LinuxGameCast Weekly EP105 – Magical Linux Faeries

Dead Island makes with the downloading! Unity goes open sauce, Wasteland 2 is almost ready, and Distance can’t Alpha, Bro. Then Blinding Dark faces our Chairquisition! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Hate Mail


AMAZON clicky things are BACK!

Steam News :

Dead island makes /w the download

  • Also makes /w the not launching

  • VP made the MAC port *shudder*

  • “encrypted binary” is a BAD sign

    • That just means you need a password to access that particular depot in order to get the binary.

      • Should have said directory structure

    • But I’m not very confident either.

  • I’m not buying the fkr until I know it’s a native port. That’s a sad thing to say in 2014.

  • Even if it is another VP eON BS thing, I take solace in knowing I didn’t pay for the game.

VAAPI on Linux and SteamOS (Beta)

  • It’s like VDPAU for Intel graphic chipsets

  • Makes those old Asus Eee netbooks viable Streaming clients.

    • Now they need to get off their ass and fix Linux hosting!

      • Linux game hosting works great.  I think you mean linux streaming sources

  • Also opens up some interesting doors for budget steamboxen


  • *Patiently waits for PE and Torment*

  • Finally! I can start playing it, now.

  • These guys made /w the keys forever ago. Good on them.


  • It features a  #YOLO Challenge.  Make of that what you will

  • Rocketjump…THE GAME

Look who showed up

  • I got a whole bag of nope with their name on it!


  • Not a fan of greenlight but hey, it’s open source.

  • Well, the engine is open source.

  • Can’t wait for SuperTuxCart and Liero to get a steam release!

    • Though now that I think about it, 0ad Could theoretically benefit from a steam release

Hat simulator

  • Hat stacking game from The Men Who Wear Many Hats

    • Tooting one’s own bagpipe with a dash of ego stroking!


Distance finally makes /w the beta!

Open Unity

  • When asked for comment Epic was quoted as saying “That’s adorable”

  • Bit bucket?   Why…

    • bronies.jpg

      • 37221595.jpg

    • And Mercurial… because GitHub and SVN are just too mainstream!

So that EON thing didn’t work

  • Really?  Releasing a busted-ass port didn’t get the warm and welcoming reaction from the fans you expected?   Even when you tried to shift the blame on them?    1

  • “We are focusing on PC, XBox One and PS4” – because neither Mac nor Linux run on PCs. *slowclap*

Because AMD

  • More likely they want people hacking on Nouveau

  • Performance parity between the OpenSauce and Proprietary drivers on Linux would be awesome!

    • Probably won’t happen for NVidia in our lifetime, but it is very much a possibility for AMD and the r600 branch to reach it in the coming months.

    • Now I just wish Fedora didn’t have some retrograde policies when it comes to updating Mesa in the repos.

  • They want folks with kernel, X, Wayland and Mesa experience.   If you have those and a desire to move to Baahsten, this might be your bag

Will it game

  • I loathe the Blender game engine but if it gets people interested, good.

  • I remember building entire cities and their environs on the NwN Aurora Toolset when I was 16.

    • Do you know how I did that? The Aurora toolset is piss easy to use and build things in.

    • Nowadays you have to compete against the carcinogen that is the Unity Editor’s ease of use. A tutorial won’t cut it.

A Rite from the Stars (From Jose, character designer and animator)

  • The demo seems to work, even if I have fuck all idea of what I’m doing.

  • There are some graphical glitches with the lighting and shadows.

A Very Important Announcement For You

  • I was going to let this slide until

  • “he’s also exposed to a lot of hatred or comments he might interpret as being hateful”

  • Really, the guy who actively attacked / talked shite about any site he viewed as compitiion?

  • The guy who would go on a rant and delete all his replies on Linux_Gaming?

  • Though I guess now’s as good a time as any to remind you folks that LGC is looking for staff writers.

  • Amazing how he immediately chickens out on the whole thing in the comments.


    • Real+Depression+Vs.+An+Attention+Whore_8ce465_4549547.jpg

    • I left of my own volition, he stayed around long enough to get banned! *slowclap*

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Blinding Dark


Devel: Games Hut

Engine: Unity

Price: $/€ 9.99

Wazzat: “Blinding Dark is a First Person Adventure horror game. Complete puzzles, collect items and power-ups, fight enemies and do your best to manage the very thin resources you have at your disposal to uncover terrible secrets.”

Makes with the working


  • I’ve unlocked 15/18 achievements in 12min.

  • Might want to sort that time tracking.

  • Does not work in offline mode


  • Busted my multimonitor setup.  New rule, every time I need to open up the prefs file in a unity game to fix this resolution issue, minus two chairs.   Its 2014 guys

  • Sound is busted on first run


  • Oh look, it attempted to fullscreen into both my monitors!

    • Haven’t seen that happen with a Unity game since last week.

  • Pushing CTRL or SHIFT makes the game glitch out so bad I end up on the non-navmeshed part of the map

    • Which, since they force you to duck to progress at one point, means I couldn’t get beyond the first level.

  • Friday’s update fixed none of the really pressing issues.


Shiny / Sounds


  • Look down, you’re hover dancing.

  • Surprised Frictional hasn’t lawyered up about that shot-for-shot Amnesia opening.

  • It’s not bad looking (considering Unity) but again, Amnesia.


  • Like most shit unity games, sound is busted on the first run

  • Lighting in this game is completely fucked.   If you turn around, there will be a full second delay before the lighting re-adjusts.    Makes the room look very trippy

  • Also, some squares won’t even be light.   Really harms your suspension of disbelief

  • The Sonic palette leaves much to be desired


  • I like how if you look at a movable object in a certain angle the camera immediately makes it look like your character inhaled a bunch of cocaine.

  • They solved the “old and stiff character” by making more “active”

    • What that means is that now, if you look down, you’ll see your character floating around like a light breeze keeps waving him around.




  • Gerbil sensitivity was hella high but workable /w the hardware adjusty buttons.


  • What venn said


  • Mouse sensitivity is all over the place and you’re not given an option to lower it.

  • In fact, you’re not given any options to change ANYTHING when it comes to controls.

    • Which, in turn, means that since I play with the directional arrow keys, I could only move forwards and backwards.

  • The update did introduce rebindable controls, 1 chair.




  • Remember how I mentioned the hover legs? Well, that was the first thing I noticed and in a horror game you should not have

  • f5338954bd3768548f71ccc742153385cd2deecb74067fe93d1356a0c9bba6dd.jpg

  • running around in your brain organ the entire time.


  • This game really, really struggles to make me give a shit about anything that’s happening

  • The atmosphere is shit

  • When I ran into the first ghost, I wasn’t scared.   My first thought was “where the fuck is my proton pack”


  • Well, most of the points I could make to justify the score I’m giving this game have already been made by these two lovely pieces of man-meat

  • But I will still add a little something extra:

    • It’s quite obvious they copy-pasted some features of the Penumbra engine (given that it was open sauced and all that). Unfortunately, they failed miserably in their implementation.


Final –

Hate Mail:


Fire your PR guy


  • D-does Google Translate have a setting for 12yr olds?


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