Valve DMCA Takedowns and AV1 On Twitch!

Valve nukes two fan projects, AV1 comes to Twitch, AMD launches the Ryzen 8000G, Unity bans VLC, and a HoloISO powered Steam Deck competitor.


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00:00 Intro
00:55 Firemail
02:56 New episode of Wiz&Sh*t
07:51 Steam clarifies AI policy
09:02 No AI pr0n games, period!
12:56 Ayaneo holoISO handheld
18:44 Valve Portal 64 DMCA
20:49 Nintendo games on Steam?
22:34 Fixing 10-year-old Steam bugs
25:43 Radioactive cows
27:53 Pillars of Eternity updates?
28:41 D&D nerd slap fight
30:39 Intel Lunar Lake iGPU
33:33 We need good iGPUs
37:54 AMD 8000G
41:26 New AM4 CPU
42:51 RX 7600 XT 16GB
47:50 Bring back unhinged GPUs!
49:39 AV1 comes to Twitch
57:36 VLC kicked out of the Unity store
01:03:21 Alpakka controller patents
01:06:07 AMD and Vulkan

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

AI content take 2

  • So in the case of both pregenerated AI assets and live AI content, you’ll need to prove that the model has appropriately licensed training data

  • For live AI games you also need to prove established guardrails that prevent the generation of illegal content

    • As such, no live AI porn games. Period

  • They’re adding a content reporting feature to the steam overlay as well

  • I guess this is the only way they could at least hope to curtail undisclosed AI use, which is already happening, and hope people will be forthcoming with it.

  • And it is in the interest of developers to not be caught in a lie as that will cost them most if not all future sales on Steam.

There It Is, Ayaneo Edition (Ertain)

  • Welp, we wished another thing into existence.

  • Free 4090s don’t just fall out of the sky ya know.

  • Picked the wrong company though.

  • The Ayaneo Next Lite will come with SteamOS.

  • It comes packed with a 7-inch, 800p screen, and a load of speculation because that’s all we know.

  • It’s going to be a budget system so don’t expect much.

  • Dangit! Apparently they’re using HoloISO rather than actual Steam OS.

  • Still a good thing that they’re willing to try and it puts the pressure on VALVe to git it done!

  • Still wish they would have said so from the start.

  • Part of me expects given the use of holoiso that this won’t work too great as a product. People may not be too pleased and this will be the cited case for “Nah, just make those windows handhelds”

    • I hope not, but I do worry

Valve Takedowns

  • The TF2 one I get.

  • Not yours, no can has.

  • Twas about to break anyway.

  • The Portal 64 used Nintendo’s proprietary libs so while I don’t like it, I get it.

  • Valve seems very intent on not crossing nintendo.

  • Perhaps that speaks to a longer effort of trying to work them.

    • Oh 100% all the hells yes.

    • Also playing extra nice in Japan because Deck.

  • It wouldn’t surprise me if VALVe hadn’t already tried to work with Nintendo before, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Nintendo hadn’t given them the light of day other than some threats of legal action if they kept pushing it.

Fixing a 10-year-old Steam bug.

  • I love reading postmortems

  • So this bug has been around forever and will cause people to randomly disconnect. Generally, this is also preceded by skins not loading in time

  • The resulting reverse engineering of this bug took quite a bit of log crawling, decompiling and comparing notes with leaked source engine code once they had it nailed down to a specific time window

  • So the actual issue is a race condition where your assets being validated is racing against the client connecting to a server. On thursday nights there is some chore being run on that server that makes it run like a butt, so some calls time out. And if they time out while you’re in a game, you get booted

  • The solution here is to just wait a couple minutes after starting the game before connecting to a server on thursdays

  • Kinda reminds me a bit of that radioactive soviet cow story

Steam: Game Updates

Updates of Eternity

  • Nice to still see some bugfixes after 9 years

  • I was one of the original kickstarter backers for this, and stuff like this helped pave the way for more modern games like bg3 to come out

  • I kinda wish they would have added a turn based mode to this one a la POE2. Never was a fan of rt+pause combat for D&D.

  • You don’t patch up old business like this out of the blue unless you’re getting ready to sell something #forthegloryofmankind


Lunar Lakes

  • Dear lard these intel core naming conventions are getting out of hand, especially with heterogeneous architecture

  • Benchmarks from Intel need to be taken with a boulder of salt, but it’s some promising hope for battlemage mobile. Let’s see how that translates to desktop.

  • I do enjoy a good APU slapfight.

  • Around a 20% bump over Arc.

AMD launches Ryzen 8000G

  • The 8600G is using a little big architecture too now

  • No chiplets

    • Chomplets.

  • $329 Ryzen 7 8700G – Almost 1650 GTX performance.

  • $229 6-core Ryzen 5 8600G

  • $179 Ryzen 5 8500G

  • RDNA3 and 65W.

  • Repackage Ryzen 7040 and Ryzen 8040 laptop chips.

    • Running 2-3x as much power as the laptop variants.

  • Trading blows with the 1650 is good!

  • That puts NVidia in a place where they have to deliver something more powerful without more power connectors.

  • Is that why they’re just now doing the 6GB 3050?

RX 7600 XT 16GB

  • Why is this being benchmarked against a GPU from 2019?

    • Gotta ditch your 2060 bruh

    • Because at that price, it looks really bad against a 3060Ti.

Twitch AV1

  • Ah yes, the open standard of AV1, exclusively on NVIDIA 40 series.

  • So I guess the idea here is moving the transcode load off of twitch and on to the streamers.

    • Pushing this responsibility to the end user is a feature!

  • Twitch can just match the best quality to the network speed of the endpoint.

  • They paid NVidia or NVidia offered to do it for them for exclusivity?

  • I guess if you keep firing people, then you’re dependent on externals to do it for you and we end up in situations where AV1 is a 40-series exclusive.

  • Twitch is working on experimenting with AV1 support to be powered by multiple client-side encodes.

  • Initially, this will be exclusively available to NVIDIA RTX 40xx GPUs.

  • This will require a special build of OBS from Twitch and you know that business will be Windows only.

  • On top of that it will be doing automatic stream configuration so your stream will look as good as Twitch deems fit.

  • If you have a spare streaming PC and a chonky upload along with a 40 series GPU and a copy of Windows you can play the home game.

  • Doing 3 / 4 encodes will come with a noticeable performance hit no matter what anyone says.

  • Going through all this hassle only gets interesting if Twitch begins delivering AV1 instead of reencoding it to 264.


  • Because the plugin is LGPL, apparently this violates the terms of the unity store.

  • You can just buy the plugin directly from Videolan now

Alpakka Patents

  • Input Labs have filed for a number of patents around their R&D as protection from patent trolls and to hopefully be able to license their research and designs to other companies to make money.

  • They’re quick to point out that the previous GPL and CC licenses still apply and people are still free to do with the controller as they did in the past.

  • I’m down for Input Labs having a lot more money to work with.

  • If they developed a damn good open-source gyro-enabled controller with little to start, I look forward to what they can do with actual money coming in!

Hate Mail:


  • Can I have your old 3080?