Linux Game Cast 559: Other Childproof Lids

Steam wants more gameplay trailers! Discord is resetting usernames, EmuDeck gets a USB Wizard, a homebrew WiiU/3DS/2DS server and replacement, and 2v2 monster collecting RPG with Cassette Beasts.


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00:00 Intro
00:52 Venn proof lids
02:54 ReCORE update
03:54 No more squad-wipes for Jordan
05:41 Pedro still likes a game
08:01 Steam wants more gameplay in trailers
11:23 Improved Steam search
13:41 Proton fixes Elden Ring and Trackmania
17:51 EmuDeck 2.1 updates
20:45 Bare Butt Boxing
23:15 Raimodula
26:03 Cassette Beasts
28:09 Corrupted Golf With Friends
34:54 Discord is forcing new usernames
40:05 Nintendo server backend emulation
43:55 OBS 29.1
47:38 PPSSPP performance shaders
51:45 Wild Dogs
01:06:31 RIP Roblox on Linux

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Trailer time

  • Max of two trailers before screenshot
  • Trailer categories ie dev dev diary or teaser
  • Their recommended best practice is to SHOW THE FUCKIN’ GAME!
  • I look forward to devs actively lying about the content of the trailer.
  • Best practices: Get right to the action and show lots of gameplay
  • When I have to dig around in 2-3-4 trailers looking for gameplay my sus flag pops right the hell up.
  • Then I head over to YouTube and see what the game looks like.
  • Aaaaand I click on a recommended video of a frog eating a rat and forget about buying the game.
  • No action is needed but it’s probably a good idea before Steam AI does it for you.

Steamy Search

  • Is it on par with google yet? Serious question.
  • Thing + steam is usually my goto.
  • It’s more forgiving for spleling mstiakes
  • Search will also return tags
  • I agree with Venn though.
  • Your big competition is google

Track fixes

  • Elden RNG kinda works on this one.
  • Fixed memory leak in Trackmania and Ubisoft Connect overlay and that’s another reason to nope it.
  • EA launcher works again.
  • Every time I see BG3 fixes I smile.
  • Proton’s gonna be ready for it at launch
  • Elden crack certainly starts now, sometimes.
  • APB still doesn’t work with 8.0
    • But it does work with Experimental without launch codes, just need to add the two lines below to the …/APB Reloaded/APBGame/Config/APBMachineOptions.ini:
    • [LoginSettings]

EmuDeck 2.1

  • Searchable store for homebrew apps is nice
  • Early stages of CEMu and Yuzu support
  • Quickly pull roms off of external storage
  • Individual Steam Input profiles for each game
  • That’s a very big deal!

Steam: New Games

Bare Butt Boxing

  • We need a jiggle physics fighting tag.
    • Goop’em’up? Pasta Pugilism?
  • Online PVP.
  • They wiggle a lot like Gang Beasts


  • Strider vibes?
    • Strider and Altered Beast
  • Gotta unlock all the abilities
  • Big emphasis on customizing your dude and finding busted ass-combos

It’s not pokemon

  • It’s a 2v2 monster collecting RPG
  • I heard about this on the castlesuperbeast podcast and lo and behold there’s a linux version
  • It has a really neat typing system that goes beyond a basic pokeclone
  • It’s a 2 person Dev team

Steam: Game Updates

The Corrupted Forest

  • If your balls experience meteor corruption please contact your doctor.
  • 9 new spooky holes to dip your ball in.
  • Rumour has it that if you manage to complete this devilishly difficult course under par, you’ll be rewarded with something special… herpes, probably.
  • New spoopy hats.


Discord name changes

  • Discord is going to nope the four-digit “discriminators”.
  • I have to look that up every time it’s needed for a request.
  • It will still display as your username ish?
  • Rolling out in order of how long you have been on the Discord.
  • People are mad about this because reasons?
  • All your fucky display names with your fancy unicode characters stay put
  • Honestly dropping the suffix is probably for the best
  • So the order is going to be verified servers, nitro, and then users based on your account age? Mine is from early 2016
  • RIP to anyone with a #0420 or #6969 discriminator
  • The prompt best be REAL DAMN CLEAR because I’ve been trained to auto-nope the in-app popups.


  • I hope you have lawyers lined-up.
  • Hopefully this can get some traction.
  • At the very least it can preserve matchmaking for smash U
  • And pokemon gen 6-7 wonder trading
  • Looking at their progress page, this thing already supports a couple of games on the WiiU and 3DS.
  • The account server seems mostly complete as well.
  • Pretendo is currently not in a state that is ready for public use.
  • However, once it is you will be able to use Pretendo simply by running their homebrew patcher on your console.
  • Cemu 2.0 officially supports Pretendo.

