LinuxGameCast Weekly EP54 — Scooby-Doo Simulator

Coming up on this Linux GameCast Weekly: Metro: Last Light is on the way! Natural Selection 2 emulates Gary Busey’s career. Arcade racing comes to Linux with a vengeance and Green lights ..everywhere. Then we throw the chairs at Gone Home. All this, plus your hate mail.


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

Green lights ..everywhere

  • Legends of Aethereus

  • Gravi

  • Dead Robot

  • Road Redemption

  • Teslagrad

  • 100 titles were greenlight, 44 of which have promised Linux support. Well alrighty then…

  • Always good to see the linux catalogue on steam expand


Metro: Last Light (soon)

  • Sooo in the next four months?

  • Finally an excuse to buy new graphic cards

  • After doing a little research, it seems I may be able to play MLL on my calculator, at least on the lowest settings.

  • The linux gaming community holds their breath


Natural Selection 2 (thank pyguy for the keys)

  • Woo

  • 75% off and play for FREE this weekend

  • Loads slow (20+sec) and nopes out during the tutorial

  • Getting around 47 FPS on the old 560Ti

  • Getting 29-32FPS on my calculator, tutorial crashes and there’s no sound.

  • Runs acceptably on the Fedora boxen


Electronic Super Joy

  • Hardstyle, platforming orgasm simulator?

  • Devel was at fanexpo.  Gameplay seemed interesting, didn’t  check it out


FEZ port still in the works?

  • Flibitijibibo did say on twitter that he was going to keep working on it, I guess Phish didn’t object it when he dropped the mic.

  • Well, it won’t take much to make it better than the Win version.


Distance alpha live for $55 backers

  • Runs OOTB on the Steam box

  • Needs optimizing and additional controler support

  • $15 backers are o_0 and begging to up their pledge

  • Gotta wait for the beta, here.


Tuxing the Rift

  • So… effectively speaking, all we need are proper drivers for the motion sensors and we’re gold?

  • “The wall wart blew up when I first plugged it in.”

  • “hard to work out a sequence that reliably brings up the Oculus.”

    • It is a Display, after all. Plugging everything in with both the Occulus and the PC powered down may just do the trick, hm? (xorg.conf? XD)

  • I just don’t see people wearing sh*t on their head for gaming.

    • I think it lends itself to a particular style of game and game play er.    People who are hardcore dear esther and amnesia players might dig this.


The Corpse Horror Game Beta v2.1

  • “I going to make full version if it get over 1000 downloads and one youtube gameplay video”

  • Well I’m not helping you.

  • 64bit Linux only… Nope!

    • ^ THIS!



Retrobooster demo updated to version 0.7.5

  • I’ve actually played this developer preview version for a little bit, still amazing!

  • Upgraded from SDL 1.2 to SDL 2.0

  • Added anti-aliasing choice to Settings menu

  • Added customizable menu navigation buttons to USB game controllers


CLR Demo

  • Eve Online on a budget?

  • Eve is another spreadsheet simulator that actively rewards you for not playing the game.

  • Everything of interest that happens in Eve makes the news, everything else is simulated corporate bs. A job you have to pay for.

  • This… this is a multiplayer arcade space combat game.

    • Or at least I think it is, because fuck all if I can play it.

  • Yeah, this’uns a bit weird.


Browser based MMO: Ironbane

  • Doesn’t work for me in Chromium.

  • In firefox I can at least see the loading screen.

  • Runs OOTB but it’s a pixel game BLECH!


– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Gone Home


Devel: The Fullbright Company

Engine: Unity

Price: $19.99

Makes with the working





Shiny / Sounds


  • Holy unoptimized bluntman! This thing is full-metal herky-jerk on MAX and HIGH

  • I bring this up since the graphics are meh+ at best.

  • Voice work is top notch for indie.

  • First time I ever told rain to STFU.


  • Holy Choppy Batman!  I wanna take the stairs and not enter bullet time


  • I disabled VSync and Anti-Aliasing , pushed everything else to 11 and the game ran smooth on my calculator. (If Oblivion has taught me anything is that Bloom and AA don’t get along)

  • The sounds are amazing, the atmosphere will suck you in like a $10 hooker.

  • 1.4GB for a 90 minute “game”, those are some High Res textures.




  • It controls well enough but had the gerbil input flip out once or twice while running about maniacally screaming “here’s johnny” while slinging shite around the room putting things down.


  • I too got the input flipout a few times.

  • Slowdown while climbing down stairs are


  • Finally, a Unity game that comes pre-configured with the directional arrows and the mouse sensitivity settings actually work!




  • This game is a real tearjerker. I wanted me a suicided teen up in that basement but nooooo. Happy, fk, mothering, ending. I was in tears ..of rage.

  • If this was a $4.00 title I would give it two chairs.


  • Talk about a lack of payoff

  • All the creepy atmosphere and for nothing?  Bah!


  • It’s a 90 minute movie you play through.

  • Too short and not enough variety for me to give it a better score


Verdict –


  • $20 for a 90min “game” that has zero replay value.

  • This is a short story with bad graphics and very unoptimized.

  • That said, the story was fine. No issue with it.

  • Is it worth $20? No, not even to the Dear Esther fan crowd. This should be priced considerably lower. That said, I did enjoy it but, like Venn, I’d rather have found Samantha’s mangled body than just a frickin’ diary saying she ran away from home.


Now in hard copy


KarBOOM now playable on Linux

  • “The simple controls mean up to 4 players can play on one keyboard. Gamepad support means up to 8 players can play on one computer.”

    • My skepticism is acting up.


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