Can We Ditch Yellow Paint in Games?

After 5 years of updates, Dead Cells development has ended. Meanwhile, Neverwinter Nights: The Enhanced Edition fixes 20-year-old bugs. A reverse-engineered PC port of Legend of Dragoon goes 4K. The debate continues on whether Xbox handhelds would succeed against the Steam Deck, and finally, we consider why yellow paint should be optional in games.


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00:00 Intro
01:15 Road money
03:58 Bootleg mushrooms
05:08 Pedro goes mainstream
10:38 Remote Play Fest
11:34 COD single player
12:19 Remote Play issues
12:19 Remote Play filter
13:58 Final Dead Cells update
16:49 How long should games receive updates?
18:49 Gang Beast gets a crane
21:30 Gang Beasts at EVO
22:31 Neverwinter fixes 20 yr old bugs
23:38 Dangers of fixing old bugs
26:04 MAGEWELL USB on Linux
26:15 $5 Milkshakes
29:49 Keyboard killer
31:10 EDID cloning
32:45 Heroic 2.13 “Dorry & Broggy”
34:39 Buying GOG games
35:36 Red Launcher MODs
36:50 Severed Chains HD
39:31 Retro 4K polygons
40:46 Microsoft Steam Deck
49:18 XBOX announcement… thing
50:45 Mobile gaming is the future
52:58 Yellow paint in games
01:06:06 Dyncat launching
01:07:00 Sonic version?
01:10:02 Coming to Linux

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • Ahahahahahah!

  • “Please shame these games into adding online multiplayer” fest

  • The “It takes half a second for my character move” fest

  • ITT has Remote Play? Why?

  • A LOT of these games have online co-op coop.

  • These things are not synonymous.

  • When was the last update to Remote Play? Six months ago?

  • I would like an option to filter out games that are listed as multiplayer but only support remote play.

Steam: Game Updates

Final Dead Cells update

  • How long should people reasonably expect updates?

  • 5 years of continuous updates and content is more than reasonable

    • Especially after spending a good amount of time in early access

  • So more drama unfurls

    • Not being educated in the particulars, I assumed that Evil Empire was just a contractor, not an organisation spun out of Motion Twin itself

    • So according to Sebastien, EE was most of the development staff, while MT was the entity that held the rights to the IP

    • Apparently while EE already had more content in the pipeline, MT decided to cut it and move on to the next thing, Windblown.

  • I can see both sides but I can’t imagine Dead Cells is still selling well enough to justify having a dedicated team pushing out updates.

  • Then again, we’re going to be talking about Neverwinter Nights EE that very much did open it to the community for future content

  • There’s room for compromise here

1.21.1 Gangs

  • Crane level! Now with added controls to let you accidentally kill youself instead of your opponents

    • This is a new level feature they’re playing with so we might get some more like this

  • The tentacles can now move properly through the water. Oh no

  • Ten years after the first release.

  • Still working on cleaning up that technical debt.

  • They are expecting 4 builds in the first six months of 2024.

  • They’ve optimised matchmaking.

  • Last we played we had one good matchmaking session followed by naught.

Stable Winter Nights

  • We talked about most of these back when the dev branch was updated to feature this version.

  • There’s a few more now.

  • They removed the decryption for the old, non EE, premium modules.

  • All the current ones follow the same mod standard so they just canned them.

  • Proper OpenGL render- and framebuffer support.

  • Where’s Vulkan?

    • Faerun gets it after the spellplague patch


Magewell USB

  • Professional USB capture dongle.

  • What does that mean?

  • If you’re Magewell, it means $299.

  • For that you get a nifty USB cable and a block of metal.

  • Plug it in and you’re ready to go.

  • The pro part shows up when you install the capture utility.

  • With the utility you can update firmware, crop, lock resolutions, mute audio, adjust sync, and clone EDIDs.

  • Configurations are saved to the card.

  • Need something to nom the output of your upscaler?

  • $60 is a good investment.

  • It kills MS keyboards.

Heroic 2.13 “Dorry & Broggy”

  • Putting in the work to keep things nice and cross-platformy.

  • Now you can actually buy stuff from GOG through heroic and heroic gets a commission

  • No more double input on the steam deck

  • Redlauncher support for even more saucier cybertrucking

  • Lot of Windows and Mac on this one because yes, Heroic is a better client for GOG and Epic than the official ones.

Severed Chains

  • I still have my LoD disks

  • Sony dropped this series like so many babies

  • Quality of life updates include getting rid of the annoying 90s jrpg protagonist. Very nice

  • Cutscene playback is a little choppy and I think the DDR combat is a little out of sync, but it otherwise worked OOTB

  • In 4K you can really count all 12 polygons that make up the main character’s head and hair

  • They did do a good job on the textures.

  • Them’s some crisp backgrounds

Steam Deck @ Home

  • Give it away with a 1-year subscription to Game Pass.

  • Then watch people install SteamOS on it.

  • If the point is to reduce fragmentation, let’s have Microsoft release a native SteamOS version of a Game Pass client or at least one that doesn’t require over 20 steps.

  • To be fair, you don’t need all those steps anymore, but it’s no thanks to Microsoft.

  • WinDecks or Zune II?

  • That Xbox business announcement was a waste of bandwidth.

  • MS noped their branded peripherals last year.

  • A Surface Deck could be in the cards but xbox or PS handhelds are doomed to fail.

  • People want a portable PC gaming machine, not a portable console.

Mmmm paint

  • As someone who loses attention very quickly, I’m generally pro anything that tells me where I need to go and what the fuck I’m doing

  • This is what I get for mentioning this shit on Thursday

  • Much like modding easy mode into dark souls, why not just have mods to take the orange markers out if they bug you that much. Literally nothing else is supposed to be that colour

  • Can we have a toggle? That way it can be on by default and if you think you’re hot shit and don’t need it, you can turn it off.

  • Big lines on cliffs in an undiscovered mountain village.

  • That bugged me about Tomb Raider.

  • Same for Mad Max and Horizon Ginger Turbo.

  • Keep them for accessibility but yeah, I second a on/off or visibility slider.

  • You don’t get lost in games anymore because youtube.

  • Or, if you fkd up your level design to the point of needing these indicators in the first place, leave some clues laying around to point the player in the correct direction.

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