OBS Studio 29.1

  • Big speedup for screencap on Intel GPUs.
  • Various improvements and fixes to Decklink performance.
  • This will rename your Jack sinks.
  • AMD AV1 encoder to simple output mode.
  • Added a setting to record in fragmented MP4 and MOV.
    • This can save you if OBS crashes.
    • Not for use with Davinci Resolve.

PPSSPP Shaders

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Wild Dogs
Devel: 2ndBoss
Engine: Unity
Price: £8.50 / $9.99 / $12.99

Wazzat: The world is under a frantic alien attack. Amidst the chaos and with the army virtually subdued, the deadliest and most inconsequential pair of specialists are called upon to do what must be done. Join the war hunting aliens around the world and in every way possible.

Mandatory Disclosure: Dev sent us keys on Curator Connect



  • More options than the original Gameboy.
  • Borderless fullscreen and a couple of windowed options.
  • Regular pixel, pixel perfect, and blurry make up the graphical options.
  • Logically mapped on the Xbox controller.
  • Beeps & boos chiptue soundtrack are period correct.
  • Guns go pew.


  • What you might not know is that you play as Frank, yes, that Frank.
  • This is based on true events.
  • The last Gameclone title we played was Super Rad Raygun and that was Mega Man with the numbers filed off.
  • Wild Dogs is the same, but with 100% more Contra.
  • You get a couple of lives and some continues then it’s game over, man.
  • Between life and death you hold down A and murderate everything that bothers to move.
  • And sometimes you jump.
  • Then you get the spread shot and the game becomes don’t accidentally replace spread shot with another powerup.
  • Puppers kinda just follows you around but he does get his own mini levels to flip switches and the like.
  • There are a couple of flying levels to break things up as well.
  • Plenty of enjoyable retro game here for the price.
  • My only real complaint is the save system requiring you to beat all the mini bosses and the boss.
  • Granted, that’s better than permadeath but stops this game from being pickup and fk around for a minute title in the age of Steam Deck.



  • Intro music coming in hard! Holy shit
  • Yeah,it definitely looks and sounds like an idealized version of a gameboy game
    • One thing that definitely threw me off is that while playing on the steam deck my vision narrowed to 4:3 and I kept getting killed by enemies all the way out at 16
  • Controls are tight and sanely mapped
  • There’s definitely some character blindness that happens though. With all the stuff on screen it can get a wee overwhelming to my ADHD brain especially when the colour palette is so restricted
  • There do be cloud saves, but you don’t save until you’ve beat all the minibosses and the final boss in a level.


  • It’s a pretty fun, basic and pretty challenging side scrolling shooter
  • At the very least, I’m not super good at it. If this were a gameboy game back in the day I’d have ample opportunity to sit in my basement or in a car and git gud
  • Mostly you’re running and gunning contra style. You can pick up some power ups but the only two worth a damn are the spreadshot and the rocket launcher. The boomerang is more of a boo-boo rang
  • You occasionally get to da choppa and have a side scrolling vehicle section and some times you get to play as the pupper and do some light platforming puzzles
  • It’s retro to a fault though. You’re stuck with 3 lives and 3 continues. Once those are up you gotta start over. I’m not so big a fan of that no more. I kinda wish you had an option to turn that off. I’m old and busy now and I don’t have time to git gud
  • Otherwise it’s a pretty faithful tribute to an era in gaming I have a lot of nostalgia for. I guess it works sometimes



  • Launches out of the box on the desktop and the Deck
  • It defaults to correctly locking and VSyncing the FerPS to whatever your monitor’s refresh rate happens to be.
  • It offers a multitude of 4 color filters and the yellow/dark blue one was the one I chose.
  • People went to jail over debates about that stupid dress and I honestly want to watch the world burn.
  • Controllers work and Steam Input is correctly set up for the Deck.
  • And I honestly didn’t hate the 10 second loop for the regular level music.
  • The boss themes I could have done without, just let me keep the level music playing please.


  • I didn’t hate it
  • Remember how I said I don’t like platformers for platforming sake anymore?
  • This is a 2D action shooter in which the platforming is reduced down to traversal mechanics rather than primary gameplay loop.
  • Good!
  • Means I could enjoy the pew-pews and jump only the screen stops scrolling or I hear an enemy pew-pew
  • I could complain about character blindness but, when you’re covering the screen with projectiles and the gory remains of your slain enemies, it is to be expected.
  • And in boss fights where your character positioning becomes actually important, the background provides very good contrast so that you can always see where you are.
  • Wild Dogs is a shining example of a simple and yet wonderfully done game.
  • There’s attention to detail, there’s audio queues, there’s fun gameplay and bumping chiptunes.
  • It’s good… It’s very good!



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  • That went into full effect this week.

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