Linux Game Cast 557: Control Zed I Said

Roblox intentionally disables support for WINE, Steam Decks arrive on shelves in Japan, NVIDIa slows production of the 4070, and Proton 8.0 adds support for 18 new games.

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00:00 Intro
00:51 Ctrl X
02:02 Free HD TV
02:48 Frozen guest
05:10 Pedro likes a game
07:07 Steam Decks hit retail
11:58 New games for Proton 8
14:19 Proton Experimental
15:49 Wild Dogs
19:18 Postal 2 20th anniversary edition
21:36 Salt & Sanctuary patch
23:12 DOTA 2 New Frontiers
26:14 Yanni chat
30:38 NVIDIA slows 4070 production
36:45 Roblox nukes WINE support
39:28 ATARI buys 100 retro gaming rights
42:54 Q2 RTX gets a flashlight button
44:45 Alpakka inputs experiments
50:09 Pop-Shoot
51:52 Baalzebub
01:06:12 FPS with a controller
01:09:16 OBS, sound, and Linux

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Retail Decks

  • Decks & Docks will be on the shelves starting April 29th.
  • All the versions.
  • This is only going to be at one store (EDION Namba Main Store) to test the waters.
  • More Steam Deck retail partners in Japan will be revealed soon.
  • When can I buy a Steam Deck at Taco Bell at 2AM?

Proton 8

  • Bumped WINE to 8.0.
  • Nothing too exciting in the “now playable” list
  • Improved multi touch support. Neat for games running on deck, but there aren’t many that take advantage of it. I guess it does make it easier to play those lazy mobile ports
  • Mainstream gaming media was all over the list of newly playable games.
  • Honestly Gungrave: G.O.R.E. is the only one that kinda sparked my interest


  • Video playback fixes is a recurring theme here
    • Wo long, Phantom Pain, Nioh
  • New major Proton update means new things in Experimental as well.
  • Admittedly, I’ve been curious about Pentiment.
  • Something about the art style makes me want to try it.

Steam: New Games

Wild Dogs

  • Gameboy nostalgia.
  • They also pushed out a hotfix for Minecraft Legends.
  • Yeah this looks like something I’d play on my old gameboy colour
  • 11 bucks is steep for a gameboy game but there is a linux demo
  • Big thank you to the devs for throwing some keys our way.

Steam: Game Updates

Postal Deck

  • Now you too can piss on the go
  • They got the OG voice of claptrap to be not-claptrap in this
  • They added some additional “memory” to the weapon selector so that it remembers the last one in the category you actually selected
  • Cat silencer
  • Man, there were a lot of really bad sounding bugs that got fixed
  • Postal 2 was a Jank-fest at the best of times, I’m very happy to see it get fixed up a bit.
  • Might actually finish it one of these days.

Salt & Updates

  • An update to Salt & Sanctuary to tide us over while Salt & Sacrifice finishes its Epic beta test.
  • There’s a new game mode which reworks a lot of the mechanics around combat and weapon upgrades.
  • Weapon scaling is also cut down a bit if you have a weapon that scales from 2 stats.
  • Less likely to 4 shot some bosses like I did on stream now.

DOTA2 updoot

  • Ctrl -f linux|steamOS revealed nothing
  • Big shakeup of gameplay features
  • The irreverent commentary about said changes is a wee cringe
  • There’s a change to the matchmaking algorithm
    • Glicko is it’s name and it uses and manipulates rank confidence as a player stat to ultimately match you with other people
    • At immortal level there’s some kind of drafting situation
  • And more stuff that you’ll probably be mad about if you give a shit about dota


4070 woes

  • The 3070 launched for $499.
  • Cutting down the supply by one month will minimize the effects of a potential oversupply.
  • Shockedpikachu.jpg
  • At that price, I can’t see anyone running out to buy one in any kind of hurry.
  • One retailer is offering a $100 Steam gift card to get these things out the door.
  • $100 off retail is the only thing that will get the 4070 moving but that’s probably what NVIDIA plans on charging for the 8GB 4060 Ti.


  • Wine has been explicitly nixed with the latest Roblox update introducing Byron anti cheat
    • More anti cheat pissing in our cheerios
  • Same old song and dance about “security” sings the company basically profiting off of child labour
  • As a Linux user I am sure you understand the challenges of the Windows ecosystem. Wine is not officially supported but we are committed to working towards compatibility where possible. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a specific timeline for this support.


  • Nothing is safe.
  • First they acquired Nightdive.
  • ATARI yoinked the rights to over 100 PC and console games of the ’80s and ’90s.
  • Games from Accolade, Infogrames, and Microprose.
  • This seems like they’re mostly just grasping at straws but I can hope for something good, or at least fucky to come out of this
  • This along with the buying of Nightdive may very well imply they’re renewing their push into the gaming side of things.
  • Or they need new IP for the slot machines in their hotels.

