A Fierce Steam Deck Competitor

MSI teases a fierce Steam Deck competitor! Portal Revolution gets a day one Linux release, AMD ray tracing performance gains with radv, Steam ends support for Windows 7 & 8, and Daggerfall Unity hits 1.0.


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00:00 Intro
01:13 New project announcement
05:35 The DELL whisperer
08:49 Steam Awards 2023 winners
10:26 Native Linux award winners?
11:05 A new Baba game
12:07 Steam ends support for Windows 7 & 8
16:35 FSR 3 on Steam Deck
19:49 Portal Revolution released
20:20 Releasing gamed in December
21:13 Valve game approval process
22:42 Art of Rally 1.5.1
23:54 Racing in first-person
24:59 Nvidia SUPER teasers
29:22 Sony messing with thrid-party controllers
30:47 MSI Steam Deck competitor
34:21 Powered by SteamOS?
38:06 AMD MESA RT performance bump
42:36 Daggerfall Unity 1.0
45:36 Open Beast of Rage 4.0
49:54 Micro Manchines
55:56 Eating Styrofoam

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Award winners

  • The results are in from the “didn’t play it but liked the thumbnail” awards.

  • Starfield is so innovative you guys!

  • Also, Hogwarts is the best on Deck? The fuck?!

    • Booooooo

  • RDR2 is a LOL because Rockstar hasn’t touched it in a few years.

  • At least BG3 and Lethal Comp made the list.

  • No native Linux games in 2023 but did we have any last year?

RIP 7 & 8

  • It’s official.

  • With an average 120mil monthly users .93% is 1.1 million.

  • In addition, future versions of Steam will require Windows features and security updates only present in Windows 10 and above.

    • WTF does that mean? Are we going to be getting some FTPM stuff in the steam client?

    • Newer Visual C, .NET, and DX12 versions, along with new driver/hardware support

    • And shedding the need to support pre Intel 3000 CPUs

  • This isn’t going to cause a huge spike in linux usage. It might encourage a folk or two to pick up a steam deck since they’re on an old computer anyways if they’re stuck with 7 or 8

    • Do you think there are any Windows 8 loyalists out there who hated 10+ and 7?

    • If Strider ran Windows he would use 8.

FSR3 on Deck

  • So it works, and it does improve FPS

  • But thems some uuuugly frames

  • Framegen also introduces some input latency.

  • The Mod in question comes from a developer named LukeZ and you should join his patreon if you want to get it and play around with it

Steam: Game Updates

Portal Distribution

  • This is a fan game that’s set between the first two portals

  • Has a whole mess of new levels and puzzles

  • And you could play it, but Valve was a little understaffed for the holidays and nobody was around to authorize the release on steam in time for the stated release date

    • Womp womp

  • Coming spoon ™

  • Yeah, that 2-3 business days goes out the window on Dec 1’st.

  • I’m really really shocked that Valve is manually reviewing games.

  • Like, does this get special treatment because it’s a MOD?

  • Aaaaand it’s out.

Art of Rally 1.5.1

  • Moar creditz and better leaderboard connectivity, along with a bunch of bug fixes.

  • Still no chase camera closer to the car, that is unfortunate.


SUPER Teaser section

  • On the low end you get the 4070S for $599, same as the 4070 MSRP.

  • Closer to the 4070Ti than to the 4070.

  • We were in desperate need of a GPU to fill that segment.

  • Waiting on the 4050 Super 24GB.

  • Nothing to change the recommendation of buying used / AMD.

  • You still won’t be able to afford the one you actually want

  • Maybe the 4060 Ti Super… Super Ti? … maybe that one will be good.

MSI Deck

  • Another device that shows Windows gaming on the go is still not quite there.

  • Intel was sliding in on the comments of the tweet, so it’d be interesting to see an Arc powered handheld.

  • But certainly not for the price they’re going to want for it.


  • Who is going to be the first company to get Valve’s blessing for SteamOS on their hardware?

  • Valve claimed they were cool with that from the start and you have to imagine someone has knocked on their door by now, right?

  • Someone supposedly has put it through the Geekbench:


  • Get a 200% performance boost with this one simple trick.

  • They were able to optimize the conversion of 1D ray launches to 2.

  • More threads =’s more brr.

  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart can creep over the 60ferps mark with using a 6700 XT.

  • Should be delivered in time for mesa 24

  • Added RT performance will be nice. I look forward to finally hitting 60fps in Quake 2

Daggerfall 1.0

  • It’s done!

    • Well, kinda

  • The game is 100% beatable and all major systems have been implemented.

  • Now the focus is going to be on mod compatibility

  • It works and going through the tutorial I’m always reminded just how much of a step forward Morrowind’s combat was, which a lot of people claim is the worst.

  • Daggerfall is free from the Elder Scrolls website.

OpenBOR 4.0

  • Moving away from monolithic updates.

  • No more PSP for you

  • There’s also some effort being put into making the final product a little more tamper proof cuz the lead dev doesn’t like all the romhacks

  • “…the world’s most powerful 2D side scrolling engine.”

    • Bold claim there, Cotton!

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