Half-Life Mysteries & Disney Deals

The first Half-Life 3 leak of 2024 has arrived! Orange Pi unveils a Linux-powered x86 Steam Deck competitor, Disney throws a billion-dollar check at Epic, and our top picks from Steam Next Fest.


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00:00 Intro
30:19 Bar chart excitement
02:57 Skull candy
03:29 Audiophile headphones
04:40 Steam Next Fest
07:05 Next Fest picks
12:29 First Half-Life 3 leak of 2024
15:29 Does Valve make games?
17:50 NVIDIA 3050 Fanless
20:52 APUs overtake budget GPUs when?
25:57 Orange Pi Neo handheld
30:25 Microsoft killing XBOX?
34:37 Anyone buying a Switch 2?
36:29 Citlab-CI pipeline for drivers
39:26 DevilutionX 1.5.2 Fedora
42:15 Disney 1.5B Epic Deal
47:07 Apple Vision Pro
50:09 Smelly money

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Top Demos

  • Seems like the mix of dungeon crawlers and extraction shooters is becoming popular.

  • I genuinely don’t understand what it is that’s so compelling about a game that makes the grind its primary purpose.

  • We’re about six months out from the Lethal company clones and we have that to look forward to.

Next Fest Picks

  • Mah pics

  • Duel Corp seems interesting

  • Lonely Space might be really good if focus more on the immersion and less on the sim

  • Yet another Fantasy title looks like Fantasy GTA 2 and I’m kinda into it

  • Dungeonborne looks kinda neat. Hope the combat is a bit more impactful than mythforce

  • Perennial Order looks like it’d be up pedro’s alley

Steam: New Games

HL lobbies

  • “…alleged to combine mechanics from Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, and Dota”

    • Thanks, I hate it!

  • HL MOBA incoming!

  • Valve is clearly working on something, that’s obvious.

  • It will never see the light of day.

  • Yeah, Valve is pretty bad about not pruning stuff for release.

  • Shit gets recycled and repurposed and never renamed cuz who has time for that shit

  • I dunno, I think after so many years of “wen hl3” I’ve kinda just stopped caring. If it happens it happens.

  • I hope its good, but either way I’m not holding my breath


Fanless 3050

  • Rather than fanless, I want that in a low profile sub 2 slot thiccness.

  • DVI, know thy market.

  • $169 for a STFU card that can display 2160p.

  • Been watching some reviews of the new AMD APUs.

  • Were what, 1, 1.5 generations away from basic-bitch discrete GPU performance?

  • That is certainly a cheese shredder

Orange Pi Neo (s31bz)

  • I too did not expect the RasPi competitor to release an x86 gaming handheld.

  • I am curious about that price but I suspect it’s above the nope line for me.

  • Those are some low hanging squareolas

  • Runs an immutable version of manjaro

    • Those of ya’ll might remember Valve recommending it as SteamOS-at-home


  • Oh look, a cross-driver CI solution that isn’t mailing-lists-based.

  • Based on that screenshot they do have a limited number of devices at the moment, but with time and funding hopefully their library will grow

    • And have enough machines for everyone to use at once

  • Also damn you for making me read about gitlab in my off time!

DevilutionX 1.5.2

  • Fixed building from sauce on Fedora.

  • Unfortunately the newer versions seem to not build at all on Haiku.

  • There’s a multiplayer fix as well. No more invalid user data

Disney 1.5B Epic Deal

  • Disney gets more IP in front of more 13-25 year olds.

  • Tencent currently owns 40% of Epic and Sony has another 5%.

  • Disney uses Unreal Engine for their dynamic screens of green.

  • Preemptive strike to prevent a Unity style license change?

  • If you’re after the kids, they are all probably on Fortnite.

  • And after posting losses, I’m sure Epic welcomes the money.

  • Now that they’re starting to lose some of their properties to the public domain, the mouse gotta diversify

  • Historically they haven’t fared too well running their own studios, so farming it out to Epic makes sense

  • Fortnite Disneyland when? de_smallworld

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