Linux Game Cast 534: Way More Grinding

Steam Deck docks with active cooling! RGB puzzle puppers, Microsoft updates Xbox Cloud Gaming for Linux, boosty Nvidia beta drivers, and DXVK 2.0 eliminates shader compile stutter.

Special thanks to:
VeritaNuda – No Man’s Sky


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00:00 Intro
01:06 Waiting on Valkyrie Elysium
02:51 Adventures with cameras
05:39 Hot sauce at the mall
06:40 Pedro vs laptop backlights
10:02 SteamOS 3.4 updates Arch and adds trim support
15:22 8K actively cooled Deck Dock
19:40 Patch of Kami: RGB puzzle puppers
22:08 Soulstone Survivors
25:00 Dead Cells content drop
28:50 Shredders Revenge gameplay improvements
30:31 Extraneum new content
40:32 Nvidia beta driver boosts AMD
44:44 DXVK 2.0 shader compile fixes
48:38 YUZU kinda runs Bayonetta 3
52:42 Sorcery: Shadows under Llylgamyn
55:22 Xbox Cloud Linux improvements
59:40 Operation: Pinkeye
01:14:11 Mastadon
01:17:55 Turtles

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

3.4 Preview

  • It’s in the Preview channel, not the beta channel like some media outlets were reporting.
  • Comes with KDE 5.26
  • They’ve now introduced the option to disable compositing altogether and allow screen tearing so you get less input latency.
  • HUD level 2 now fits in the letterbox space
  • TRIM has been reenabled where supported
  • Fixed the audio defaulting to the echo cancellation sink, finally.
  • Adaptive backlight no longer causes 10th of a second frame time spikes.
  • Rebased SteamOS on the latest version of Arch, bitches.
  • Screen tearing your jam?

Cooling Dock

  • I like it!
  • The back support doubles as a cold plate to cool down the Deck from the outside.
  • They say “thermoelectric cooling” device but I don’t know if that means Peltier or just that fan on the cold plate, or even something else that involves a fan and a cold plate.
  • They recommend a 60W power supply but it doesn’t come with the dock.
  • You do get the 100W PD cable, so there’s that.
  • I’ll wait for the reviews when it does come out, but if it does what it promises I’ll probably get one.
  • Is the hand sweats really that bad on the steam deck?
  • Asking for me: The inventor of gamer chalk ™
  • This does seem like a good product for people who have fully embraced deck dock life and didn’t just buy a laptop.
  • Oh hell yeah, a Stem Dock that makes noise!
  • AND it has blinky shit on the back!?
  • $89 version as well for those of you not needing 8K’s.

Steam: New Games

Path of Kami

  • A relaxing puzzle game where you play as RGB puppers.
  • That melts in water.
  • Yeah, I tried the demo and you should too.
  • It was looking alright until I watched the puppers turn in the trailer.
    • Yeah, that’s some pokemon sword style rotation
  • Budget Okami?
    • Definitely got those vibes from the trailer

Soulstone Survivors

  • I look forward to it coming out of Early Access because that looks like it’d be my jam.
  • So this is Vamp Survivors HD?
  • Little bit of Vran vibes as well.

Steam: Game Updates

Everyone is Dead

  • Another Dead Cells content drop, this one comes with different characters from the “Everyone is Here Again” bundle and Terraria.
  • That’s Shovel Knight, the commando from Risk of Rain, protagonist from Katana Zero, Jacket from Hotline Miami, the Ironclad from Slay the Spire and the Guide from Terraria.
  • All with a bunch of mechanics specific to their games translated into Dead Cells.
  • And all the games involved are now on sale if you get the bundle, except Terraria.
  • Jesus christ trying to wrap my brain around the slay the spire mechanics
  • I guess that’s how you translate a deckbuilding roguelike into a sidescrolling action roguelike. I guess?!?
  • There is a hotfix incoming for some bugs.
  • Shovel Knight looks pretty slick.

Turtle patches

  • No more xbox prompts for ds5 users
  • Party codes dudes!
  • The difficulty is now displayed for each lobby when looking for online games.
  • That’s good since you know people are doing FK you hard runs.

Extraneüm 0.9.0

  • E2M1 and new enemies to chuck grenades at you
  • If you’ve been craving more Extraneüm, here it is.
  • Developer person is getting a bit burnt out, so don’t harass them.
  • Mostly because I want this game to be finished so I can play it without having to stop myself lest I finish what content is there.
  • Very much looking forward to this one.
  • They are trying real hard to bring cute to the boomer shooter.


Nvidia beta

  • Removed the GTK2 hard dep for nvidia-settings.
  • Added support for Dynamic Boost on notebooks with AMD CPUs.
    • Kinda scary to think that NVidia’s laptop GPUs can just start sucking up CPU power if they feel like they’re the bottleneck.
  • In a thermally constrained design like a laptop, that GPU is going to be a very very hot spot.
  • Is 525 going to be the new long-lived/production branch?
  • The DKMS workflow has been changed now. The installer now just builds the driver itself and registers with DKMS after the fact.
  • Builds just fine on Kernel 6.0.

2 DiX 0 VicKs

  • Vulkan shaders will now be compiled at the time the game loads its D3D shaders, rather than at draw time.
  • Minimum hardware/driver requirement is now vulkan 1.3
  • Looks like they’re ceding DX10 to the WIne project as they’re more feature complete
  • Like VKD3D’s latest update, this delineates a very clear split between Proton 7.0 and whatever the current branch of Experimental turns out to be based on.
  • Nvidia 510 and Mesa 22 only going forward.
  • That leaves a lot of old laptops in the dirt, even the ones which did support Vulkan.

