Linux Game Cast 554: Astrocreep

Steam ends support for Windows! Proton Experimental picks up Fall Guys, Dolphin EMU is headed to Steam,  NVIDIA 4050 rumours, and Atari buys the game studio behind the ‘System Shock’ remake.

Special thanks:
Fewt (new patreon)
PtDave (17x twitch resub)


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00:00 Intro
02:24 No LOU for old Venn
05:04 Jordan vs gravity
06:44 Brother Pedro
10:02 Steam ends support for Windows 7&8
13:00 Proton Experimental fixes Fall Guys
16:23 ChimeraOS 40
18:22 Dolphin EMU headed to Steam
20:01 Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead
22:09 Shell Shock 1.1
25:57 UCH Shellebration
33:37 Nvidia RTX 4050
39L57 Turtle Beach controller support
43:19 ATARI buys Nightdive Studios
47:37 OBS gets AV1 powers and breaks Jack
51:43 Backbeat
01:08:17 Saturated Pedro
01:10:05 VM pass through on Linux

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

RIP Steam in Windows

  • Windows 7 went EOL way back in 2020. 8.1 EOL’ed of january this year
  • Steam’s embedded chrome no longer supports those older version of windows
  • Just buy a steam deck.
  • Windows 7 still runs on more Steam PCs than any version of Linux combined.
  • Is there any other computer OS whose users proudly declare they’re running a version that’s almost 15 years old?
    • There’s bound to be someone who’s real proud that they’re still running XP
  • If you haven’t moved on to Windows 10 or 11 because admittedly they are shit, I’m with Jordan.
  • Just get a Steam Deck.
  • Moral of the story, put some Linux on that box and learn some shit.
  • Steam has ended support on Windows XP/Vista on January 1st, 2019.
  • The November 26, 2018 build is archived to allow Steam to work.

Falling Experimental

  • I appreciated the fact that EOS keep failing to install whenever I start Returnal
  • I’m just going to set it to Proton 7 so that it keeps failing.
  • Holy shit you guys I can get through a whole game of fall guys without the game fucking crashing!
  • Can we get Re Village working?

Chimera 40

  • New kernel, Mesa, and NVidia drivers.
  • Audio should work on the Deck now.
  • Support for the Aya Neo controller bits.
  • PCSX2 for PS2 emulation, must provide your own BIOS now.
  • The AYA neo controller support comes courtesy of handyGCCS
  • It maps a bunch of controller and keyboard shortcuts to the various controllery bits for better native support

Steam: New Games

Steamy Dolphins

  • Pretty lean update aside from “it’s coming Q2”
  • Always down for more first class emulator support in steam.
  • Having this on Steam will speed things up next time I need to try Dolphin for something.
  • Portable game cube/wii emulator all up in your deck without having to drop into desktop mode, is probably going to be very nice for a bunch of less technically inclined folks.

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

  • Another open-source title showing up on the Steam.
  • The sales are going to fund one of the developers.
  • Still free on their webzone.
  • This updates with the latest from the stable branch which updates once every year and a half or so

Steam: Game Updates

Tanks for the Updates

  • Headlights and taillights
  • If people continue cheating anymore than they already are they might do something about it.
  • Yeah, you have been getting wrecked by bots… and Scott.
  • All that talk about SSL and I was wondering what knowledge Secure Shell Layer devs would have about the tank game.
    • Shell Shockets Layer. It’s Layer pi of the OSI model
  • In my head, Shell Shock Live is called Tanks so it took me a bit to realize.
  • And it’s out, the new version should be live right now.
  • 24 new weapons to kill slaughtered with.
  • A healing mechanic, huh? But you can accidentally heal your enemies
  • Censor bar looks fun.
  • “Kiss” for life steal. Yes that’s what those lips are for


  • Didn’t they say they were done working on this?
  • Turtle power!
  • That metro stage looks fucky as hell


Nvidia 4050

  • About, damn, time.
  • Us normies can finally get a reasonably priced $399 entry level GPU.
  • 6 whole GB of VRAM.
  • We’re definitely regressing at this point.
  • 4070 will clock in at $599 and that’s confirmed.
  • Soooooooo…. 4060Ti $499 and 4060 at $399?
  • Knowing Nvidia; the 4060 will be $498.
  • Thing is, I’m not buying something with less than 12GB of memory RAM.
    • I’m haaard in that boat
  • So I think I was maybe 100 bucks off my guess. Still not happy about the pricing situation
  • I’ve been sitting on my tuchus waiting for news of the 7700/7800 which AMD.
  • This doesn’t bode well if Amd thinks they can charge more for the privilege of more Vram.
  • Intel beating cheeks doesn’t bode well for the future of GPU pricing

Turtle controllers

  • This July you can get your Turtle on.
  • Wait, is this the sound card Turtle?
    • Yeah, apparently these controllers have some “advanced” sound features
  • Reasonably priced controllers.
  • XBox layout is not my favorite, I like having both analogs down at the bottom.
  • It’s kinda funny how we’re talking about an addition to the xpad whitelist though

Nightdive VCS

  • System Shock 2600 demake.
  • If, as the article implies, this means Atari can just focus on being a proper publisher and bring back a bunch of hold games made to work with NightDive’s magic, I say bring it.
  • The real question is, how will this impact the hotels?
  • Atari has needed to bolster their catalog with something.
  • Nobody gives a shit about 2600 classics.
  • But can we hold out hope for an ET HD remake?
    • ET: Escape from the landfill.

