Linux Game Cast 555: Cocoa Voltron

Halo: The Master Chief Collection enables EAC support on Linux! Naughty Dog puts Steam Deck support at the bottom of their list, Intel Battlemage heads to TSMC, Everspace 2 drops Linux support, and remembering our first ATARI game.


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00:00 Intro
01:21 crDroid
04:03 OBS build guide
05:36 Jordan watches a movie
06:54 Pedro plays a game
08:04 HALO multiplayer on Linux
11:30 Last of Us Steam Deck certification
15:34 Adding verified system requirements to Steam
25:09 Formula Retro Racing
28:09 HexLands
34:56 Intel Battlemage is back on the menu
40:40 AMD Alveo encoder card
45:46 Everspace 2 cancels Linux port
54:52 GSM servers for Euro Truck
57:28 Freeciv21 3.0
59:18 Backyard sports online with SCUMM
01:03:44 Rouge-FP
01:16:44 Atari love
01:21:20 First Atari game you played?

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Chief on Deck

  • I mean, I’m curious.
  • Having never played the Halo and all that.
  • A lot of people have been shouting about the great green tin man in space on the Deck.
  • Is there a pixelated penis MOD?
  • There do be some issues. Selecting “Disable EAC” enables it and vice versa
  • Campaign co-op crossplay doesn’t work just yet. deck2deck is fine
  • Gotta update your controller settings to prefer gamepad in game if you want to queue up with other folks only using gamepad. Otherwise you’re getting fucked by some KB+M players

About that

  • I’m pretty sure if they uncock the port, VALVe and the rest of the peeps will do everything they can to ensure your AAA game works fine on the Deck.
  • Elden Crack comes to mind as an example.
  • Makes sense. The game is busted on non-mobile platforms. Gotta fix those first
  • Honestly that’ll probably cover 75% of the issues on the deck.
  • Before its release there were indications that the game would work on Steam Deck, from both Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann and Valve itself.
  • One day before the game’s PC release, Valve posted a new promotional image on the Steam Deck website showing a montage of games running on the system, including The Last of Us Part I alongside the likes of Hades, No Man’s Sky and Stray.
  • I don’t even think they sent out review codes for this game did they?
  • The first patch is kinda weak.
  • Would it be good practice to have developers list the exact PC specs used to test / verify the game?
  • I’m talking mobo, cpu, gpu, ssd, driver versions etc.
  • Think about the night & day difference this made for the quality of reports on ProtonDB.
  • Valve has the opportunity here to radically increase customer confidence by implementing something similar for developers.

Steam: New Games

Formula Retro Racing

  • Be still my beating liver.
  • A racing game with online multiplayer.
  • I tried the demo. It’s F1 Tokyo Drift.
  • I’m getting some Daytona USA for the Saturn vibes.
  • It’s got VR support if you wanna feel like you’re in an episode of reboot
  • 23 CAD is pretty steep though


  • Turn based – Yeah! Roguelike – you have my attention. City builder – Oh, fuck off!
  • Slay the spire meets settlers of catan. Or maybe Civ
  • They Promise No 4X, no battles and no multiplayer



  • Don’t toy with my emotion like this.
  • TSMC has won a large order from Intel to produce its next-gen Battlemage and Celestial GPUs.
  • Everyone wants to see Battlemage, Intel.
  • Even if it may look like they don’t, they do.
  • So according to this battlemage is using 4nm and coming late 2024
  • Maybe even Celestial? Wishful thinking maybe.
  • Will we see druid?
  • Intel really has a second chance to make Arc a thing if you think about it.
  • Both AMD and NVIDIA have shown nothing but disdain for the low / mid range market.
  • All Intel (having learned some things) has to do is deliver a performance budget option.
  • Hell, if the $350 A770 had been able to match 3070Ti performance they would still be in short supply.
  • If they can get products on shelves by the second half of 2024.
  • No, a single laptop released in Korea doesn’t count.

Alveo MA35D media accelerator

  • Wondering why AMD yoinked Xilinx?
  • At $50 per stream that adds up to $1600.
  • You would be better off buying a GPU.
  • This is not aimed at the home user.
  • I would like to see a X1 PCIe X4 version aimed at consumers with 1 or 2 encoders on it.
  • Could be handy for companies looking to move to AV1 ingestion.
  • That price tag is big no.
  • 1W per 1080p60 is impressive, but fuck you and those $1595

Everspace 2

  • The Kickstarter was launched in 2019 with Win/Mac/Lin.
  • The video really sounds like they attempted a Linux build a few months ago.
  • UE4 didn’t fart out a working Linux build and the Linux port was canceled.
  • So sorry, use Proton.
  • Developers, this is what happens when you treat Linux as an afterthought.
  • Any backers who pledged on the PC version not being happy with this solution can request a full refund on Kickstarter, no questions asked.
  • Thanks for the interest-free loan.
  • This sucks for every developer who would like to have Linux support as a stretch goal.
  • Developers who planned on doing the work.
  • The reason we require a working Linux demo before mentioning a project on LGC.
  • This is also the reason I don’t back games on Kickstarter/any of the others anymore.
  • Remember way back when UE4 announced that it was going to support linux. We were so excited. So optimistic! How naive we were

GSM Trucking

  • Manage your American and Euro Truck servers
  • Shut your mumble
  • And prefix your logs with timestamps.
  • Keep shouting out your new contributors!