RTX Flashlights

  • Flashlights, oh my.
  • Performance has improved over time.
  • I can keep it above 60 at 40% resolution scaling.
  • Holy hell does this thing wind up the fans on the 3060.

Alpakka Gylphs

  • This is a real neat in depth article about what goes into creating an interface to map a keyboard onto a limited set of keys and all of the necessary considerations therein
  • The glyph keyboard seems interesting cuz it kind of reminds me of writing on a palm pilot
  • The daisywheel is just cracktastic
  • People on the Input Labs Discord were singing the praises of the glyph typing.
  • Apparently the wiggling of the analog stick is just similar enough in some of the letters to the wiggling of a pen to write them, that it instantly clicked for a few peeps.
  • The daisywheel had a lot of people suggesting alternative layouts to make it more intuitive, so that may very well change.


  • Vapourwave defender you can play in a browser
  • Dev is actively soliciting contributions, specifically needing help with collision detection and enemy spawning

– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Baalzebub
Engine: Unity
Price: £4.20 / $4.90 / $6.50

Wazzat: Make your way out through all of the levels of randomly generated infernal dungeon, get the keys, food, weapons and other items from dead monsters, overcome bosses and escape that horror! Try to beat the high score in the global Hall of Fame.

Mandatory Disclosure: Dev sent us keys via Curator Connect



  • It launches on Debian testing.
  • Xbox 1 controller makes with the working but that’s not really an option.
  • Fullscreen only and no way to rebind the controls.
  • Sounds go beep and boop.
  • Pixel art manager to pixel.


  • I seem to die a lot.
  • Like, a lot a lot.
  • My last run started with a sword and some boots in the first two rooms.
  • Then it was generous with the health drops.
  • I was able to explore quite a bit of purgatory and killed lots of baddies.
  • Then I walked over a magical teleport that farted me out somewhere random on the map.
  • Undeterred I continued my exploration and found a neat amulet and some booze.
  • Then I walked over another invisible what the fuck ever that drained 1 stamina for every move then 1 heath for every move.
  • I kept chewing through items in my inventory until those ran out and died.
  • I was eaten by a lack of fks to give.
  • I might consider giving this another shot if it gets a quick item menu.
  • Might.
  • As it stands, having to enter the menu to use an item requires 3 or 4 clicks and you’re usually having to use it after every encounter.



  • Launches OOTB
  • Holds 60@UHD. Which is good because you don’t get anything except fullscreen
  • It’s a very basic tileset for a roguelike. The demons are all cartoony and it reminds me a bit of old SNES sprites
  • There are some beeps and boops
  • Controls are basic. A little overy basic. Casting spells is a lot of inventory futzing, you have to unequip items before you can equip new pens, etc. This was fine when we were in the DOS ages but it sucks now
    • You might ask why I was okay with this in Rogue FP? Because Rogue FP is an experimental game where you try to change the perspective of an existing game. This is a net new one with a poopy interface


  • This is super heavily luck based, even for a roguelike
  • More often than not, you start with an enemy in the room before you even get a basic weapon so you take a bunch of damage
  • After that you’re dependent on getting some lucky spells and tons of food to keep your health up cuz even small skirmishes fuck your shit up
  • Rogue started you off with 30 arrows and the ability to use them. You can find 1 or 2 arrows laying around, but no bow. Or a bow with no arrows. This makes them kind of worse than useless
  • As mentioned before, the inventory management is super primitive. Not like casting spells will be super helpful. But when you get a banish spell and you’re in a room with 5 dudes you kinda wanna use it
  • It’s a hyper basic roguelike, and it’s just a mediocre one at that.



  • It launches out of the box on the desktop and the Deck.
  • Controller input only allows for movement, so you’ll need to set Steam Input to mouse+keyboard mode.
  • To be fair, it specifically doesn’t claim to be playable with a controller.
  • I don’t mind the background music loop, it’s alright but it starts to grate after a while.
  • The graphics are fairly barebones when the sprites aren’t moving out of turn, clipping into each other, or simply not allowing your character to walk in a single direction without zigzagging.


  • I like roguelikes.
  • I’m also the one who tends to be the most lenient when a game is at least trying something new and I can appreciate the effort.
  • I can’t appreciate Baalzebub… the game, not the mythical entity.
  • The mythical entity is actually interesting in just how many different ways it is portrayed even within the same theological lore.
  • But we’re here for the video game, unfortunately.
  • As I mentioned, on multiple occasions the sprite of the main character clips onto the same space that an enemy is in, sometimes 2 enemies clip into the same space as one another.
  • Sometimes, even though this is supposed to be a roguelike and all the turn-basedness that implies, enemies will keep moving when you’ve been stopped for several seconds.
  • I had to re-record the footage for the video version because the herky-jerkyness of the physics and the weirdness of the fade-out when in the inventory created some nasty artifacts on the original recording.
  • I’ve never actually read the entirety of the Geneva Conventions but I’m pretty sure fucking up a roguelike this much is in breach of at least one of them.



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