LinuxGameCast Weekly 278: Trainwreck

Gang Beasts exits Early Access! Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes comes to Linux, Ataribox cancels pre-orders, and AMD learns how to Vulkan. Then Dimension Drive faces the ChairQAsition. All this plus your hate mail.

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Foxy

Steam News:

Beta no more

  • If you have been in the beta there is nothing to see here.
  • Why are you not in the beta?
  • In the meantime, they’ve started a new beta


Linux Keyboards


Steam Linux Swiss Knife

  • Most impressive
  • However qt-5? Time for the kitchen sink i suppose
  • Tracks down saves and configs for the games it recognizes and lets you back them all up.
  • Should save you some time if you decide to do a fresh install.


I’m a Rocket Patch

  • Looks like a bunch of fixes for the nerfed version on the Switch.
  • Ah! A bunch of new low res assets would certainly explain a 1.8GB patch for not a whole lot of anything.


Dimension exists Early Access

  • This game hurts my brain-organ.
  • Good to see a team use EA correctly.
  • Stick around for the chairs!


Gang update

  • Still a tad too expensive
  • Latest in recent trend of EA leavers, finally realised EA is more harm than good
  • I think the folks at double fine want a new stress relief/experimental game
  • Just noticed…Football mode!
  • Thay have been having a gang of trouble with online matchmaking.


End of the Legend

  • The game I couldn’t play after it released, even though it played fine during Early Access.
  • The publisher is going away and taking the game with them.
  • So if you don’t have it, they say you won’t be able to buy it afterwards.


A free Hit

  • Not really my kind of game but it’s priced to sell.
  • There’s some limited time content, which you will only be able to play until January 5th.
  • Got the full game, so not really needed i would say
  • Although you could do my favourite yatzee quote “Beat him in the head with a brick, if you the hitman in a hurray, or come down the chimney dressed as father christmas”



  • No VR support but who the hell cares.
  • This is 100% better if you have printed manuals.
  • Welp they are not messing around  “Linux Is NOT Officially Supported


Flatty Bullet Hell

  • Absolute definition of bullet hell
  • Looks like a weekend project.


Straight out of beta

  • SMB /w a dark theme?
    • It’s like Super Meat Boy meets The Binding of Isaac.
  • Which is to be expected since it’s one of Edmund McMillen’s Basement Collection prototypes turned into a full game.


Unreal kittens

  • Stare at a kitten’s butt, the game?
  • Wannabe Goat Simulator built /w UE4.
  • Cat memes the game
  • Also does this game promote putting fireworks up a cats arse


Build a world

  • Not sure what to say about this
  • Drag and drop development, boys and girls!


Asspyre Space

  • Our friends at Asspyre are continuing their publisher stint.
  • This one will be out January 16 and it seems to be a zen fly about “exploration” game.


Unified AMD

  • RX Vega support
  • Support for RHEL/Cent 7.4
  • Unified packaging infrastructure.


AMD Vulkan

  • Could AMD actually pull a summer?
  • By this time next year the Vega on our WishZone could be a viable option.
  • I certainly hope this is true i really do
  • If it does go well, i might have to switch from team green, or maybe it ‘might’ light a fire under nvidia’s arse as they are slowly becoming the odd one out
  • Not sure about the other stuff though
  • It’d be great if any of these features ever made their way into their Linux drivers.
  • But given AMD’s sordid history with software support on Linux, I don’t see it happening.


CRY about it

  • Did they breach the contract? Ayuuup!
  • Did they infringe on copyright? Oh all the hells naw.
  • Will any company in the history of ever enter into an agreement with CRYTEK again?
  • That last bit was rhetorical.
  • It really does have a tone of Crytek grasping as the straws of relevance.


GOG Winter Sale

  • Picked up Mother Russia Bleeds for $3.00 but that was it.
  • Would have picked up more if your damn client worked on Linux, Brad.
  • They also added new games to GOG connect.
    • Outlast and Tahira, for me.
  • Impressive collection on sale, stardew valley, darkest dungeon and quite a few others
  • Picked up grim fandango for free


Gone Ballistic

  • A little too late, the critical moment has past newer FPS’s have come out since
  • Some people really really like this game and that’s all well and good.
    • Yes but will it attract anyone new…no they have already burned past critical mass
  • Unfortunately it’s a rather generic shooter that never gained proper audience and no amount of publishing will sort that.
  • I wanted Ballistic Overkill to be the Paladins of Linux.
  • Unfortunately, it was generic white person shooter game.



  • First off, impressive little project.
  • I really like seeing projects that fall into my neat category.
  • That said, I can’t imagine anyone using it for gaming.
    • For legacy windows games that require a GFX card



  • Another 72 games were added to total.
  • Most still only reach the intro screens but there were a few that went into the playable portion of the graphic, directly.
  • Good to see Dark Souls 2 making some strides into playability.
  • That game was full of jank in the actual PS3 hardware, maybe RPCS3 can finally give the people who bought the game for the PS3 a chance to play it properly.



