LinuxGameCast Weekly 221 – Flappy Jaw Hinge

Steam updates the store! Deus Ex gets patched, a survival crafting game exits Early Access, and Epic releases a new Unreal Tournament Pre Alpha build. Then Duke Grabowski, Mighty Swashbuckler faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

PS4 working now?

  • The Nov 9 update supposedly fixed the PS4 Slim controller not showing properly via the configurator.
  • Also bright lights are now supported.
  • After a few days living with the DS4 under steam,I unpaired it. Pairing it gives you perpetual xbox prompts instead of Playstation ones.

Horse 2.0

  • This is nice:
  • And they fucked the OS filter again.
    • I even set up a filter to ignore call of duty. It was ignored
  • At this point I automatically Store>Games>SteamOS + Linux>Release date

Deu Sex Update

  • WHAR my lotto numbers?
  • Most of the patch update for the Win client were for DX12 support. \
  • Curious what the new breach UI looks like?
  • I’ve already uninstalled the game in order to give my poor SSD some breathing room. Do any of the “performance increases” show up on the linux side?
  • Also with all that DX12 support update, does that mean I can finally play this game on my radeon card?
  • No noticeable performance improvements over here on Team Red.


  • This looks like something I won’t like with a price to match.
  • I haven’t really been following the development of this game, but this is supposed to be a follow up for pillars of eternity, complete with darker storyline
  • Like the V-man says, the price is a bit steep. I’d wait until it comes down during a sale.
  • The big kicker with this game is, you’re the bad guys.
  • The good guys lost and now you’re working for the evil government authority thing.
  • And you don’t get to play Drizzt, either. You’re evil. And it’s how you deal with the situations, in the typical Obsidian way, which determines how the story goes and what kind of EVIL your characters are.
    • Now what’s the over under on people in the audience getting a Drizzt Do’urden reference
  • I asked for keys but the Paradox person who replied said they had limited keys to give out, at this point. They also asked that I get in touch with them later, if we really want those keys.


  • It’s doing the saturday morning RPG thing of having 2D sprites on 3d background
  • Kind of looks like a salt and sanctuary-esque brawler with some cuter graphics
  • Looks like a fun little beam em up and we can always use more of them.
  • Single player only :(


  • Zombie roguelike with turned based RPG combat. An interesting genre mashup to say the least
  • That trailer is a bit thin on actual gameplay.
  • Oh, hello Unity scream of nope.
  • Here’s a game for you. How many games in your steam library start with the word “Dead”
    • 5 if we count Deadfall Adventures, 7 if we count Death.
  • Also, gonna level with you, the stock unity graphics really clash with the style of gameplay. It kind of hurts my eyes

Out of Early Access

  • Sent them an email asking for keys, they sent one.
    • Do you send a link to the contact page?
  • Had to send them another reiterating the need for 3.
  • DirectX 10.1 OpenCL compliance is a minimum requirement.
    • I’m curious about how performance is impacted under linux for nvidia folks. Nvidia likes to push CUDA and leaves their openCL implementation a wee threadbare.


  • 4 New ice levels. Word 2 ur mother
  • “We’re sorry that this next set of levels has taken us longer than we previously predicted”
    • Game, you misspelled game.
  • Truggy points out that it noped his progress.

Savage update

  • Still hovers in the mid 40s for the most part.
  • Fails to grab the gerbil in windowed mode.
  • Unable to adjust game settings in-game.
  • I might actually play this game if they would disable the nanny bar.
  • Combat still feels mushy.
  • I went in earlier today, found a group of 5 zombies or goblins or whatever those were, and I stood there smacking them and even though I would hear the disembodied grunts and complaints your character makes when you get hit, I didn’t take any damage.


  • I suppose open source games on steam is a good thing
  • Might do them some good from the expanding player base standpoint
  • Steam multiplayer integration and workshop could be neat for this as well




  • Doesn’t affect us so hahahahahahahahahahahahah
    • Xorg is bad enough a security hole as it is.
  • It’s amazing watching the NVIDIA fanbois explain how this is totes okay.
  • Yes, the same ones who would lose their collective shite if this was AMD.
  • I get it, people are pissed that even their fucking graphics card software is now spying on them. As a Linux user I say “Bad move NVidia! Don’t get any ideas.”
  • What I don’t get, is how there are a bunch of Windows users, which are willingly using the OS which spies on you the most, complaining the optional bit of software for their graphics card is now spying on them too. Do these people know what cognitive dissonance means?
    • Wait until they learn about the wonderful world of GPU based exploits
  • Also, it bares mentioning that all of this information about information collection is not news to anyone. It’s in their EULA.

New UT4 buildge

  • Yeah, it’s still a herky-jerky hot mess.
  • And it only wants to run in windowed mode.
  • There’s a bit of herky jerk, but it runs okay in Intel land
  • 8.1 Gigs for something Epic is too ashamed to make available on their frontpage.
    • Honestly, it takes longer to decompress than download. Stahp it with the .zips you guys!
  • I’m all for companies pulling an AMD and just making the sauce available for the community to fix what they can’t be assed to, but that usually results in less than optimal experiences. Just ask people who, like me, used AMD/ATI graphics on Linux for a long long time.
  • Also, I can’t login to my account.

