Game Trainers On Linux and Warhammer 3 Banhammers

Total War Warhammer 3 banhammers community members, EA breaks Aphex Legends on Steam Deck, Counter-Strike 2 kills birds, Microsoft knocks knockoffs, and game training on Linux made easy.


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00:00 Intro
00:53 Adventures in French Canada
02:52 Fan of mouse
04:15 Shocking a chair
05:28 Total War boycott bans
10:14 Game trainers on Linux
15:20 Soccer With Satan
17:22 Selaco
18:59 New devs old engines
20:09 EA breaks Apex Legends on Linux
23:18 Solaris Deck
24:12 Counter-Strike 2 kills birds
26:42 Microsoft band unofficial controllers
31:34 Capcom vs game MODs
40:08 SiN updated for modern PCs
45:48 Open-source Jak 2 beta
50:15 HL3 VR?
53:05 Ray Tracing on AMD
55:21 Custom commands for Steam

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Total Banhammer

  • The bannings will continue until morale improves.

  • They locked the original thread and put up a new one that walked some stuff back

  • Restricting people’s ability to bitch never goes well

  • Doubling down with a grandstanding post and effectively declaring the end of free speech, even less.

Game Training on Steam

  • Only works with Steam games at the moment.

  • Trainers are sourced from Fling Trainers.

  • Relies on Proton to run trainers.

  • AppImage for SteamDeck.

Steam: New Games

Soccer With Satan

  • They had to go with Satan because Sepp Blatter was too evil to put on a game cover

  • Win by succeeding at soccer or murdering your opponents team

  • Kind of reminds me of a purely PVP Pyre


  • A brand new first person shooter done in *checks notes* GZdoom

    • You can certainly make worse choices as far as engines go in 2023

  • This one purports to be an intense action set piece story driven shooter

  • They’re really proud of their Enemy Ai, inspired by F.E.A.R.

  • This is one of the big BoomShoots I’m looking forward to.

  • It looks damn good! Especially for being made in GZDoom.

  • I remember playing the demo last year.

  • Hope they have sorted the performance issues.

Steam: Game Updates

Aphex EAC

  • We talked about this being a potential problem a few weeks ago.

  • What, no bans?

  • A public Trello board for an EA game?

  • What fucked up timeline are we in, exactly?!

  • They’re working on it apparently

  • Hopefully the solution isn’t wontfix

Gone be the birds

  • People were confusing the birds for grenades so now there’s no more birds.

  • Workshop is also back in, so maybe some community servers will still let you have the feathery friends.

  • I saw a bird. It was pretty.

  • Less accidental friend stabbing


Windows control

  • Not Linux related but keep your eye out for great deals on used controllers.

  • Cracking down on devices like the Xim?

    • Yeah, that’s just straight up cheating if you’re playing Halo with other console bros

  • Pass certification or don’t use it on XBox

  • Yes. It will cut down on the cheating, but it will also cut down on people being able to get a cheap replacement controller when the one that comes with the console dies.

  • Which Microsoft clearly stems to profit from.

  • Trying to find out the process (much less the pricing) to get a device certified is beyond my ability.

  • One of the many advantages of PC gaming is not having to worry about this nonsense.

  • Then again, that might change when PC 2 is released.

  • Buy used! Not everyone treats their controllers like they owe them money.

Moral MODs

  • Capcom doesn’t want anything in their game unless they’re making money off of it.

  • “All mods are cheats unless officially supported” is a hell of a take

  • Although side note for those of you who are TOs: Probably best to actually clear all the machines that you’re gonna be using in your tournament.

  • Don’t wanna accidentally expose people to Guile’s butthole.

  • Yeah, if you’re in a professional video game competition don’t use nudie mods.

  • Though, I don’t like publishers cracking down on mods any more than I do AntiCheat, DRM, and Always Online requirements.

  • It just seems like another excuse to remove even more of your rights as both purchaser and player.

  • Unsupported MODs are “impossible to distinguish from cheat tools, implementation-wise.”.

    • He’s not wrong.

    • This is why you add MOD support to your game.

  • People are still “scandalized” by human anatomy in 2023.

  • Nude patches have been going strong since 1997.


  • Rohit apparently got bored with NOLF and got started on another port. THis one isn’t lithtech though

  • You can SiN on GOG for $9.99.

  • That may be a good excuse to play through SiN again.

Open Jak release

  • Jak 2 support is now in open beta

  • I remember the first blog post we covered from these folks and how they had to figure out some obscure old LUA dialect to get things working.

  • How far they’ve come

  • They have a steam deck installer through decky

  • It’s now playable with a few minor catches.

Hate Mail:


  • I don’t know if it’s enabled for all AMD GPUs which support it by default, but you do need to pass the launch codes to allow some games to enable ray-tracing.

  • RADV_PERFTEST=rt VKD3D_CONFIG=dxr %command% on Steam

  • You only need the VKD3D envvar for Proton games.