LinuxGameCast Weekly EP137 – Christal Blue

Star Citizen is confirmed! Humble releases a Bundle, Shadow Warrior delivers the Wang, and we talk about grass? Then Son of Nor faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Hate Mail

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Shadow Warrior

  • This thing runs like butta
  • So, I have made it a habit to nope the bunnies when they make /w the sexy time.
  • This habit was broken when one turned black (racist) then metal music kicked in and the FKR damn near killed me.
  • The fucker opened with Stan Bush’s “The touch”.    Basically had to rock out to the intro.  3 Chairs on sounds
    • *Megatron nods knowingly*
      • Now you, who are without mercy, now plead for it? I thought you were made of sterner stuff.
  • I’m into it.
  • Looks like a proper FPS in the style of Painkiller, but it would seem Flying Wild Hog actually care about their Linux port.


NOPE …the game

  • This reminds me of Dread Out minus the Asians
    • I am trying to build up some testicles to play it.
    • The game looks great, I am looking forward to playing.
  • I would like another proper survival horror game on Linux.
    • Amnesia: The Dark Descent is getting real old, real fast!
      • Looking forward to SOMA
  • This is one of those games from the Doom3 school of Horror.
    • Jump scares! Jump scares, everywhere!
    • Yup, fast jerky movement, soundtrack crescendos.  
  • Oh Hey, this dude is listening to Hamilton’s Best Rock, 107.9!


Alpha 11 Annihilation

  • Oh, they are using Unity 5? I’ll take the Pepsi challenge.
  • Welp, it generates worlds 100% faster but the the performance is still FSM awful.
  • It does look shinier and instead of 18FPS, I’m getting around 40 now.
    • Progress!
  • Runs like complete ass for me.  
    • Same .


Ass Stimulator

  • Oh!   An april fools game trying to be like goat simulator.   How original
  • Honestly, it looks like a huge waste of time.   At least Boat Stimulator played it straight and release a full fucking game based off their shitty premise.   And that got 3 chairs.
  • You don’t even get to experience being a blade of grass.  Talk about false advertisement


Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II 3.1

  • Yet Another Source Engine Deathmatch game.
    • I wonder if the dev team knows that “Vikings” are scandinavian “Pirates” of a different time period.
      • I wonder if the dev team knows that knights were just fat nobles who were given plots of land and serfs.
        • Why not make a Team fortress style mod about Liberals vs Conservatives vs skinny jean Hipsters?
  • This is an 8 jigawatt download


Son of Nor

  • Stick around for the chairs!
  • Play as the wizard from trine in a melodramatic generic fantasy world where you are jesus.
    • Not just any Jesus, but the baby Jesus. That lil fella is so cute.


Joe’s Poltergeist

  • Watched Jim Sterling play this game and was highly disappointed.+
  • So it’s a game where you take abuse as a waiter by decrepit old people.   Huh.   If I wanted to experience that, I’d apply for a job at the local Denny’s
    • YOU don’t say that aboot Denny’s! I smell game of the year here.


Early Access no longer

  • It’s definitely a proper Army Men type game.
  • They sent us a Desura key, long ago!


Back Catalog Dump #3241

  • Someone used their ill-gotten Steam funds to buy the old MicroProse IPs.
  • Well, I guess it’s good they keep releasing their crap on to linux.  I’m not sure they got the hint that nobody is buying these games


Humble (worth a damn) Bundle 14

  • Shadow Warrior and Outlast?
  • Usually, we would be happy with some freeze-dried Taster’s Choice right, but Humble springs this serious GOURMET shit on us! What flavor is this?
  • It’s been a long time since a Humble Bundle made me shout “InstaBuy!” at the top of my lungs.
    • Nory was confused!
  • Given how awesome the Shadow Warrior linux port is, I’d say it’s worth forking out $10 to the hoombles


Takedown in 3.. 2..

  • Considering the devel knew FK all about Linux (zip file) I’m optimistic about Unity 5.
  • Seriously, the controller worked OOTB.
  • Well, it is just a proof-of-concept type thing for his character movement/collision engine.
    • That said, Nintendo is not the open-minded kind of company when it comes to their IP.
  • BANG!
    • Spot on, sir.
    • Says on the website that he ripped some textures from other mario games.    What did he expect?
  • The NVidia controller worked, after I told xinput to stop listening to it.


