LinuxGameCast Weekly EP39 — Smoking The Steam Pipe

Coming up on this LinuxGamecast Weekly: We tell you were to pick up games on the cheap, G MOD preps for the pipe, Demon Hunters lands on Linux and we explain why porting your game to Flash is doing it WRONG! Then we throw the chairs at Hairy Tales. All this, plus your hate mail.






Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

L4D2 Blog: What’s that Beta thing again?

  • Currently, changes to L4D2 will first appear in the Beta before they appear in the main game.

  • Right now the Beta is the only place you can play L4D2 on Linux natively.

  • While the biggest changes are for Linux, those changes actually have the possibility to impact Mac and Windows players as well

  • There’s a bunch of windows users bitching about it on the community forums.


X3: Albion Prelude (DLC)

  • DLC for X3: Terran Conflict

  • X3: Terran Conflict is a single player, first-person space-based simulator where the player can explore and expand in a constantly changing environment.

  • This is a game for people with loads of free time.

  • Space sims never did strike my fancy.


War for the Overworld Bedrock Launches For Backers

  • War for the Overworld is a god game with elements of RPG and FPS games placing you in control of an evil entity bent on destruction.

  • Pre-order for $22

  • On second look this is Orcs must die on a budget.

  • Linux support “pending”

  • Still don’t like RTSs


Garry Newman (of Garrys Mod) having problems with My First Linux™

  • Caught in a lie, Garry!

  • Seems like a valid bug but it only effects GNOME / Unity.

    • Apparently, it’s caused by a third party driver which Ubuntu devs decided isn’t worth their time. Arrogance on both sides. XD

  • Notch basically said “ಠ_ಠ man up, nancy”


RIOT goes green

  • Can pre-order it for $10 on their website. $20 if you want early (closed beta) access.

    • Might might spend $4.99 but $10?

  • Oh looky! Another hipster pixel game. Well, at least it includes mindless violence.

  • Veeeeeeeeeeen…Come out and plaaaaaaaaaaaay


The Cheapskate’s Corner

  • Weekly list of bundle deals and sales.


ARPG Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Public Beta

  • Fedora 18 rpm installed fine on my dead OS.

  • Had to create an account here:

  • Highest quality graphics looks exactly the same as the low  est.

  • Click click-click-click click ..hordor. The end.

  • Should include an option for download install

  • Installer kept crashing.  while true; do akaneiro-launcher; done

Hairy Tales ported to Linux

  • It’s an android game, through and through We’ll get to that.


Reprisal goes AIRless

  • AIRless means “we’re using Flash”

  • They ‘.zip’ped it!

  • The only way I could “Quit” out of the game, was by killing it (either from the terminal or by using the task manager)

  • Half-arse port but they will blame poor Linux sales on ..something.  


TDM 2.0 testing is underway

  • This will be the first standalone version (no Doom3 needed)

  • Signups are closed but keep an eye out


Verdun open beta

  • They ‘.zip’ped it!

    • Crashes as it’s about to start a match.

    • Nothing like chmod +x before a game.

  • Fails to connect to the auth server and crashes Update: Build 55 from May 16 fixes my issue.

    • Still crashes, only instead of just going to the desktop it now freezes my laptop and I have to drop into a tty and nuke it.

  • Screen resolutions don’t work, son.

    • This!



Scraps Linux port (hopefully) coming soon

  • Asked the devel “Linux beta should arrive within a few months”

  • “Scraps is sort of like building a vehicle in LEGO Racers except that when you build your vehicle, every part actually does something and has mass and aerodynamics, instead of the result being mostly cosmetic. It’s something like Robot Wars, except you drive what you’ve created directly”

  • Pedro want!!!1!


– Nooope

Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Hairy Tales


Devel: Arges Games

Engine: Unity

Price: $4.99


Makes with the working


  • Unity strikes again. OOTB.




 Shiny / Sounds


  • Running in 1080 it looks fine for what it is. Did not have problem adjusting the resolution. The sound is lackluster and repetitive.


  • It looks alright, sounds okay.  I’m not horribly impressed or disappointed.


  • Defaults to 1024×768 and doesn’t give you an option to change the resolution in game, means you have to head to ~/.config/unity3d/Arges Systems/Hairy Tales and edit the prefs file manually.




  • It’s not often a game targeted at mobiles works on the desktop. I find the wireless gerbil more than adequate for navigating my hairy man. Dinging it for the fixed camera angle.


  • Honestly, the control scheme doesn’t do it for me.  Plus it makes my wrist.

  • Agree with Venn, controls work just as well with touch or keyboard/mouse


  • It’s clearly a touch oriented game. Controlling with the mouse works, but it’d be a lot easier to just get around if this was on a tablet.




  • The puzzles start off ridiculously easy. I was tempted to nope out (from boredom) but the challenging stuff eventually showed up.

  • I can dig it for what it is.

  • It’s definitely something you want to brain on every now and them. Sadly, impulse games are better suited for mobile devices.


  • My carpal tunnel addled wrist did not name th is a fun experience for me

  • Will give it that the puzzles can get quite challenging


  • I’m sure it’d be a lot more fun if I was playing it on a tablet.

  • It gets two because it does one thing right, it’s a puzzle game that allows you multiple ways of finishing a puzzle.




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