LinuxGameCast Weekly EP168 – Death Procession

Trine 3 exits beta! Rocket League is almost here, WINE gets a pulse, and Epic releases another PC shooter. Then Renowned Explorers: International Society faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

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Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Moment of NEN

  • Shipping /w SteamOS #bonussoda
  • Decent specs for a console.   Price is what you’d expect for this hardware.   Still think it’ll be a hard pill to swallow for the console folks, but that just might be the jew in me talking
  • The form-factor is introducing a hell of a premium in this one.
  • I still think the Alienware one is going to be the “console”.


  • From Herr Volunteer in ze thread:
    • So it’s ready and it ships with the SteamOS launch. – Cybik
      • Sounds about right.
  • Sent them an email inquiring about the person behind the port and if we could possibly get in earlier, they didn’t reply.


Nerd Deathmatch

  • Yay.  More UE4 games begin to trickle down the pipe
  • So it’s Magic The Gathering BattleGrounds without the stupid ass mechanics?
    • I could get behind that!
    • That is exactly what this reminded me of.
  • I actually think this is the first game I’ve seen on steam that recommends a version of mesa.   Oh wait…

FTL by any other name

  • Less random stuff, when compared to FTL.
  • Also, not in space!
  • FTL’s primary game inspiration is the hexcrawl.   It’s nice to see some other games using this formula, because it’s super replayable.
  • Check out the comprehensive system requirements on brad
  • And it ain’t FTL, that’s for sure.

And Trine we shall… in time!

  • Juuuuuuuuust need to get past that second one.   Again.
  • My first experience was having the W key lock (after being pressed) causing the Knight to run off the edge of the world.
  • Venn and I spent about 20 minutes with the multiplayer.   Oh god the depth perception
  • This will bring a whole new dimension to our Trine Again series.
  • Unfortunately that “dimension” will be who rage-quits first.
  • 3D issues aside, it runs at 60< FerPS on the 970 with eveyrthing on 11@1080p.


Crimson Red

  • Lord Marshall Commander Thunder Dick (Orn), poking the proverbial bear:
    • Still won’t run without them GIMP help files
    • Also I’m still for calling him the Dock Master
  • Driver control software is nice and all, but how about we get those drivers in a workable state before handing people the reigns.
  • I had to look this one up!   SPORTS REFERENCES!
  • It’s using QT so i’m curious what fuckery they will come up with for not having it on the Linux.

UnitZ all the things!/sale?

  • 22 Dollars for google analytics?  What a steal!  I’ll take 12!
  • I can smell the shovelware coming down the pipe…


  • Will this affect the Mad Max SteamOS port? Doubtful.
  • This is common practice for small studios transitioning between projects.
  • Other studios could learn a thing or fifteen from them.

Can you say DLC?

  • Didn’t you motherfuckers need $150,000 to develope ONE additional character for Skullgirls?
  • 1.5MIL is a hard sell when games like Dust: An Elysian Tail, Distance, and Axiom Verge were created for a fraction of that.  
  • Yes, making games costs more than people realize but 3.5M requires a willing suspension of disbelief.
  • I fully believe it will cost Lab-0 that much to produce this title. If you know that I’m saying.
  • All said, I hope they make their goal since we would never wish ill on a game studio… other than Stainless Games.  


  • This was sort of brought up when we talked about the latest Uningine update.   Lots of companies use game development tools for simulations
  • Specifically, the part about car models and VR could indicate some form of early product testing based on prototype designs
  • That being said, if you take this job, prepare for less money and lots more work.


  • I’d like to see epic put out a non-shooter game with UE4.   Storm United and Unreal Tournament already have the FPS angle covered.   How about an RPG?   Or an action game?
  • Also, unity should totally release their own competing FPS called renegade.

Can you hear it WINE?

  • It only took them what, 6 years?
  • In all fairness ALSA works.
  • Pulse is a janky mess but has better support for… well, everything.
  • Did I mention Pavucontrol? That puts Windows to shame, son.
    • Oh god it does.  What sick twisted moon-universe do we live in!?

OZON is dead, long live Korora Gaming Edition?

  • So the devs behind Numix and the short lived Ozon OS (for once I had nothing to do with their demise) have decided to join the Korora Team.
  • Now, I’ve been using Korora since Korora 19 came out.
  • It never really needed a “Gaming edition” for me to do my gaming on it.
  • Still, I am curious to see what it is that sets the gaming edition apart from the regular Korora releases, assuming it comes to fruition… and whether or not I can keep justifying the delay between versions compared to Fedora.

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Renowned Explorers
Devel: Abbey Games
Engine: AbbeyCore
Price: USD$/€UR 19.99 / CDN$ 21.99

Wazzat: Ever wanted to lead legendary treasure hunts into pyramids and exotic jungles? Then pick your team out of 20 unique characters and choose your destination in a 19th century world. Seduce giant gorillas, humiliate cultists or choose to fight. You decide on every step of your adventures!

