Linux Game Cast 560: Delicious Face Pie

A one-click opt-in for the Steam Desktop (no scroll) Beta, problems with the A$U$ ROG Ally, Proton tosses a wrench into the Microsoft Activision deal, and YUZU gets a speed boost.

Special thanks to:
Init6 (new patron)
Game_mo_tron (twitch resub)
Rtheren (gifted a dungeon)


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00:00 Intro
01:17 Adventures in firewire
02:09 The new Zelda game
06:20 Jordan on holiday
09:32 Steam beta opt-in system and breakage
13:35 Proton blocks the Microsoft Activision merger
18:31 Ex-Zodiac new levels
21:25 Silksong delayed
29:51 16 GB NVIDIA 4060 Ties
35:27 ASUS ROG reviews
41:49 Retro gaming with D8vk 1.0
45:12 x86 gaming on ARM
47:17 YUZU gets faster
52:07 Super Tilt Bro sourcecode
54:27 Typing Tempo
01:12:31 50+ gamers

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Big beta update

  • The steam overlay invite feature should be a little more consistent in it’s showing up
  • You can toggle splel chcke on game notes when you have to deal with an abundance of proper nouns
  • The microtransaction screen will now be front and center. Joy
  • Your controller will stop rumbling if you alt-tab out of a game now
    • So no continued stimulus if you alt-tab just as your boss rounds the corner?
  • Still hangs while scrolling.

Imperfect Substitute (Mir)

  • In this case I’m happy to take the L
  • The report found that proton is an imperfect substitute to windows which could one day be considered a major competitor, but not right now
  • Microsoft was the one who actually brought up Proton in these proceedings, and it makes sense. There are still some big gaps in terms of having to keep up with the moving target that is windows and directx, dealing with anti-cheat and any number of things.
  • Combined with the fact that being the de-facto platform of PC gaming and having a console that uses much of the same technology definitely confers a distinct competitive advantage to a company that also has a ton of high profile game studios under it’s control, AND a service to basically give away those games on those platforms for a nominal fee
  • So now this continues to convince the UK government that Microsoft and Actiblizzion shouldn’t merge. Mmmmm delicious face-pie
  • I think most Linux users are very happy to let this one slide.
  • If it involves Microsoft having to eat some crow based on their own claims, it’s good.
  • MS got Linuxed in the Linux by their own Linux.
  • Love to see it.
  • Imagine a world where MS contributes to the WINE project.
  • Open-sources DX 11/12.
  • I mean, why the hell not?
  • Trying to maintain a competitive advantage? Against who?
  • See, I told you cloud gaming would be good for something eventually.

Steam: Game Updates

NotFox 0.7.9

  • I was thinking last week they had fkd off with development.
  • Nope, 2 new levels and some bug fixes.
  • Controls are still funky.
  • 21:9 aspect ratio support for you sickos who wanna live in a super nintendo
  • You can also wipe your old scores without having to actually delete your save file too
  • I look forward to the actual release so I can see how good the Space Harrier segments translate.


  • Here’s an update on our nonexistent timeline.
  • The previous Silksong update was in June last year confirming Silksong would be made available on Game Pass within the next 12 months as a day-one release.
  • It’s been so long I keep forgetting the name of it


16GB 4060

  • We were joking about this a week ago in the preshow.
  • Rumor has it that the 4060Ti will come in 8 & 16GB variants.
  • The 4060 will be 8GB and on the shelves in July.
  • Personally, I’m holding out for the 24GB 4050.
  • Would you pay $500 for a 4060Ti 16GB?
  • Are NVidia actively looking to piss off their customer base?
  • I mean, not many people bought the stupidly overpriced 4070. Except Scott!
  • Are they looking to burn those people too?

Imperfect Deck

  • The hardware is beefier, but it’s still running windows
  • Asus’s controller UI apparently leaves some stuff to be desired
  • Steam really needs to release an official SteamOS iso. I guess you could throw holoISO on here but I would like to see some apples to apples comparisons
  • Everyone makes the comparison with the ‘spensive Deck.
  • The 64GB has the same APU and in the UK and the EU it costs literally half the money.
  • Granted, you’re only getting slightly over half the resolution and half the refresh rate.
  • I hope it sells well, it’d be nice to have some competition in the x86 gaming handheld market.
  • As much as I’d like one, I have need of those £700.
  • It was in the box and ready to ship after all.
  • One of the big complaints is the ability to put it to sleep and pick up where you left off.
  • Windows don’t know how to do this so well.
  • And there is no quick way to check the battery life while playing a game.

D8vk 1.0

  • It’s prime time baby.
  • Play those early 2000s PC games!
  • No d8vk-native support yet
  • Should make it so you only need dgvoodoo and the like if you want to actually change the render resolution and/or introduce AA after the fact.

Insctuctional FEX

  • Almost full AVX coverage is dope as hell
  • You can now build FEX as a windows executable, which also opens up the ability to use it in WINE to emulate x64 code
  • Wayland thunking

Speedy YUZU

  • Big speedup on normal GPU emulation mode
  • Wayland fixes for those risking that nvidia biscuit
  • Wintel Vulkan is just completley borked. Apparently it works fine on linux tho
  • People on twitter have been reporting the new Zelda: DMCA edition is running pretty good on the Deck with just default settings.
  • Certainly explains why No-entiendo is all litigatory lately.

