Valve’s Deadlock Trademark and 4.5 Slot GPU Madness

Valve trademarks Deadlock, EA removes their terribad launcher, MSI’s 4.5 slot AIO GPU, clips are headed to Steam, and Bungie wins lawsuit against Aimjunkies.


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00:00 Intro
01:02 Tiny little hell box
02:12 Last Discovery episode
03:55 Pedro vs open-source NVIDIA
06:01 Intel Coffee Lake hacked
07:41 AMD naming schemes
09:30 Steam adding clip recording
10:00 YouTube shorts don’t exist
12:24 Deadlock DteamDB page activity
14:40 Valve Deadlock trademark
15:14 Can Valve still innovate?
17:17 Meifumado
17:20 Dangers of bad game names
20:30 Loading screens in hipster-pixel games
21:02 Selaco: That’s DOOM?
23:50 EA removes launcher for Steam Deck
24:57 Why EA removed the launcher
25:58 Sony CEO “buy a Playstation 5”
28:51 A foot category?
29:31 The end of Wildermyth
32:18 4.5 slot drippy GPUs
37:19 Water cooling sucks
39:45 Do you use your PCIe holes?
40:44 The perfect GPU size
41:04 Bungie wins aimbot court case
47:25 Marketing toward old gamers
54:04 35+ FOMO
57:02 The last PC gamer
01:00:39 Cat girls
01:02:45 Tales of Jira

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam clips

  • I’m trying to brain how an always on clip system would be implemented.

    • Gabe is watching you play. Always

    • OBS supports something similar with Replay Buffer by keeping a set length/size in the amount of RAM you define.

  • Memoryram, probably.

  • Will these be tied to steam or can we export them?

  • I get why Steam does not allow us randos to connect with OBS but damn that would be nice.

Thar it is?

  • ~300 folks in game?

  • Are these deliberate leaks to drum up interest?

  • The footage looked net and I did like a bunch of the character designs

  • I’ll try it if it’s free to play.

  • Poor Linux depot being all unused

  • The one thing we do know is something is going to be called Deadlock.

  • Or Valve is applying for trademarks for the hell of it.

  • It would appear Steam is done innovating.

Steam: New Games

Chop Chop

  • The sprite animation is slick as hell

  • It looks good

  • Windows 10 warning, heh.

  • Having a hard time placing this one.

  • It’s SNES graphics with a Mega Drive colour palette.

  • With NEO-GEO level animation.

  • This is a big step up from their first title, Gun Rage.

  • Pretty is only ⅓ the battle.

  • If it controls like arse I’m going to be disappointed.


  • Hey, I remember dicking around with the demo.

  • Looked amazing considering the engine.

  • Ran like poop in some areas.

  • As an appreciator of boom shoots who also liked FEAR I’m probably going to play the shit out of Selaco.

  • Once it’s out out

Steam: Game Updates

Deck Together

  • No more EA launcher means no more EA saves

    • They do give you a completed save file you can import though so that you can access teh chapter select if you beat everything already

  • You still need to link your EA and steam account if you wanna play online.

  • Again, EA doing another random good.

  • Their launcher is terrabad.

  • More baby steps from a massive behemoth

  • Still keeping the PSN-like requirement Sony’s been catching flak for recently, but baby steps anyway.

  • And I will applaud those baby steps even while I snarkily remark that they could do better.

Just say it’s done

  • It’s done. No more DLC, maybe some bug fixes

  • And also potentially porting it to other platforms

  • And also the Translation work is still ongoing

  • Quite the meandering announcement that you’re done working on the game.

  • I suppose it’s better than to just not say anything, like most developers do.

  • By all metrics except ours it was a very good game



  • Is this the future?

  • Have engineers just said fk it?

  • We’re already seeing re-re enforced PCIe holes.

  • How big is too big and where do you draw the line?

  • Three slots, four?

  • I was joking in discord, but maybe we do genuinely need magnum-PCI

RIP Aimjunkies

  • The argument: reverse engineering violates our copyright.

  • Wat?

  • So the copyright act can now be used to clamp down on reverse engineering.

  • If there was ever a time for that shit to be revised, now is it

  • Interesting note, the judge dismissed the idea that Bungie’s anti-cheat monitoring his system illegally accessed information on said system

    • That could set a very dangerous precedent

Capturing the olds

  • This is something publishers need to have a think about.

  • My generation-ish is the first to have grown up with home consoles being omnipresent.

  • When I was 20, a 50 yr old gamer was quite the novelty.

  • Folks with disposable income and fuck all to do

  • I’ve seen a couple elderly relatives go into mental decline and the first thing that always comes to mind is “get them a playstation or some shit”.

  • Gotta keep your brains and hands active to fight off the alzheimers

  • I think the problem with AAA publishers marketing to people who’ve been around longer than them is that they’re less likely to fall for the bullshit FOMO tactics

  • Some will, sure. But the older I get the less I see the point in season passes and cosmetic DLC.

  • The real growth opportunity is a return to making fun games.

  • Nintendo (of all Companies) gets that sh*t and prints money from executing the radically bold and complex formula.

  • Games designed from the ground up to extract $$$ from the player don’t seem to be doing all that well.

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