Mandatory US Disclosure: The devs sent us keys.
Mandatory EU Disclosure: Not affiliated with Super Adventure Club Inc.

Makes with the working


  • LIES!11!
  • ^Ya see that? Yeah, It’s wrong.
  • It launched at 4K when I was in 1080 so I switch to 4K and set the res to 1080 (because recording) changed back and it launched right back in 2160.
  • So then I said FK IT! and changed back to 2160 just to play the damn game.
  • Yeah, no dice.
  • Menus were borked and I could not select my crew.
  • Step 1: Dig around in the forums for an unpinned post BY THE DEVELS about how to fix a known issue only to find out the information is incorrect.
  • Step 2: Use your common sense-organ and locate the *.ini file and sort the FKR.




Shiny / Sounds


  • It’s got a fun little artstyle going on.
  • Flat, yet colourful animations can be found behind the walls of text.


  • It’s really, really hard to screw a game up graphically.   
  • All the characters are lovely little stereotypes


  • Background music wasn’t all that compelling.
  • Had to disable the Steam Overlay otherwise the combat scenes would be blurry.
    • How are those two related? Fuck me if I know, apparently it happens in certain configurations for both Linux and Mac.
  • The art style is great and each character is easily identified by his/her general “shape”.
    • It’s like Jordan hinted at with the stereotypes.
  • Unfortunately, I did run into that blur issue that they themselves are aware of.




  • Middle-click middle sticks.
  • Oh, you can right-click out of it but it will end up costing you a move.
  • I could move the map by dragging the cursor about but remember that little problem about how it only runs is a window?  


  • The game is a bit unforgiving when you make an illegal move sometimes.   It’ll just nope your characters actions for that turn.


  • When you click on things, things react as though they were clicked on.
  • I wish this game was on Android.
  • And judging by all the big buttons and the way the UI is laid out, I’d say Abbey Games do too!




  • So 4X TBS choose your own adventure… the game?
  • In all fairness the TBS fighting was so simple even a Venn could do it.
  • Replayability my ass-organ!
  • Outside of character selection it’s SSDD.
  • I guess I’m not “in tune” with this particular style of game but all three of my adventures seemed the FKN same.
  • Combat system is simple enough, consisting of a health weiner + what can only be described as the touchy feely bar of TEARS!  
  • And just for fun, any power deemed useful requires a 4 turn cooldown.
  • I can see the logic in that but it’s hella annoying when you burn an attack only to have the game go “surprise extra enemies motherfucker!”
  • Also, is there a way to disable the “you have run out of supplies” screen of click twice to go away after every move? That shite made babby FSM cry.
  • At the end of the day this comes across as a wall of text simulator with brief moments of TB fighting with questionable replayability.


  • This reminds me more of a board game than it does a PC game
  • I do like me some hexcrawl though.   Probably the closest thing we’ll get to a game adaptation of Isle of Dread
  • The combat system is…interesting.  It takes a little bit to get the hang of it
  • The game is super short though.   Once I was getting into it, it kind of just ended
  • there’s not much variations between repeated playthroughs though


  • I like it.
  • But, as Manuel Kerssemakers pointed out in the email where he sent us the keys, this is a roguelite.
  • The kind of game you’re supposed to play through several times and make different choices, get different events and so on.
  • Similar to FTL.
  • Thing is, when I finished the game the first time through, I didn’t feel like playing anymore of it.
  • I felt like I had had a very satisfactory experience and saw no reason to play it again.
  • That’s bad for a roguelite.
  • Especially if people can finish it once in under two hours. Which I did.
  • At that point you leave yourself open to the refund.
  • It’s a very fun roguelite but I can’t give it 4 chairs if I’m satisfied by playing it through once.



Hate Mail:


  • YouTube just forced us into a new agreement. SD, HD and MP3 versions are available on our site
  • Don’t mention quality!  He’ll just be disappointed when he finds out there is none!
  • Did I mention the vetting process I endured to become a Tube Partner?
  • That lasted about 20sec and they let everyone in and cut revenue 40%
  • What I’m saying is this. I don’t FKN trust them.


  • Confirmed!

Too Damn High

  • There are actually some interesting performance gains you can get with an IGP, but that’s not what’s being asked here
  • Yeah, specs on some of the games on steam are entirely ridiculous for the gameplay they offer.   But then again, these days devs rarely focus on optimization.   Gotta ship bruh.
  • On my work calculator which has an Intel i3 4030U and an HD 4400 I can still run a bunch of games. It’s just those that require OpenGL 4.X that won’t even start.
    • At lowest settings, I could play Dead Island at around 30 FerPS on it.
  • I also have the netbook which has a single core AMD APU and as long as games don’t rely on the processor too heavily, I can still get some going.
    • Hell, Lego Minifigures Online ran at constant 35FerPS with the bells and whistles disabled.

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