Freeciv 3.0

  • Lots of changes since the last release in 2020
  • Code is now GPLv3 and all fancy C++ 17
  • The QT Client is the only supported one


  • Backyard sports now supports online multiplayer
  • The OG only supported LaN play.
  • Backyard sports online is a fan hosted service for playing online and ScummVm supports this now
  • You’ll need a BSO account tho

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Rogue-FP
Devel: Jurax Games
Engine: Godot
Price: £4.29 / $4.99 / $6.49\
Wazzat: A blend of old school gameplay and new school controls. Experience a classically styled roguelike in a way you never have before! In first person!

Mandatory Disclosure: Thanks to the dev for sending us keys



  • This OpenGL powered behemoth eeks out 60fps on the 3060 at UHD.
  • Windowed and fullscreen options are nice to see.
  • Can’t rebind the controls and that’s some nonsense.
  • Map is M and not Tab taking you right out of the action.
  • No autosave on exit. Learned that the hard way.


  • I don’t really have nostalgia for the 2D crawlers of old.
  • That said, this seems to capture the simplicity of them.
  • Run around, kill shit, collect prizes.
  • All while hammering on the Q button in hopes of finding a secret passage.
  • Protip: Hallway dead end =’s secret.
  • You get to murderate Emus and leprechauns so it has that going for it.
  • I played it like OG Wolfenstien, zooming around and wrecking shite.
  • Ignoring the pickups for the most part.
  • All the while frantically searching for the stairs.
  • This method was surprisingly effective… until floor 10.
  • Then I got myself wrecked by a water monster, thingy right out of the gate.
  • Up until that point I never bother looking at my health since run (even in dark spots) until hitting an enemy and smashing attack a few times worked a treat.
  • Hey, it delivers what is said on the tin.
  • My only unsolicited suggestion would be to reduce the RNG on what it takes to kill a baddie.
  • If you’re into this genre ROGUE-FP delivers it for only $4.99.



  • Launches OOTB
  • Holds 60@ literally everything
  • The soundtrack is 3 pretty pleasant dungeon synth tracks. I wish they would have included more. The soundscape did become pretty monotonous after 2 hours
  • Controls are sanely mapped. There isn’t a vi style hjkl control scheme! Poseurs!
  • The tutorial, which also tells you the controls, is kinda shit.
  • Graphically, I’ve seen more intense GPU output from Vulture’s Claw, but simple is the aesthetic here


  • Oh my yes
  • I spent a lot of time in class playing rogue in a terminal
  • This is rogue, but in THREEEEE DEEEEEEE
  • Bop around the dungeon, collect gold for your high-score e-peen and try to make it to level 25 and beyond
  • And so I unwittingly sunk about 2 hours into this
  • Let’s be real though. This is not a revolutionary RPG. This is pure nostalgia for the text based days of yore
  • It’s not perfect, but it does a pretty good job of capturing the essence of the game and translating it to 3D mechanics
  • I will say the map generation could use some work. Later on the maps just become kind of samey and full of dark rooms
  • Also the game likes to spawn searchable dead ends right past doors, which kinda defeats the purpose of having a hidden door mechanic
  • Still, I had fun



  • Launches out of the box on the Desktop and Deck
  • However, there’s problems with the default settings and Gamescope.
  • Gamescope, the thing the Deck pretty much requires to maintain as much compatibility and ensure that if a game does freeze, you can still escape out of it.
  • It can all be fixed if you go into the Options and change to fullscreen or borderless.
  • It defaults to WASD controller mode on the Deck but some of the keys aren’t mapped.
  • I’m not saying you have to account for the Deck, but you should.
  • It’s first person Rogue and it looks appropriately retro.
  • The music could use some work but I didn’t hate the more mysterious moody themes.


  • Yes, if you don’t mind how simplistic and antiquated Rogue itself is.
  • It does do quite a lot to improve the player experience, so it’s not just rogue from a different perspective.
  • But that is very much the selling point and I like what it’s doing!
  • I very much approve what I hope is a growing trend of making older games 3D, even if maintaining a retro aesthetic.
  • And playing Rogue-FP really makes me want a first-person version of Teleglitch, but that’s for another time.
  • Rogue-FP does a very good job of bringing an entirely new dimension to Rogue and one that I very much enjoy.
  • Could absolutely do more.
  • Like having proper sprites for the pickups instead of using the same red liquid filled bottle for all potions, or full plate for the armors, or the sword for weapons and arrows.
  • But I like it and what it’s going for.



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