LinuxGameCast Weekly EP99 — Darksiders On MY Linux?

Darksiders brings the Linux! Epic throws wet stinky, Project Cars makes a deal with the devil, and Hands of Fate teases the Master. Then Three Dead Zed faces our Chairquisition! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Hate Mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Sandy

Steam News :

The Witcher 2 gets a “linux_public_beta”

  • EDIT: Honest Trolling comments will be deleted!

  • They’ve gone into plaid

  • Yes, this is a “beta” for a game that was released as “gold” two months ago.

  • I thought they said something about open betas not being “common”…

  • ioKM_2wf4TTPdXQTplF7XqZfPssURILCwn951S004jvuK2XsietpI1V8vsl5Svdz_oZiEryuJZzsmoR0g75oFXsWAg0Xy49kJ402IIgIEhlV17czS6z2XA_qC9unqeos5w

  • Why even bother calling it a “Open Beta” when it was clearly a wrapped? You fucked up hard.

    • It’s an open beta of their eON tech. Don’t be stupid on purpose.

      • Damnit! He’s eON to me.

  • I like how they’re telling people to disable prelink as opposed to fixing the actual issue.    What if I WANT to use the damn thing

    • At least the fucking thing works now

    • Runs like ass still

Natural Selection 2: Linux devels HALP!

  • Community: That closed source buggy mess is still around?

    • maxresdefault.jpg


Wasteland 2 Devs: “100% of Early Access revenue going back into development”

  • It shows.


Interstellar Marines Linux Maintenance Patch

  • After owning this game for a month I can finally play it.

  • Getting between 24-30 FPS on my outdated 770s

  • About fking time. 22-28 FPS on my 6770



  • Finally! This game is fun as shit

  • Exit the game /w a controlla, I dare ya.


Three Dead Zed

  • Works OOTB /w Xclone

  • Trine /w zombies.



  • I’m not spending $24.99 for early access beta test our shite

    • Thems some Overgrowth prices

      • u1Ix1KT.png

  • I don’t mind FK you price because that’s what the backers payed.

  • I do mind paying retail

  • rabbi2.jpg

  • Magic: The Gathering meets Nethack meets Diablo” – Sydney Morning Herald

    • So you mean MTG meets Nethack

    • Upon playing the game:

      • This is knights of pen and paper with a hack and slash bent.   The game isn’t all that bad.   The combat isn’t all that dynamic, but its a decent foundation to what could be a fun game

  • Makes me want pizza

  • My only beef is that if you set out a release date, Stop setting the Fking release as a Early Access Game.



  • “It’s the closest thing to a proper Sonic game I’ve played since 1994.”  – Warp door

  • All I could think of while watching the trailer was:

  • Oh it’s 9000% Sonic inspired. Even the music.

  • Unoptimized Unity game is unoptimized.

  • Surprise, surprise can’t rebind the controls. Hurray.


Epic Games throws wet stinkies at Blender

  • Good stuff.   Seems like blender is refocusing on game content creation as opposed to their BGE crapola

  • Indeed. I hated seeing resources wasted on that fuster cluck.

  • What be this moon format “FBX”

  • It’s mainly used for interchanging character animations between supported applications like Cinema4D, Maya, UE3/4


340.24 driver is out

  • It’s kinda metal that they’re fixing WINE issues.

    • Someone in the reddit thread pointed out that because wine uses funky OpenGL voodoo, it can expose bugs in their implementation that wouldn’t otherwise be detected

  • Everything else is just baked from the last beta release.



  • Really only affects 8000 series APUs and newer

  • Essentially facilitates sharing of memory between graphics and CPU hardware.   Could potentially be leveraged for better gaming performance as it removes a lot of repeated trivial operations

Humble 2K Bundle

  • I’ll gamble on it.

  • Protip: I don’t gamble.


Nordic Games Darksiders Port

  • Well fuck me where i shit, This better not be as shitty as DeadFall. PLEASE DON’T BE!!

  • But THQ said before they went under was that they were working on bringing games to linux.

  • For those of you who never played it, its a beat-em up in the style of God of War where you play a horseman of the apocalypse

    • Which one? Larry, Curly, Moe or Shemp?

      • Joe you heathen!

  • These are the folks that brought you “Book of Unwritten Tales”

  • They also own the rights to destroy all humans.   A man can dream, can’t he?



  • This worried me at first, but it’s still slated for SteamOS

    • I’m more interested how SMS will optimize gameplay for SteamOS with their Madness engine.  The company claims that they have always optimized the engine for whatever platform add.

    • Long as they don’t go full-metal Skull Girls.


Terminal Overload testing1

  • “LD_LIBRARY_PATH+=. ./overload” is your friend

  • Also when building on fedora, edit Tools/CMake/CMakeFiles/main.dir/link.txt and remove the “:lib” prefixing -llibvorbis -llibtheora -llibogg

    • …my god.  So many undefined references.  I…I just can’t give any more shits

  • Successor to ROTC:E


– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Three Dead Zed


Devel: Gentleman Squid Studio

Engine: Custom Built

Price: Desura: 4.99  Steam: Sale 4.97 normally 5.99 Gameolith:6.40

Wazzat: Take control of an experimental zombie that can transform into three unique and distinct forms. With quick reflexes, a little problem solving, and some rescued kittens, players make a violent exit that won’t be forgotten by their captors.

Makes with the working





Shiny / Sounds


  • I’m a sucker for hand drawn characters / environments

  • Gah the voice work. Devels, spend a few wet stinky on that business.


  • Hand drawn is alright, but its fairly par for the course

  • Looks and sounds like something I might have played on newgrounds back in the day, so no points for that






  • From now on (for me at least) any game that recommends a controller and does not include rebindable controls loses two chairs automatically.

  • Yeah, you had four chair controls but only for the Xclone.


  • This is one of those games that requires some pixel perfect accuracy

  • The controls do not facilitate this\

  • The fucking ladders


  • I just fucking noticed that now….




  • I can already hear it “but Vinnnn you liked Rocket Birds and it’s kinda the same thing”

  • Granted this game is quirky like Rocket Birds but it lacks a little something. A FK mothering story that I’m interested it.

  • You take away what little (also boring) story there is and you end up /w Trine on a budget.

  • If this game has one original gaming mechanic is must be an Easter egg because I can’t FKN find it.


  • The trine mechanic is alright.   Not really a lot of variety between the different zombies, which was what gave trine it’s charm


  • The game is an exercise in frustration, because when you’re off by a pixel you have to restart the whole damn level, and again the controls really don’t offer that kind of precision


  • The fun value is ok but the voice overs really kill the gameplay with horrible acting.


Final –

  • This game is not fun or interesting.

Hate Mail:


  • Donate some money and we’ll gladly spring for the account




Linux Slender

  • D-did you just complain that a two year old how-to no longer works? Wow.




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