Connect Some More

  • Another $88.25 worth of Steam games for me.
  • Got Witcher, Risk of rain, Vangers, Metro, Starbound, and Sam TFE $ 95.94.
  • This is good for people who want to own digital copies of their games.
  • Well, at least until EA buys CD Projekt and shuts GOG down.
  • I got five games. 85.95

No threat

  • Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
  • That’s what I would say if someone was trying to make with the hostile takeover.
    • Spin the wheel of booga booga! Doo eet!
  • It’s possible they were being courted, threats were exchanged, etc. But we don’t know. Someone send Solid Stone to infiltrate them maybe?
  • I gotta ask, why are we talking about CDPR? It’s very clear they never want to even come close to releasing another of their games for Linux, ever again.
  • Hell, one could even make the argument they never released any of their games on Linux.

0 A.D. Alpha 21 Ulysses

  • They added a regicide mode
  • Also new: Nine maps based off of actual historic locations
  • They should really make a AppSnapFlatImagePack for this.

Wesnoth 1.13.6

  • They’ve updated some of the combat logic to make it harder to game the system for XP
  • You can also see what’s going on outside of a tunnel while in it.

CHAIR – Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Duke Grabowski, Mighty Swashbuckler
Devel: Venture Moon Industries
Engine: Unity
Price: 6.99 / CDN 7.79

Wazzat: Duke Grabowski: Mighty Swashbuckler is a classic point-and-click adventure, created with love by an indie team that includes LucasArts alumni, Bill Tiller (The Curse of Monkey Island, Steven Spielberg’s The Dig, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine).

Disclosure: We were sent keys.

Makes with the working




  • During the intro cutscene, the subtitles only “started” about halfway through and then froze again after 2 lines.


Shiny / Sounds


  • 3D models on 2D background…
  • The characters don’t so much as move vs glidewalking.
  • Everyone’s jaw-organ is on a static hinge.
    • Could explain the horrid sync.
  • I couldn’t deal with the voicework so Slayer it was.


  • You can really tell who recorded this at their desks with their webcams and who had a whisper room
    • TIL John St John voices the zombies
  • Visually, not too impressive. 2003 Quality graphics


  • It really does look jarring when Duke attempts to move “deeper” into any of the sceneries, and it doesn’t help that he already looked far too big and disproportionate when compared to everyone around him.
  • Once could make the argument he is made to look like the gorilla, but the gorilla is even bigger than he is.
  • I’m guessing the two most egregious examples of bad quality audio were kickstarter backers who paid enough to be in the game.
  • Which I can only reinforce how big a misapplication of judgement it was by what’s coming up in the Fun segment.
  • Where’s the AA? Oh, that’s right! This is a Unity game, the default AA from the presets don’t work on Linux.




  • Point and click so nothing to report.


  • Dinged a chair because the combining/crafting UI makes no sense sometimes


  • For the most part everything works as you expect, until you want to drag something out of your inventory and onto the scenery that it just fails to register sometimes.




  • Your primary mission is to run about and woo the ladies.
  • Protip: If you are pushing 2.2 meters and build like a brick house that’s not going to be difficult.
  • I’m not saying looks alone will woo the best and the brightest but it goes a long way I may or may not be speaking from personal experience.
  • Also, it’s sexist?
  • Anywho, this game bored the piss out of me from the start.
  • Attempted humour falls flat.
  • It looks like a student project.
  • It’s hella short.
  • And there is nothing, NOTHING to make you give a singular FK about the story.
  • The industry quit making these games for a reason.
  • Yeah, double Fine can remaster their classics but their latest IP Broken Age was met with a resounding meh.
  • And this lads, is no Broken Age.


  • “A wretched hive of SCUMM™ and villainy” – got a laugh out of me. AND ONLY ME
  • For a monkey island inspired adventure game, this is pretty tame
  • You have everything you need to solve any puzzle on the same three screens
  • There aren’t any lethal traps or items you need to get early on to progress in the game, as far as I can tell.
  • I beat it in about 2 hours, but that’s with going around clicking everything. If you knew what you’re doing, it could be done in an hour and change.
  • I can’t give it one chair. Maybe a story about a big dumb guy who isn’t great with women hits a little close to home. It gets the sympathy chair


  • This game is boring.
  • When it comes to the whole Mechanics vs Narrative and Aesthetics, Point and Click adventure games come out of the gate with a very serious handicap.
  • The Mechanics of Point&Click games have been stripped bare, boiled down and fine picked to the bone over the past 20 something years.
  • So, if you’re going to put yet another adventure game out there you better have something really special to bring to the table.
  • I guess working in working in some very successful LucasArts games does count towards that specialness, unfortunately when your background is design, writing, and illustration, that doesn’t really mean much to a videogame.
  • I’ve said it time and time again, videogames live or die on their mechanics.
  • And Duke Grabowski does absolutely nothing to differentiate itself from the hundreds of Point&Clicks which Nostalgia-fueled dimwits keep throwing money at on Kickstarter.
  • Playing past the 20 minute mark was painful.
  • Not because of something the game did, no. It’s precisely because it did NOTHING of interest.
  • I think this would’ve been a fun story if it was a short movie. Like your Big Buck Bunnies and those tiny short Pixar releases every now and again.
  • Work on the dialogue a little bit and you got yourself an awesome 30 minute to 1 hour short, which people can enjoy.
  • As a game, though, it falls, feels and is short.



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