Super Tilt Bro

  • 8-bit Smush Bros.
  • Requires the support for the RAINBOW mapper, which is not yet included in any emulator.
  • This is the bit you need to do online multi.
  • Still, it’s cool of them to open-source their work and it looks like the kickstarter is going to succeed.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Typing Tempo
Devel: Rainbeat Games
Engine: Custom (SDL 3 and Lua)
Price: £6.69 / $7.99 / $10.49

Wazzat: Turn your keyboard into an instrument as you type away to the beat of the music! Typing Tempo is a 41-key typing rhythm game that will push your typing skills to the limit!

Mandatory Disclosure: Developers sent us keys.



  • I must have gotten lucky on the first launch.
  • All of my screens blinked but came back and the game was on the correct monitor.
  • I dicked around on the first two levels and managed a D and F. Thanks google.
  • Went to take care of things around the house and came back for round 2.
  • It did the blinky thing again but showed up and I dared mess around with the display options because I wanted to see what was going on.
  • Changed it to windowed and after another round of blinking it managed to find its way onto my desktop in a window.
  • A little seizure inducing but hey, it worked.
  • Then I changed it to fullscreen borderless and after another round of blink-o-tron 9000 it was in fullscreen in what I assumed was a borderless window.
  • It was, in fact, a borderless window.
  • One that didn’t bother to lock the mouse input so the virtual desktop resolution follow the mouse around thingy kicked in and
  • Short story long… I ended up typing sudo apt lightdm restart, twice.
  • Once because of the initial fuckup and twice because I wanted to see if it was a reproducible fuckup.
  • On closing it disables my primary monitor because fk me that’s why.
  • At least I had the foresight to go oonce-oonce wub-wub when typing it out the second time.
  • Out of a library of over a thousand games this is like, the 3rd’ish I’ve seen flip the hell out in recent memory.
  • Not a Linux problem, it’s a not knowing what the hell you’re doing problem.


  • The kindest thing I can say about this game is that you will probably refund it well under the 2 hour window.
  • Not because it’s a bad game.
  • Far as I was able to play it was a serviceable typing game with a so-so chip-tune beep-boop soundtrack.
  • I don’t mind rhythm games but typing is hardwired to work in my brain meats.
  • It didn’t trigger a fun reaction the same way as Frets on Fire when I smashing the function keys.
  • At $7.99 it’s reasonably priced but you save everything on your desktop THEN download the demo and see how it works before picking it up.
  • Or smash the Proton button. Fam.
  • Moral of the story?
  • In 2023 people have multi monitor displays and you need to test your game on something other than a laptop.
  • Anything that breaks userspace gets a 1.



  • Straight up disabled my primary monitor in gnome
  • When I cut it to windowed mode, it didn’t restore my other screen. Had to do that through nvidia settings
  • It fucked up at first and wouldn;’t
  • I would recommend le gamescope No gamescope 4 u
  • Controls are typing, however the board is broken up into 3 sections that don’t exactly correspond to the rows on teh keyboard which really fucked me up
    • Also that O looks too much like a 0, and you are using both. YOur clue was the row


  • Yeah, not the biggest fan of rhythm games.
  • I really tried to get into stuff like Fez and Frequency back in the day cuz they looked super cool, but I got them stupid fingers
  • I can type OK though, as epistory proved I’m the fastest (although not most accurate) of these lot, but this isn’t really a typing game
  • It’s more like extended frets on fire but without all the dope pirated tracks
  • The songs they have are inoffensive electronica. The ones I actually liked were way too hard for me on easy mode
  • Rhythm games aren’t really my jam. This doesn’t seem like an awful one though



  • Launches out of the box on the Desktop doesn’t even start on the Deck in game mode, in desktop mode it works.
  • Steam overlay wants nothing to do with it.
  • Neither does MangoHUD or Gamescope.
  • That’s impressive
  • Judging from the smoothness, I’d say it’s locked at 144 by default.
  • Disabling VSync caused my RX 6700XT to start screaming bloody coil whine.
  • No resolution options, if you want anything other than 720p find the config.lua file and change it.
  • There’s no controller support because… well it’s called Typing Tempo.
  • Unless you’re going to daisywheel/glyph type it using the Alpakka or the on-screen keyboard on the Deck, I fail to see why you’d want to.
  • The graphics are … there. They do their job.
  • The music is also there. I think I tried all the tracks in the easiest difficulty at least and I didn’t like any of them in particular.


  • It was fun to poke it to see in just how many ways Typing Tempo was going to tell me I suck at rhythm games.
  • I’m usually a touch type kinda guy, this game made me hunt and peck and freak the fuck out when I couldn’t keep up.
  • It’s a lot harder to touch type when you’re not actually typing words, just random alphanumeric characters defined by whoever made the level.
  • I looked up how to make levels, I can honestly say that too is a solid pass from me.
  • You have to do it yourself.
  • Wouldn’t it be better to give people the option to randomly populate the track automatically based on some seeds?
  • I think it would, because I may be a Linux user but I do have a girlfriend and a full-time job.



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