  • Every day its seems to be getting closer to its goal….a set top box that can play some games
  • Ummmm “Ataribox will launch through Indiegogo”
  • For that price, you can get yourself a Chromebook with an Intel processor, 4GB of RAM, and access to the Play Store.
  • No!


Just kidding

  • Didn’t see that coming. Nope, no sir.
  • In all fairness they did pause preorders and that could be taken as a good thing.
  • Atleast it shows they are paying attention
  • I’m sure taking a break over the Christmas holidays won’t impact their future earnings. Not at all…

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Dimension Drive
Webzone: Dimension_Drive
Devel: 2AwesomeStudio
Engine: Unity
Price: £9.99 / US$ 12.99 / CA$ 13.99 / AU$16.99

Wazzat: This intense space shoot ’em up challenges you to fight across two battlefields on one splitscreen. Instantly switch between them to dodge waves of bullets, reach secret areas, or surprise your enemies. Play solo or turn it up to 11 with a local co-op partner.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys.

Makes with the working


  • B button does not work in the menus.
  • Also, game intro is blank like foxy pointed out.
  • 200+ @ 1080p
  • 100+ @ 2160p


  • Game intro, it no worky, just start button to skip, even though i have NO controller plugged in



Shiny / Sounds


  • I’m convinced one person does 2D (intermission art) for 90% of lower budget indie games… and they can’t draw.
  • Some of that business looks like straight-up concept art.
  • In-game looks good, no complaints there.


  • Is it me or is the screen way too small and text really huge almost like its a mobile port
  • Character designs are nice, ok-ish inbetweeny bits
  • Ummm if you want me to stop running into shit, please make it atleast different than the background
  • For this music they are trying way too hard to be either jets and guns or tron legacy, with the talent for neither
  • Kinda cross between tron legacy and machinae supremacy
  • Seems to me they just handed the music guy some stills and say make some music


  • Honestly, I’m not blown away.
  • The ship sticks out for miles and absolutely looks like it doesn’t fit in with the scenario.
  • I had to train my brain to see what was background and what was a wall that would kill me if I crashed/teleported into it.
  • The pew pews are very uninstering and overstay their welcome the moment you’re repeating the same level for the fifth time.
  • And the drawn art looks like it could have been done by Nory’s sister 5 years ago when she was just getting started.
  • That and the broken intro video. You know, the very first thing you’re supposed to see when you start the game? It doesn’t paint a good picture of what you’ve created.




  • B button does not work in the menus.
  • Everything elks works OOTB with the Steamy controlla.
  • Controls are tight and that’s good for a shooter.


  • 2 buttons + arrows, thats it
  • No ps4 button prompts, time to play guess the button
  • Although i get button prompts even though no controller is plugged in
  • circle/b button works fine on the pS4 controllr


  • What the hell is going on with the B button not working in the menu?
  • That said, the rest of the game seems to be fine.
  • But again, someone cocked up some basic functionality of their game.
  • I can still give it 3 chairs, since I’m fully aware my terribleness while playing this game is my fault alone.




  • I had to restart on HARD since normal was to damn easy.
  • At least it has a lives system to add a little bit of challenge.
  • Mind you, I’m FK mothering Rainman /w bullet hell games.
  • Brings some fun bits to the table.
  • Limited energy: You can’t hold down the pew buton 24/7
  • Dimension Drive: This straight-up forces you to brain in new ways.
  • Backwards time slowey down mechanic: That’s just evil and they force you to use it.
  • Then again I come from the Nintendhard generation.
  • Not generation candyarse that thinks Dark Souls counts as remotely difficult.
  • This game causes me to ragequit but it’s a ragequit with a smile.


  • Want to make me angry this is how you make me angry,
  • have a lives system in a bullet hell shooter rendering the ‘checkpoints’ pretty much useless
  • Have the screen so small you can’t see what is coming nor react quickly enough to not get a bullet up the arse or a wall in the face
  • Have difficulties normal,hard,extreme and insane. I get it you have a dark souls boner
  • Once again developers misunderstanding frustrating != fun, dark souls and euro shooters are challenging not frustrating, see jets and guns or gradius


  • The last shmup of this ilk I really really liked was Demonstar.
  • That came out in 1997.
  • I’ve enjoyed other bullet hell games since then, but if we’re talking about a vertical shmup with spaceships and environmental hazards, those 3.3MBs from 97 still provide the better game.
  • By comparison, this game takes up 1.2GB.
  • I’ve mentioned plenty of times how I don’t like trial and error in level design.
  • Granted that was not their intention, Dimension Drive turns into trial and error the moment you realize you just teleported into what you thought was safe but was just a slightly darker asteroid.



Hate Mail:


  • Production quality? I think it might have taken a sharp drop with me here




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