LinuxGameCast Weekly EP96 — Linux For The Linux Goat

Gordon brings the Goat! XCOM drops on Linux, Leadwerks reveals Steam Workshop integration, and custom fan controls for your NVIDIA cards. Then Monochroma faces our chairquisition! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro



  • The only reasons I could find?  

    • They are using an engine that has no native Linux support.

    • They don’t have access to the source code of the Engine.

    • The developers who made The Playground SDK engine do not exist anymore.

  • You picked an engine with no Linux or MAC support.

  • Sooo It’s either #cashgrab #stupidevels  

  • Sorry you made a poor engine choice bro but you no can has my Linux monies.

  • I ain’t even mad. Already put the popcorn in the microwave.

  • I like how the thread is locked too

  • Because using an engine that works for one platform with little to no work needed, is better than anything made/updated in the past three years that may require a bit of fiddling.

  • If that’s not laziness, I don’t know what is.

  • Also, I’m not sure Chris knows the meaning of the word “ironic”.

Steam News :

Thanks for the fish

  • To be fair, it looks like they unbanned his account.

  • Exposing vulnerabilities is a tricksy subject.   There is all sorts of legal and contractual hoopla that can end up biting you in the ass, despite your best intentions.

    • The Steam EULA specifically prohibits revealing security flaws in a public manner.

  • The moral of the story is never try

  • “I kept telling you to lock the front door! You didn’t listen so I went in and stole all your stuff. – What do you mean I’m under arrest?”

  • What this sounds like is that instead of filing a bug report and waiting like people should, he decided to “make a point” and it bit him in the ass!

  • He may have gotten off easy and had his account reinstated, but I doubt he’ll get a third chance!


Just not their boxen

  • It’ll certainly revolutionize the world of $550 footrests

  • From the company whose first offering runs Windows

  • Alienware, forging relevance from irrelevance. It’s like they’re taking notes from Phil Fish


Leadwerks Game Engine 3.2 Unveils Steam Workshop

  • Supplements existing asset repositories

  • Derrivative works are supported, allowing you to import stuff, modify and republish it

  • Also allows fast tracking of games to the steam store.

    • This is troublesome as it allows you to bypass the approval process.

    • We’ve already seen what kind of bullshit occurs even when an approval process is in place.   Ie: one click exports


Thar beta Goat

  • Beta goat, beta, goat, does whatever a beta goat does.

  • Performance is fine but the whole idea of “looking for bugs” during the beta is kinda HOW?

  • Teleporting between areas causes a hard nope.


XCom: Enemy Unknown – Now for Linux


    • Woo native port

    • Gotta start getting used to sticker shock on linux games.   

      • They contacted us about reviewing the game

      • Already sent them a reply asking for keys.

      • And having  a brain fart, I bought the full pack at full price about 2 hours before it went on sale.   Did someone say “Contest”?

  • Mac and windows versions support 32bit. Linux? “Fuck this shit! This is the futcha! 64bit only!”


Thinking with Time Machine

  • It “works” but fk all idea what I’m doing.


WarThunder MMO 3:32

  • Dem reviews

    • That was the first thing I looked at. They don’t inspire me with a whole lot of confidence

  • Thanks to E-Shep for this’un

    • Sort of like Battlefield 1942, but with a focus on vehicular combat (ie tanks, planes)

  • Cheap as free, but with pricey ass-DLC that allows you to crush your adversaries, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women

    • There’s an expression often used to describe these kinds of games. They call it Pay-to-Win!


Fancy Skulls

  • HTH does “my first Unity game” get Greenlit? This makes Retro Boost look like a work of art.

  • Distinct art style.   Straight from my third grader’s napkin to your eyes!

  • Early access and partial controller support doesn’t bode well

  • Procedurally generated content! Finish that drink boys!


Detective Case and Clown Robot in: Poorly Translated from Portuguese Title

  • 2D Retro hipster pixel point&click adventure game.

  • Made by a pair of Portuguese guys.

    • Pretty sure the English version is going to be the funniest, based solely on the poor translation.

