Steamy Linux Gaming With Ampere ARMs

Gaming with Steam on ARM, AMD brings Overdrive to Linux, the Neo Flip goes full-clamshell, ray tracing Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Wayland is the future of Linux gaming.


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00:00 Intro
00:58 Stabbed by an egg
01:46 Risky $60 NVME
06:58 Jordan finished a game
09:28 Pedro finished a video game
10:13 OP in games
12:34 Steam DualShockSense notifications
16:39 Steam on ARM with Ampere
19:16 FEX vs Box86
20:43 Delivering ARM packages on Steam
22:32 KallaX
25:09 Smells Like Rubber
26:14 NVIDIA 3080 FU edition
26:40 Talking about them new AMD GPUs
29:07 DRM on Starfield MOD
30:02 A Skullgirls update?
32:12 Competitive mobile gaming
34:43 Kali Linux is great
35:52 AMD overdrive on Linux
37:47 NVIDIA did it
39:06 Aya Neo Clammy Flip
41:31 Would you buy a clammy handheld?
42:03 Steam Deck keyboard
44:16 Wayland is the future
59:48 DXVK 2.3
01:02:40 Dark Descent Redux
01:07:45 Flibit game preservation
01:14:07 In defense of ESDF
01:20:13 Glass keyboards

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • Valve is targeting october for being able to search for games that support specific controllers

  • The first batch is dualshock.

  • As a dualshock user, I can tell you that support is pretty inconsistent.

  • Sometimes you gotta play button translator, sometimes it’s a setting, sometimes all the features work out of the box

  • Now you can hopefully know which is which before you boot up the game.

  • If the devs fill out the questionnaire.

  • I think this is a very good idea.

  • The DualShock and DualSense have gyros, touchpads, and lightbars which some games are already capable of taking advantage of.

  • Especially those which were PlayStation exclusives.

  • If you clearly label the game as natively supporting that functionality and, perhaps more importantly, those that don’t don’t generate as many refunds.

  • Coming soon: Partial DuakShocksense support.

Steam on Ampere

  • Gaming on X86 is soooo 2023.

  • Are you jealous of all the hoops MAC gamers are jumping through on their M series?

  • Have a $2.6K Ampere Altra sitting in the corner doing nothing?

  • With a little Box86 and Proton you can play games on Steam, kinda.

  • I say kinda since there is a whole little instructions and no results.

  • Man, a 32-core Ampere Altra would be so much fun to play with.

  • That $1.9K dev kit is a wee on the high side.

  • Is Steam capable of delivering aarch64 native games?

    • How are they delivering games on M1 OSX?

    • Are they shipping fat binaries or do they send out the native aarch64 build.

    • There are 26 native games being shipped according to this.

  • Why Box and not FEX?

  • The latter seems much better suited to this given that it can handle both 32 and 64bit.

Steam: New Games


  • Ikea, the game!

  • Level select better be wandering through a maze of furniture and home crap and trying to justify not buying another set of big bowls and spatulae.

  • There better be some Swedish meatballs in the food court.

  • 2 2 6 players.

  • Keep talking and nobody furnitures?

  • This is going to need a demo.

  • IKEA Kallax, oh.

Smells Like Burnt Rubber

  • Top-down ish online racing.

  • Forget the world around you. Neglect your loved ones.

  • You will never use your own car again.

Steam: Game Updates

The Skullgirl

  • The mobile version is coming first

  • Then there will be an alpha where you’ll finally be able to play with the current titular Skullgirl as per the game’s story.

  • Nice to see updates for an old game that averages 200 players.

  • New Maid waifu dropping probably in 2024

  • Mobile first cuz it’s a cut down version of the actual game so not as much work is required to get something out the door. Then they can iterate

  • The final update to 2nd encore is also coming with full voice acting for all the story characters


AMD overdrive

  • 5 new ways to control… fans.

  • Acoustic limit and rpm target

  • Fan curve, pwm minimum, and temp target

  • The fan curve and minimum speed you could already manage with Mesa and CoreCtrl.

  • But the acoustic limit is very welcome!

  • Though the 7000 series limitation is a big ol’ Fuck you! from the company which only had the 7600, 7900 XT, and 7900XTX until this week.

  • RDNA3 means that the steam deck gets nothing out of this

  • Hopefully someone can backport this functionality

Aya Floop

  • Similar to the GPD Win and Pandora portable handhelds.

  • I still don’t like the asymmetric position of the analogs.

  • That’s part of why I like the Deck as much as I do, it’s pleasingly symmetrical.

  • Clamshell design for mobile devices always seemed like a no brainer.

  • I couldn’t imagine typing anything on that keyboard.

    • Yeah, your thumb would knock the analog stick constantly

  • Don’t know how ergonomic that recessed area where the controlly bits are

  • My old Nintendo DS is very floppy and it’s a much smaller device. II worry about those hinges after few years

Wayland is the future

  • Loup has the correct take.

  • “Just use Nouveau” hahahahahhah.

  • As the person who’s been using Wayland the most, almost exclusively for that matter, I agree with the sentiment, to a point.

  • As someone who enjoys video games, and old video games at that, which may or may not ever come to support Wayland, I don’t like the mentality of “Fuck it! Whatever breaks, breaks! We gotta use the new shit because it’s more <insert flavor of the day>”

  • NVK literally only just got to the point where it can reliably put things on screen.

  • It’s not ready for primetime and the NVidia proprietary drivers only really work properly on X, by design.

  • And for all the progress Wayland has had over the past two years, from the NVidia drivers working at all to being able to do remote desktop things via RDP or WayPipe, there’s still a lot that’s not really there.

  • If you need Xrandr or you absolutely must have something you can only do via Xorg.conf, my condolences but your only option is to continue using X.

  • I think Pierre is catastrophizing a little.

  • Most of the developers producing linux builds do so cuz their frameworks support it, not cuz of any real desire for linux targeting.

  • As OP says, if you’re using SDL or any other myriad tools to handle your windowing/input/whatever this mostly doesn’t affect you.

  • For everything else, there’s mastercard… I mean proton. Cuz lets be real, the rest just don’t care and will gladly just take the free “port”

    • Wine-on-wayland does need to get their shit finished though

  • I think we’re in a weird place where X is just fine if you’re on X86_64.

  • But that’s kinda it.

  • We’re living in a world now with ARM and RISCV and stuff that just doesn’t play nice with X that wayland really is designed for and at the end of the day I think we

  • Eventually the band aid just needs to come off.

DXVK 2.3

  • Support for VK_EXT_swapchain_maintenance1 allows disabling VSync without some games eating shit that change their present interval on a per-frame basis.

  • Several options have changed or have been consolidated

  • Better logic for separating out stuff for different GPU vendors hardware solutions like DLSS/XESS, etc

  • VK_KHR_present_wait is only triggered when the frame is actually being presented rather than when it finishes rendering.

  • This should reduce perceived input latency in games using vSync and that support VK_KHR_present_wait.

The Dark Descent Redux

  • A rebuild of the graphics portion of HPL2 engine in DirectX12 for Windows and Vulkan for Linux.

  • Can we get a rocket launcher?

  • I’d be down for a proper spoopy first person SHOOTER horror game done in the Dark Descent engine.

  • It seems like most of the systems are already in place, just gotta do the shooting.

  • I don’t know if the Amnesia series will benefit from ray tracing.

  • Unless you’re ray tracing rocket launchers, just saying.

  • Asymmetrical player vs zombie puppers would be a fun mode.

Flibbit maintenance


  • There is still a business for Switch ports.

  • The business of porting Linux games is long gone.

  • Let the extremely sexy man maintain your game, you know you want to!

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