Don’t CRY 8:05 time index

  • So basically all those rumblings about cryengine supporting linux turned out to be crap.  According to this guy, the openGL renderer never worked properly. WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE?   WHY DID YOU ADVERTISE THIS THEN?
    • You could say the same thing with a number of developers as well. *Cough*Skullgirls*Cough*
  • Well Crytek was nearly bankrupt so I’m not hella shocked.
  • If you’re wondering, OpenGL Next =’s Vulcan.  
    • I’m concerned this will become another “I’ll switch fully when X comes to linux” scenario.     Oh, “we’ll support it when Vulkan becomes a thing”.
    • And when Vulcan is a thing they will say something along the lines of “we’re too heavily invested /w DX12 to redo our render”
      • Then switch to Vulkan. Wow that was easy.I’m sorry this is really bothering me with Devs now you finally have a new API that really is cross-platform and allows working with OpenGL much easier and yet you have devs who still want that free money hand out from M$ to use DX12. Valve has at least shown working game footage of Vulkan in action. M$ shows a slideshow with no proof to their claims and pays off devs to use their bloated API again.
        • That’s the thing though, none of the these new graphics apis don’t actually make anything easier.   That’s what being “Closer to the metal” means.
          • Vulkan is supposed to maximise OpenGL’s ability on gpu’s and upgrade it’s api for next gen devs
        • And Devs are slow moving mammals who don’t like change.
          • you mean conservatives / republicans. Now it all makes sense *begins talking to wall*.


WHAR my credit!??11??

  • Long story short, there is apparently a lot of confusion as to what is a monogame game vs what is an FNA Game.    There’s also the impression that Flibit and the monogame guys hate each other.
    • In fact, they love each other.  Every friday and wednesday in a bathtub filled with water and rose petals and body gunk from multiple people having sexy times.   And we watch.
  • Also, the requirements for a windows box still exists.  As he says
    • “while the pipeline as a whole stands alone, some of the components used do not. 2MGFX still requires a Windows host to run, as GLSL shaders require the use of MojoShader’s D3D shader binary parsing”


Godot 1.1

  • One of the coolest open source game engines out there now has a cool new dark theme
  • Zomg they fixed autocomplete!  Now I don’t even have to program!
  • They’ve also completely overhauled their 2D support and added a number of improvements
  • Keep in mind, this is only the beta.   They expect to have the finished version out by end of april


WINE 1.7.40

  •  Support for kernel job objects.
  • Various fixes to the ListView control.
  • Better support for OOB data in Windows Sockets.
  • Support for DIB images in the OLE data cache.
  • Improved support for MSI patches.
  •  Some fixes for ACL file permissions.
  •  Various bug fixes.
    • I have two WINE games currently installed and I’m wondering more and more whether or not they’re worth the HD space.


CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Son of Nor
Devel: stillalive studios
Engine: Unity
Price: $/€ 19.99

Wazzat: The World is Your Weapon in Son of Nor, a third-person action-adventure! Alter the environment with your terraforming abilities, use telekinetic powers to bend the dynamic surroundings to your will and cast powerful elemental spells that can be combined to wreak havoc on your enemies!

Makes with the working



  • Gotta love those 15fps cutscenes
  • Oh man, it even ran like ass on the 980 1K or 4K.


  • 15 FerPS, at night, nothing happening on screen other than me holding the chest, and ¼ of the screen is skybox.
  • Fuck Unity!
  • Can’t give it 1 chair because 1 chair means it doesn’t even start.


  • AMD gpu HAHAHAHA nope. game will crash every time you select a level on both open source and the Omega Drivers.
  • Nvidia? 7-9 FPS on GTX660 using 346.47 driver branch.
  • We are how many years of Unity3D working on Linux and Mac now?  


Shiny / Sounds


  • Really, I noted the XClone buttons on the screen and had a go.
  • Less than a minute later it was clear only three buttons were usable.
  • Dear FSM is the animation rigging horrid.
  • It genuinely drives home the sense of an animated GIF repeating while the landscape moves beneath you.
  • I guess it had sounds but it’s hard to listen when your brain-organ is at full-tilt screaming “HOW could you lot release a game with performance that can only be described as atrocious!”


