Linux Game Cast 525: Vampire Hunter F

Valve opens Steam Deck service centers, 2K breaks Bioshock on Linux, Bethesda deploys official servers for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, AMD announces FSR 2.1, and the Intel Arc deathwatch continues.

Special thanks to:
katana_steel (twitch resub)
s31bz (twitch resub)
MBohde (twitch resub)


00:00 Intro
01:38 Threadbooper PSU update
04:32 Playing with Debian Testing
04:58 Wizards n’ Sh*t
06:22 Looking for a dev-ops job?
Steam updates
07:42 Steam Deck service centers
13:00 Steam personalized shopping
New Linux Games
17:16 Dynacat demo
19:32 One Dreamer
23:02 Doko Roko
Game updates
25:37 BioShock update breaks Linux
28:32 CRSED FOAD gets a choppa
30:12 Intro the Breach 1.2.82
33:17 Golf with Friends sports update
43:12 Intel Arc Q&A hardware specs
52:12 AMD Super Resolution 2.1
57:22 Google Stadia death watch
01:01:37 Double Damnation open-sourced
01:04:47 Improving Vulkan state tracking in Mesa
01:09:02 Bethedsa revives Enemy Territory servers
01:12:18 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jordan

Steam: News

Service Decks

  • How much ham can you pack inside a Deck.
  • I need a price list.
  • So repairs within warranty are free
  • Out of warranty you can still send it in for diagnosis and they’ll give you a price for the repair

Personalized Shopping

  • Hubs will try to collate data from you and your friends are playing, and devs that you follow to give you more focused recommendations on the store page
  • That said, it does kinda require you to be using steam’s social networking capabilities to actually gain the full benefit. So not me.
  • The Discovery automation marches onwards

Steam: New Games


  • Giving this a mention since they took the time to reach out and let us know it exists.
  • Dynacat 3D Blast is, well, take a guess.
  • Has a demo
  • Plays like the isometric 3d Sonic games. You have a tether

One Dreamer

  • Hipster-pixel art is done rather well.
  • Want to manipulate the world around you by editing source code?
    • C# code at that
  • Become a depressed unity dev

Doko Roko

  • Yall got any of that, gameplay?
  • The art looks nice but that intro video could use some work.
  • Meat boy metroidvania.
  • Your dude is so tiny! But the backgrounds and large monsters look cool

Steam: Game Updates

Bio Break

  • Steam, for the love of FSM, banhammer launchers.
  • Because you gotta purchase that hot 2k Games content from a store outside of steam. It’s what the gamers ™ want!

Propeller FOAD

  • Admiditally this update is a bit light on the details.
  • However, that will get me to reinstall the game and play around a bit.
  • Aim lower!
  • Helicopter seems like it could be fun but when we all piled into a vehicle that one time we got shreked

Spiderling Breach

  • Spiderlings are now “Minor” enemies, boo!
  • Better backup system for savegames.
  • Not giving the spiderlings Psion buffs is a nice little bone to throw to the players
  • Secret pilots can’t get the invulnerable buff or popular hero buff cuz they’re secret sssshh

Golf with Sports

  • A gang of fixes to the existing Hockey and Dunk modes.
  • And the ability to add power ups.
  • Free update launches on September 15th.
  • They even fixed an issue where inflatable objects throughout the Bouncy Castle course were invisible.
  • There is a co$metic DLC dropping the same day.


Need some clarity on the upcoming Intel Arc A-series GPUs?

  • Nobody needs to hear the specs again.
  • Could have bought some good will with a “this is what’s fkd and how we plan to fix it” video but nope, markething.
    • Nope! Can’t admit things are bad!
  • There is no hype left to hype gentlemen.
  • I dare say the types of people still interested in Arc at this point are ones with large movie collections, 17 streamers, and a couple of Intel fan humans.
  • Let’s be honest, the low low end of whatever Nvidia announces later this month will trounce the high end Arc.
  • Same goes for RDNA3, probably.
  • I really don’t see AIB partners wasting time and $$$ making GPUs that might eventually match a 3yr old 3070 on the high end.
  • The industry needs Intel to succeed with Arc but this cagey on the details strat is not helping things.

FSR 2.1

  • There was a solid 0.73 seconds where I was thinking “the hell kinda GPU is that” when viewing the first image.
  • Improved upscaled output quality.
  • Less ghosting.
  • FSR 2 API has not changed.

The true death

  • This is some weird death vigil shit
  • All the available evidence points to stadia getting axed, but nothing concrete until google announces that they’re pulling the plug
  • Schrodinger’s game streaming platform.
  • Yeah, I would like a look at the source article but if it holds true they are disbanding the internal team.

Double Damnation

  • Co-op metroidvania done in unity
  • It’s open source, but you’ll need to use Unity to build it
  • You can get it on steam.
  • Currently windows only, but someone might be brave enough to click export and fix some platform specific bugs.
  • Maybe add some online multiplayer while submitting PRs.
  • GPLV3.
  • You can use most assets without permission as long you don’t monetize.
  • It’s very much “my first game” but it looks alright for what it is.
  • Yeah, online co-op would get me to tinker with it.

Vulkan states (Mark from Collabora)

  • Introducing new common code for Mesa Vulkan drivers to support a new Vulkan extension, making it easier for app and game authors to manage Vulkan state – and easier for our drivers too.”
  • The VK_EXT_graphics_pipeline_libraries extension was the root cause of all of this work
    • The extension allows a client to create a pipeline that contains only a subset of the shaders and state and then link those partial pipelines together to form a complete graphics pipeline.
  • The problem here is that every GPU functions differently, and not in the way that is ideal for pure vulkan compliance. Some stuff is done at driver level, some at userspace
  • There is also the case of handling direct and indirect state
  • End result is that now ~1000 lines of code have been replaced by a common set of functions and this should now help ease the burden of implementing new extensions across the MANY mesa drivers.


  • On behalf of the internets, what the hell are you up to, Bethesda?
  • It’s debuting on the Microsoft store so maybe this is a gamepass thing

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