LinuxGameCast Weekly EP56 — Kill Lazers And Death Holes

We announce the winnars of the Away of GIVE #6! Valve blows our brain organs with Family Sharing, Natural Selection 2 does basic maths, and iRacing’ Simulator drinks the WINE. Then we throw the chairs at Mark of the Ninja. All this, plus your hate mail.


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Steam stopped working after last update. I’m the only one ?

  • Remove ~/.steam/steam/appcache/appinfo.vdf

Away of GIVE #6 – Assault Android Cactus (Early Access) WINNARS

You guys pick one each.

  • Gustavo

  • Kloinka

    • Because Blackadder

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News :

Steam Family Sharing (credit Michael Abernathy)

  • This will help when we only have one key.


NS2 32-bit

  • Moral of this story, don’t use windows!

  • If this was listed as 64-bit only this shitestorm would have been avioded.

  • At the end of the day you guys released a busted-ass game.

  • I’m not a huge fan of paying full price for a beta in RTM clothing

  • Quit hiding behind “but we’re just a small indie devel team” excuse. Test, yo, shite!


Hotline Miami update

  • No moar beta! Wooop wooop!

  • I get the game but it’s been done before ..and better.


Hrmmble Bumble 9

  • $5 and 0 humble tip. Sounds reasonable.

  • DRM-Free Mark of the Ninja comes in a .zip

  • Eets Munchies on Steam complains about an invalid path.

    • They fixed it now.

  • Low Linux sales because old games minus MOTN and FEZ

  • Yaknow, historically humble has only used games with already released linux ports for extra bonus crap.   What the hell fried chicken!


America’s Army 2.5 Assist Suffers A Major Malfunction

  • “Damn I’m tired of all these hackers!” – thought the admin -”I’m gonna make it so our anti-cheat scours people’s hard-drives to try and find hacks!”

    • It’s like the setup to a bad joke. Or it would be, if EA wasn’t doing it already with Origin.

  • Either this goes open source or it’s dead.

  • Nobody will trust a binary blob from these fkrs


OpenMW 0.26.0 Released

  • Implemented Melee Combat

  • Implemented Lycanthropy

  • Implemented auto-initialization of AI Packages

  • Implemented Data File installation in the Launcher (Mac and Linux only)

  • Fixed already-dead NPCs not equipping clothing/items

  • Fixed naked Dark Brotherhood assassins – Because LOL!

    • Thats not a bug!   Thats a feature!


0 A.D. Development Report #13 (lobby)

  • BIG news and WTH did this take so long?

  • Ohei, multiplayer.

  • I don’t like RTSs so much, but I loved playing Age of Empires 2 Multiplayer back in the day. Maybe 0AD will rekindle that particular flame.


‘iRacing’ Simulator Readies Linux Release With WINE

  • BURN THEM!!11!

  • Whoever came up with the idea needs to

    • Get a potato

    • Wrap the potato in foil

    • Put the potato in their pocket

    • DIAF

  • This way I can have a baked potato afterwards.

  • “…iRacing for Linux appears to rely on WINE. While they’ve made things easy by bundling everything up neatly into one single .Deb installer…”

    • Doin’ it WRONG x 2!

  • We really need to rally around this.    Spam them with wine haet!   Send a clear message to developers that we won’t tolerate wine porting


Sophie Houlden pulls A Rose in Time from the OUYA Marketplace

  • Sooo she figured out people who never ran a company have fk all idea how to run a company? Gotcha.

    • My honest first thought:  Ouya is still a thing?

  • Succession of poorly handled cock-ups. No apologies or even attempts to fix said cock-ups.

  • The underdog of consoles will remain the underdog of consoles, simply because they can’t get their shit together and work with their devs.


(blame gustavo section for digging these from some unknown corner of the interweb)


  • This looked and sounded good until I saw it was local multiplayer only. >.>


Moon Rift

  • Retro Pixel Platformer with a dash of bullet hell.

  • Soundtrack sounds gthoughood, . I’ll give them that!

    • Yeah, pretty good for chiptunes

  • Needs a controller.


– Nooope
– Not sure if want
– Check it out
– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Mark of the Ninja


Devel: Klei Entertainment

Engine: Custom:

Price: $14.99

Makes with the working


  • Min SPEC 32-bit Ubuntu 12.04 LTS


  • Tempted to ding it a chair for going 3840×1080 by default


  • AMD graphics, both open source and proprietary drivers, ootb!


Shiny / Sounds


  • This is Shank with a paint job and reworked controls

  • It keeps the Shank look and I’m okay with this.

  • Voice work is good and no issues with the effects.


  • The graphics are good for what this is

  • Dinging it a chair because the dialogue the guards use is really repetitive and the dialogue that the guards use is really repetitive and the dialogue that the guards use is really repetitive


  • Footsteps are way too effing loud! Immersion goes right out the window.

  • Other than that, it looks just like Shank with a palette swap.




  • Works fine with my Xclone gamepad

  • Small hiccup with the targeting system getting stuck at the beginning of levels so dinging it a chair for that.

  • Don’t even think about playing this /w a keyboard


  • Yeah, really does need an Xbawks controller for this’un.

  • Controls are reasonable aside, however the 360 controller isn’t really designed to handle subtle little movements as you’re crawling inside vents.

  • The Camera is completely fucked

  • Killing shit is very weird



  • My PS2 Dual Shock works great with Shank. With this one… Not so much.

  • Everytime I start the game with the controller the level locks up at the beginning

  • Playing with the keyboard and mouse is like jamming rusty razor blades in between your finger nails.

  • Also, aiming to the gongs in focus mode with the controller is fucking frustrating




  • I’m about as stealthy as a rabid emu on a meth binge so this game pisses me off.

  • That said, angry gets shite done.

  • It taunted me with instadeath until I figured out the levels.

  • I would give it 4 chairs but the random “challenge” rooms serve fk all purpose.


  • Kill lasers and murder holes

  • Why can’t I murderhole!


  • Venn quoted Yahtzee so I’m doing it too, I wish the game would figure out if it wants you to murder every last one of the guards or if that’s just for ninja poseurs.

  • There’s a big bonus for not raising alarms and not killing anyone, but all you can buy with those bonuses are better ways to murder people.

  • I’m a big fan of cartoony violence and even in its youthful indecision I can see why Mark of the Ninja may appeal to some people.

  • Problem is, I like Thief: Deadly Shadows and its sequel a little too much to excuse this bad attempt at a Stealth’em-up.



  • When it boils down to it: Having to play with the keyboard and with schlopping footsteps sounds echoing inside my cranial cavity, I was just not having fun. I beat Shank before Steam for Linux was even out and I loved it, I had a lot of fun with it. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for MotN.

Hate Mail:

Tux amongst Undead Pirates

  • Sooo who’s ripping him a new arsehole?

  • You little sunovacunt, you DARE dangle the Linux support carrot in the face of the BEST LINUX GAMING PODCAST in the WORLD?

    • The gall of some people.

      • In all seriousness, I voted No.

  • I downvote this practice on principal alone.

  • Perhaps we should consider annexing them to teach them a lesson


Selling out

  • Remember kids.  If you’re in the entertainment industry and make money you’re a sellout


Review of Ironbane


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