  • Yup, stock unity assets all over the place
  • And compounded with the running like ass, the games looks aren’t doing it any favours
  • Your voice actors really aren’t buying the script you’re giving them
  • I do like the 9/11 allegory though
  • I think I broke something


  • Characters look and move like they’re fresh out of 2003.
    • Guild Wars, Jedi Knight, you name it.
  • Voice acting is … cringe-worthy?
    • Some characters sound louder than others.
    • The man who voices the headmaster type guy sounds as though he phoned it in.
      • From several different rooms, judging by the acoustics.


  • I was saying the exact same thing as Pedro when I played. I was waiting to bust out my double-ended lightsaber and duel it out. Jedi academy released September 17, 2003 , it looks like it could still give you a run for your money in both looks and sound. With the amount of time on development of the game optimization on all the platforms you intended to sell it to, this should have been a priority.




  • It’s a my first Unity game so some of the buttons are mapped.
  • You can’t even quit this game properly.
  • Click “quit” with the gerbil and FK you that’s why. You end up navigating /w the arrow keys  ..or slamming the NOPE Alt+F4 button/macro which on my system is the Windows key.
  • New rule: If you show me a controler-organ ON THE FUCKING SCREEN it better FSM damn work. Automajic one chair.
  • But Viiiiin, you can remap them!
  • Well voice inside my head that sounds frighteningly like Liz. All they did was shove the moon-glyph Unity 4 controller remap hack screen of FK all nope in-game.
  • That don’t count, marm.


  • The controls remind me of the wizard from trine


  • Oh look, Unity!
  • Have a mouse with more than 3 buttons? Well fuck you, then!


  • Piss poor work towards the controller, This goes for ALL UNITY DEVs. PROPERLY MAP YOUR CONTROLLERS. SDL2 USE IT.
  • I get it I can play this game Emotive EPOC. But that is not excuse for shitty controls throughout the menu and gameplay.




  • This looks (and performs) like an extremely early alpha.
  • You have all the proto-bits needed for a good game but this is severely undercooked.
  • Only Gagh should be served raw and this sir, is no Gagh.
  • Honestly I expected a bit more from a $151,175 Kickstarter.
  • I have 33 minutes logged in-game and that’s a FSM damned miracle.
  • All of those minutes have been at a torturous sub 30 FERPS.
  • It’s impossible for me to tell if Son of Nor possesses enjoyable bits since it’s un-FKN-playable.
  • I was going to say you lot should have put this business on Early Access and worked on it a bit more BUT YOU FKN DID, BRAD, and this, this is the best you could come up with?
  • $19.99 ladies and gentlemen, and on that bombshell goodnight! …in the world


  • This game has a severe case of Ohmygodidontfuckingcare
  • It’s nice that they developed their world and all, but boring exposition is still boring exposition
  • This game reminds me of several minor mechanics from other games smashed together, like play-dough


  • There’s an amazing game in here somewhere.
  • Unfortunately, it’s buried by slow ass loading times, shitty FerPS, lacking proper controls, graphics looking like they’re from 12 years ago and needing the Large Hadron Collider to be able to run at anything other than calculator performance.
  • Seriously, it reminds me of playing games on the Calculator!


  • Aside the horrid graphics memory leakage on AMD Gpu’s that cause the game to crash and extremely low FPS.
  • The piss poor Control mapping for the menu and game itself.
  • The blatant Jedi Academy animation and music rip offs.
  • non-challenging puzzles.
  • terrible load times.
  • Bad voice acting.
  • The generic story has lots of potential.  


Final –CHAIR

 Hate Mail

Unusually Attractive

  • Nah, she is a keeper. All you need to do is look like jordan , smell like Jordan and moan like Jordan in bed and then and only then you know she will be loyal. Unless Jordan comes over, then you’re up shit’s creek.
    • Jordan killed my mother and raped my father.


  • Hey man, if you make with the card, I’ll use it for the show.
  • Want to spot a filthy dual-booting heathen? Ask them if they have a high-end AMD card.


No Drugs

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  1. sad shit for me is that I have 2 games in the humble bundle but your cast convinced me to pull it out for Shadow Warrior. Thanks bros. it was a good one this time.

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