YUZU Oct update

  • Bayo boots but it’s slooow.
  • Intel A770 workarounds.
    • Someone got the 16 gb model
  • Man, it takes a minute to figure out the whole keys / rom bits.
  • The Steam Deck isn’t the Switch killer, Nintendo is the Switch killer.
  • I really do hope both Yuzu and Ryujinx get to RPCS3 levels of compatibility very very quickly.

Sorcery: Shadows under Llylgamyn

  • The main dev does most of his coding under linux, which is always cool to hear
  • While right now this is just a reimplementation of the Wizardry engine, Dave is hoping to add stuff like openGL support and an infinite dungeon mode
  • There are still some missing features. LIke items. And NPCs.
  • 1,2,3 and 5? What’s the story behind that?
  • What did Trebor do?

Xbox Cloud Gaming Updates

  • Cloud gaming is the future ™ and most handhelds these days are running android or linux
  • Still, not being limited to 720/30 when streaming games is always nice even if it is just a patch to the user agent checker.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Operation: Pinkeye
Devel: Stormplay Games
Engine: Godot
Price: £9.29 / $10.99 / $13.99

Wazzat: Operation: Pinkeye is a throwback first-person shooter where you play as a secret agent in an alternate Universe where the Acts of Union in 1707 never happened. Scotland and England remain independent and tensions between the 2 remain very high.

Mandatory Disclosure: Dev sent us keys on Curator Connect



  • Pinkeye has two graphical options.
  • Windowed & fullscreen and on & off.
  • Couple of options for difficulty, sound, aim control and the like.
  • This graphical juggernaut really pushes my 3060 in that upstairs hallway during the first level.
  • Guns go pew and there is something resembling background noise.


  • It’s not often I play a game that I could crank out with my limited gamedev experience.
  • Yet here we are.
  • If you haven’t figured it out yet, Pinkeye is a funny ha ha joke game.
  • It reminds me of the MODs we made back in the 90’s.
  • Yes, I was there, get off my lawn.
  • Thing is, it’s taking a jab at Golden Eye on the N64.
  • I was busy playing GLQuake with my Voodoo 1 at 800×600/60 on my glorious PC gaming rig.
  • When GoldenEye came out rocking 240p at 11fps I wasn’t exactly impressed.
  • What I’m trying to communicate is, I have fk all nostalgia for this nonsense.
  • That said, I do enjoy an intentionally janky game.
  • There is something about an experienced developer recreating a suboptimal experience.
  • Operation: Pinkeye is the byproduct of an inexperienced developer recreating a suboptimal experience with predictable results.
  • Goldeneye was the game that brought FPS action to the console taking advantage of that new fangled Control Stick ™.
  • Operation: Pinkeye doesn’t bother acknowledging the existence of controllers but somehow kinda works with one by accident.
  • IF you have the nostalgia feels for N64 era shooty pew pew you damn well plan on maximizing that experience with, you guess it, a controller.
  • That damn near falls into the “you had one job” category.
  • Playing with a keyboard and mouse has the same feel as playing a modern Tombradier with a keyboard and mouse, cheating.
  • That’s the feeling.
  • This is a fuckround project that is not without its charm, it was definitely leveraging PhysX during those dodge rolls but If you’re looking for a two hour experience priced at $10.99 buy two copies of Vampire Survivors.



  • Launches OOTB
  • Man that language selection is some ear rape
  • The configuration is wonderfully retro
  • Definitely use normal aiming though
  • Drag your own resolution, but it doesn’t remember what that is
  • The soundtrack is very cheesy and the voice acting is pretty craptastic


  • It’s just Okay
  • It certainly looks as crappy as goldeneye, and if you’re scoring based on verisimilitude then you get full marks
  • Beyond that it’s just another generic shooter on linux with some funny scottish gibberish thrown in
  • I don’t know if it’s just me, but scottish-not-bond as a joke only works a couple times for me
  • The missions are your standard goldeneye fare. You got objectives and some big green arrows to indicate where they actually are on the map
  • There’s some complexity when it comes to order of operation of objectives but that’s pretty much where it stops
  • I’ll just conclude by adding that part of the reason goldeneye was so loved was cuz of the multiplayer which this game has none of



  • Launches out of the box
  • Frame limited to 60FPS
  • And no option to change controls in game but thankfully the Godot config file is human readable and you can change everything there.
  • Then it will correctly Vsync to whatever refresh rate you have.
  • Artificially limiting people’s options before the game even starts doesn’t bode well.
  • Mouse sensitivity is fucking weird if you’re playing in Goldeneye 64 mode, or Classic aiming as they call it.
  • The voice lines and the english subtitles are just different enough that it got a chuckle out of me.
  • And low poly graphics with superimposed faces on characters are pretty funny.


  • I don’t know about fun but it does make with the funnies
  • There’s a blend of English and Scots that to me, as someone who talks to a Scottish person and a very very northern English person on a regular basis, is just hilarious.
  • And I think that is the point
  • They wanted to make a Goldeneye-like but set in an alternate timeline where England and Scotland never formed the United Kingdom.
  • And as much as I’d like to take credit for that term, CV-11 was the first person I heard speak it.
  • But I do honestly think they succeeded in creating a funny game around that with enough of a retro vibe that it falls right in line with some of the boomer shooters coming out.
  • For the price, it probably needs a bit of work.
  • Like being able to change controls, set refresh rate to 144, and mouse sensitivity under 20% in game without having to go fuck with the config file.
  • But it doesn’t take itself very seriously, or at all.
  • It’s called Operation: Pinkeye for fuck’s sake.



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