OBS Studio 29.1 Beta 1

  • I want to give this a quick mention since it has some Linux bits you should be aware of.
  • Support for streaming AV1/HEVC over RTMP to YouTube is a big one.
  • AV1 is the future but I can’t bring myself to buy an ARC A770 and the 4090 is out of my budget.
  • Support for multiple audio tracks in Simple output to make that easier.
  • Lossless audio is now shown in the recording options. You had to dig around in advance beforehand.
  • Fixed an issue in the V4L2 source on Linux where a capture device’s frame rate could be invalid, resulting in incredibly large log files.
  • Fixed the listing of PulseAudio monitoring devices incorrectly listing inputs.
  • JACK inputs on Linux will now display “OBS Studio” in their name and this will break your saved routing.
  • Hardware Decoding of Media Sources can now use CUDA.
  • It would be splendid if Twitch would provide a roadmap for AV1.

– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Backbeat
Devel: Ichigoichie
Engine: Unity
Price: £29.99 / $29.99 / $38.99

Wazzat: A mashup of puzzle and strategy games. Manipulate four threads of time to guide your band through sokoban-style puzzles. Manage squad resources over a set of limited turns. Experience a homage to 1990s ensemble dramedies. Customize the dynamic soundtrack with audio effects.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys on Curator Connect



  • This is a slick Linux port.
  • Pops right up and everything worked OOTB.
  • Not much in the way of graphics options but considering the 3060 was pegging 60 at UHD you probably don’t have to worry about it.
  • Xclone was reasonably mapped out of the box.


  • Can we stop writing teenager dialogue?
  • Slogging through that cringefest vs actual gameplay is WAY out of whack.
  • Smash the skip button, fam.
  • Thanks for including that.
  • My fear of this being a rhythm game was unfounded unless you consider music being played when your character moves a rhythm game.
  • At the core this is limited movements to reach a goal + drunken chess rules?
  • Like, the drummer is full on rook with his movement.
  • Things are mixed up by having to bump into objects in order to get on the correct gridspace.
  • At first I thought there was some need to move the characters in sync to achieve the gold but na.
  • You can bruteforce the moves of each character until you get them into the square.
  • They do include hints so that was kind of them.
  • 50 minutes in I was waiting for something elks to show up in the game play but nope.
  • Three band members and a box you all need to get to. The game.
  • Got a wee boring.
  • If there are additional mechanics yall need to introduce them sooner than that.
  • OR.
  • Cut out 90% of the chatter and focus on the puzzles and you might have something.
  • That said, the presentation is nice and it’s a fun little puzzle game but nobody is going to shell out $30 for that.
  • That’s two Hollowknights.
  • Granted, Hollowknight is a little spare in the dialogue department.
  • If you like this type of puzzle mechanic pick up hitman go.



  • Launches Ootb on the deck
  • For whatever reason it does not launch on the 1080ti. Just freezes
    • Proton doesn’t help either
  • Controls are sanely mapped
  • Visuals remind me of a YA graphic novel
  • The soundtrack is pretty funky and everyone walks around all swagtastic


  • So so much dialog. I tried but I just can’t care about teen drama
  • The puzzling is okay though
  • I think the calming smooth jazz helps make it a bit less monotonous.
  • They’re mostly routing puzzles but you gotta line some stuff up
  • Each band members has a different movement gimmick
  • My least favorite is the drummer
  • I gotta say, my immersion is really broken when the big dude can’t barrel through people
  • I do like the jams you get at the end of the level
  • It is pretty brute forcey though
  • Kinda middle of the road game with pretty good presentation



  • Launches out of the box on the desktop and the deck
  • Holds 144 on the desktop and respects the Hz setting you have on the Deck.
  • Controller works fine though I ended up using the mouse.
  • Even if the cursor wasn’t locked to the window without using gamescope.
  • The graphics are fine, even if the conversation screens go on a little too long
  • The audio could use some work for a game that is supposedly about a band coming together.


  • And that leads us right into the meat of my problem with Backbeat
  • The characters need to STFU.
  • Ironically there’s no voice acting, but there should be.
  • And the 2-5 minutes of dialogue at the start of literally every level could easily be replaced by voice overs while you’re playing through the level.
  • Yes, voice actors can be expensive but then again so is your game.
  • I’ll admit it, when it comes to video games what I enjoy is the gameplay.
  • If you have a solid gameplay loop and I can grock the gist of it quickly, I don’t mind that it looks like programmer art, or is lacking voice acting, or even that it’s priced to not sell.
  • Stephen’s Sausage Roll comes to mind.
  • But Stephen’s Sausage Roll didn’t actively try to bore me at the start of every level with a lot of pointless dialog.
  • I didn’t hate the sokoban styled puzzles
  • but I fail to see what, from the gameplay alone, makes this about a band.
  • Is it the 2 or 3 notes each character plays when picking a direction? The fact they’re holding instruments?
  • It’s missing something.
  • Turn based movement puzzles don’t really gel with the concept of a musical band in my head.



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