  • Will be available on Steam for the usual 9.99 on July 17th.

    • You can already purchase it through Desura or their website.

  • They spent all their promotional budget on building sized poster:


Nvidia Fan Speed Script for Linux

  • Good for long renders

  • Take the time to adjust the curve to suit your own card and your own preferences about heat and noise levels.



  • Ultima 7 is widely considered to be one of the best PC RPGs ever, so it’d be a shame to see this project go to the dogs

  • In the age of perpetuated nostalgia, I’m surprised they couldn’t find a 30-something dev with a deep love for Ultima 7 yet.


Open RA 20140608

  • Its awl about the engine rewrites this week!

  • Highlights include:

    • Significant UI improvements for selecting mods, the game lobby, replays, and spectating.

    • Dramatic load-time improvements.

    • Aircraft and helicopters can now attack-move, guard, and be guarded by ground units.

    • Various improvements to RA, D2K, TD and Tiberian sun mods

  • Okay, Ultima 7 and Tomb Raider I get! Is there really still a following to justify milking Red Alert’s corpse at this point?



  • Pixilated bazooka bewbs. NTTAWWT

    • Sorry, whuh?….I got distracted

  • You will need the original art assets.

  • Couldn’t find a way to extract the assets from my Saturn CD for the Original Tomb Raider

  • Nory’s probably gonna be using this when we move in together!


– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Monochroma


Devel: Nowhere Studios

Engine: Unity

Price: $19.99

Wazzat: Monochroma is a cinematic puzzle platformer. It’s a game about being a kid, growing up with a little brother that needs your help, facing obstacles, and solving unique puzzles in a dystopian 1950’s setting.

Makes with the working


  • Our base test system had zero issues running Lim …er Monochroma



  • Let’s play a game: Every time anyone mentions LIMBO during this review, take a shot!


Shiny / Sounds


  • I’ve never played LIMBO until this week so Monochroma was looking hella neat.

  • Then Gordon released the Linux port and I was all ….oh, right.


  • Saying this game was heavily inspired by LIMBO would be an understatement.

  • Performance is all over the place /w the 770s.



  • The only real problem I have with how the game looks is how uninspired it looks.

  • It is rather obvious they took a little more than inspiration away from LIMBO.




  • The controls for LIM.. shite, wrong game. Those controls actually work.

  • Controls are hella muddy

  • Can’t rebind shite.

  • Unacceptable in 2014 when we have SDL2. Anything using the SDL2 game controller API WILL NOT HAVE THESE PROBLEMS.


  • Muddier than my ass after taco night



  • No rebind-ability and the fact that instead of Start, I have to push the right bumper (R1) to go to the menu do this game no favors.

  • Movement still has the exact same problem as it did in the Kickstarter demo. Namely the fact that your characters only seem to be affected by physics when they’re ragdolled at death.




  • So many things taken right of of Limbos playbook.

  • The lil bro mechanic might be interesting but /w the iffy controls it only adds unneeded difficulty.


  • This game just doesn’t do anything for me

  • The little brother mechanic just becomes annoying after a while.   I really do not care for his well being.

  • Boring boring boring.


  • There’s a bug on my end: it causes me to be unable to progress beyond the warehouse with all the kids in the cryotubes.

  • Native LIMBO was released this week too. I finished that, all over again, instead!


Final –

Hate Mail:


  • Our new podcast should excite and titillate you!   Linux Real-Estate Cast!

  • BREAKING! This just in. We have a shot of the poster.

  • 47d8de2f58bbfae4b2fd0d7447e082551aa1a7d72b65efab966991cc571f98bc.jpg

    • Um, its pronounced “Fah-jot”

  • But it is kind of a big deal for me! If I don’t tell it to the internet, where will I hope to obtain the same sense of validation?


Goals of Stretch


The Fall Harsh, but perhaps fair :)

  • I really liked the premise of The Fall, it was the execution that left a lot to be desired.

    • As soon as you guys fix your shit I’ll gladly play it all the way through.


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