to integrate these products, not the designers, but still.
    • Because it does what it says on the tin, for a few months.
  • I’m not sure the switch has the horsepower to run complex emulator detecting DRM and a game at 29fps
  • Also, honestly the easiest thing nintendo could do to curb piracy is drop the prices of their games by 20 bucks
  • Seems to me like this is targeted at emulators
  • Is piracy on the actual Switch a thing? I thought the whole point of consoles making it hard to pirate

RIP Vscript

  • GDscript it is.
  • GDScript is better and something to pick up after learning scratch.
  • Suck it, Blueprints.
  • Does this mean they are removing the VisualShader?
  • …but, but, but C#
  • Random Godot rulez rambles

YSFlight is now open-source

  • They asked him for the sauce and he said yes
  • Originally started in 1998
  • It’s a more casual flight sim compared to Microsoft flight sim according to the captain.
  • Right in the 2004 feels.
  • We didn’t have much back then and there was some celebration about getting a flight sim on Linux.
  • 18 years later having accomplished two lifetime goals the devel has set it free.
  • He was too busy with other projects and decided the time was right.
  • It builds but with an error on line 103 on the makefile.
  • His salt with Xcode and the iOS dev ecosystem makes me smile
    • “I was able to test-run my iOS app on my iPhone from XCode, but it was valid for only several days. When I tried to show my code to my class, it was expired and was useless.” LOL

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