LinuxGameCast Weekly EP27 — Funky For Ubuntu

Coming up on this LinuxGamecast Weekly. Venn loves the PS4, Jordan races the sun and Pedro seeks Salvation.

Key: Venn Jordan Pedro






Steam News :

How to get flashplayer working in Steam Client on 64-bit Linux

  • Install 32-bit Linux?
  • Bascially how you got flash working in FF back in the day when there was no 64 bit flash.
    • Install 32-bit?
  • Don’t care either way, gitcher flash out of my steam
  • Oh look Dedoimedo, the guy that gave Fuduntu a 10/10 on the first look and a 9/10 after he installed it on his main machine.

Rochard 1.4 Now Available In The Linux Steam Store

  • Runs out of the box
  • Engine updated to Unity 4.0.1
  • Additional content now supported
  • Runs OOTB on F18x64
  • Runs OotB on Fuduntu.i686, screen goes purple when you get an achievement with the Open Source (Gallium3D) AMD driver.

GMod for Linux is like 99% done – FK Garry (in the comments)

  • Gotta watch what you retweet! Besides, that website is playing the “There’s no such thing as bad publicity!” card and apparently it’s working it’s the only article that has seen any comment in the past week. Attention whorium desperatitis still has no cure in sight.

Guns of Icarus Online

  • Ohthisgameissodamncool
  • Runs OOTB
  • Actually pushes my videocard
  • Works OotB
  • At low-ish graphics is playable with the Open Source Galium Drivers (32FPS average in 1on1 combat)
  • Needs to be Playa’ed!


Who else is excited that the PS4 is x86-based?×528/who_else_is_excited_that_the_ps4_is_x86based/

  • I honestly think this will make it stupid easy for devles to create Linux ports.
  • Did you hear Sony Stole some GPLv2 Licensed artwork?

Comparison of Linux Desktops OpenGL Performance

  • Wait… UnityDE has better OGL performance than XFCE? What the hell kind of XFCE did they test on…
    • Aside from that shocker, more or less what was to be expected.

Salvation Prophecy entering testing for Linux

  • Crashed at the start of the second mission. (have to try again and make sure it wasn’t a 1 time thing)
    • It was apparently just a one time thing, and it crashed right after the autosave so I didn’t lose any progress (bonus points for that one)
    • Ditto
  • Had to symlink: ln -s /lib/ /lib/ – Fuduntu 2013.1-i686
    • ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ for fedora 18 64 bit
  • Runs smoothly at max graphics on my laptop.\
  • Looks great on f18
  • Running animations look a bit bland but I’m blaming that on the default Ogre Engine.
  • Zoidberg moonwalk
  • Problems displaying the correct resolution on multi-monitors. (noted by the devel)
  • Not bad for a game developed by one guy.
    • Ok, I take back all my nitpicking… Woa!

“Race the Sun” Linux tech demo now available

  • Again $20,000?!
    • I guess they’re outsourcing the textures.

Is Relics of Annorath working towards kickstarter?,190.0.html

  • Well they at least they have a Linux demo

Games :

FlightGear v2.10 Released

  • Hmm, not only a sim “game” but you have to download the aircrafts and sceneries separately from the main thing… Granted it lets you customize it to fly your dream plane on that one trip you always wanted to take but there could be a basic, ready to run, version with an RV 12 or a Jabiru LSA and a simple transatlantic scenery (it’s just water).
  • Available at
  • Took off and landed a BOEING 777-200ER. Sleep well knowing that.

I’m porting my game Grimind on Linux. Could you check if the demo works?

  • Crashed when I tried to change my resolution (Gallium/Mesa 9.0.2), worked fine otherwise.
    • Same problem on Nvidia 313.18
    • Same on Nvidia 310.0
  • Needs controller support.
  • My girlfriend loves the whole platformer with an eerie atmosphere thing (Bonus points for that)


  • Portuguese sports fans are one of my most loathsome pet peeves and they’re all about soccer… I’mma pass on this one.
  • error: ./football: undefined symbol: TTF_SetFontOutline and yes SDL ttf is installed.
  • Not testing against Ubuntu 12.04 LTS? #doingitwrong

Diablo in my javascript?

  • (Finally, a reason to make use of my Diablo III mouse since I can’t play the game on Linux because I’d risk having my Blizzard account nuked…)
  • Works good, kinda bland, but kudos nonetheless. I’ll take back my kudos if they don’t actually improve it in the future.
  • Clipping issues galore.  Don’t work in firefox, barely works in Chromium
  • I wanna see the finished product though
  • Also multiplayer

Death Inc. Linux demo

  • Works out of the Box on Fuduntu (Gallium3D/Mesa 9.0.2)
  • RTS’s aren’t exactly my cup of tea.
  • Will be sad if it doesn’t get funded though, any kickstarter that actually has a working Linux Demo needs to get funded, period!


Salvation Prophecy Linux port

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