LinuxGameCast Weekly 284: Pocket Hockey

Steam finally supports high-DPI displays! Rust exits Early Access, Paradox releases a nifty Bundle and Helium Rain brings the Vulkan. All this plus your hate mail.

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:


  • When everything is on sale, nothing is
  • I’m pretty sure at this point Valve has just trained everyone pavlov style to just buy games on sale weeks.




Link to the arcade

  • Almost makes me wish I had picked one up for $3, almost.
  • Apparently DiY arcade sticks work with the steam link.   Who knew?
    • Steam’s controller configuration relies on SDL2.


Valve time

  • If Valve was a publicly traded company I could understand why they would be fighting this in court.
  • You done goofed, pay the fine.
  • Valve doesn’t want to pay, Aussies want the set precedent that software companies gotta pay up.

Steam: Game Updates

No Tide

  • Unfortunate, considering most Warhammer games do have a linux version these days
  • “No immediate” means no, +- some NDA/we need money
  • I would like some Warhammer Left 4 Brad but it doesn’t look like it’ll happen.
  • Figures, this is the first WarHammertime game that looked interesting to me.



  • Still a broken mess that runs like poo but hey, why not.
    • Garry was never really in the business of making well performing games.   Just fucky interesting ones
  • Leaving prototyping and entering alpha means that he’s gonna be riding the EA train for years to come.
  • So they’re leaving the Early Access stigma in hopes it’ll drive sales.


Helium Vulkan (Steve 0)

  • UE4 Vulkan?
  • Kinda want to see what that nightmare looks like.


GILF update

  • Oh fuck. There’s a hockey mode now

Steam: New Games


  • A one HP roguelike with stealth elements.   Honestly, it could go either way.
  • Not entirely sure how the crafting will work with the random nature of roguelikes.


Battle Chasers

  • Linux could use more JRPG style games.   Decent looking ones at that
  • It’s using SDL2, which is a good step
  • Hey! Check it out!
  • This was a game I actually wanted to come to Linux and they’re actually doing it.
  • Good on them!



  • I’m always looking forward to metroidvanias.
  • Especially those who fall more on the vania side of that genre.
  • This one seems to have blown up, so I hope the dev does get back to me on my email about it.
  • Made by a single person.


Mass of cysts

  • A game where you get to pick how you’re fucked
  • Kill aliens until the level ends.   Coming Feb 2
  • There’s also talk of a demo
  • The devs sent us some keys on the Curator Connect thing.


Starward Augments

  • 7 Bucks for a content pack seems reasonable.
    • A decent sized one at that.
  • They have a bundle too that gets you the whole kit and kaboodle for a buck more than the base asking price.  Good on them for that
  • I really liked Bionic Dues but, even though this reuses some of the same assets, it was a bit boring for me.
  • Still, it is good know they’re still alive and kicking.



  • 5 titles from Paradox so at least you know they work.
  • Pillars and Stellaris are a pretty solid yoink for 12 bucks


Dismiss CRY

  • The slap fight continues.
  • Robert Space Industries filed a motion to dismiss, now CryTek says the motion is meritless.
  • This isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
  • Only $75K?
  • That really makes things looks worse.
  • I mean, all this is really doing is sending a message to developers to never partner with crytek
  • If they ever change their minds, they get sued.  Sounds like a solid partnership


Passthrough patch

  • On Thread Ripper, when you pass through any GPU to a virtual machine on Linux, you will not be able to gracefully shutdown the VM.
  • This sorts said issue.
  • This happened because Threadripper follows the PCIe spec to the letter and there is a bug without the spec is implemented in the Linux kernel.
  • It seems Intel handles the PCI reset in firmware while AMD tried to follow the spec as well as it could, to let the OS handle it.


Vulkan curious?

  • It won’t be as effective as actually testing on a physical device but, if you’re developing your Vulkan game on a shoestring budget, this could be a very good validation tool.


Xonotic 2017

  • 3K Additional Players in 2017
  • Turns out the best time to look for a game is 8PM UTC
  • Everybody loves mortars, nobody loves the lightning gun


Still kicking

  • A few weeks ago we were talking about abandoned open source engine re-implementations.   
  • This is apparently not one of those
  • It works but it doesn’t seem to be complete:
  • It started a new game in Klamath – Trapper Town, skipping the whole Arroyo bit.
  • Also, it would be great to have support for the FO2 Restoration project mod.


Tux in a Snap

  • They’re looking for some multiplayer and controller testing w/ze snaps
  • Supposedly everything’s working, but give it a try and give’em some feedback.   It’s the future of gaming


Open Mafia (RTheren)

  • “We take inspiration in OpenMW
    • Gotcha.   Crazy people.
    • If they had been inspired by the RPCS3 project it would be done by now.
  • I remember seeing this game all over the place back in they day.  Never played it
    • I started to play it but while in GTA3 everything felt weightless, in mafia everything felt like it weighed way too much.

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Webzone: ERSATZ
Devel: Paris Stalker
Engine: GameMaker Studio
Price: £6.99 / US$8.99 / CA$9.99

Wazzat: ERSATZ is a speed focused, hardcore Action Platformer with Rhythm elements. Featuring a multiple genre Original Electronic Soundtrack which dynamically builds and changes based on your progression!

Mandatory Disclosure: Dev sent us keys

Makes with the working


  • Starts in an itsy bitsy little window that thankfully expands.
  • Solid 60.Steam controlla worked out OOTB.
  • Missing out on sales by only listing Windows on the store page.




Shiny / Sounds


  • Hipster ATARI pixel?
  • Character blindness is real.
  • Not a fan of the overall look but it was not lazly done.
  • Original Soundtrack reads like a list of audible NOPE.
  • I only listen to classical house wub.


  • Oh man, they like their super saturated bright colours.
  • On the ice level boss fight with the chimp it straight up hurt my eyes


  • Aesthetics should serve as a compliment to the mechanics, not to hinder them.
  • Ersatz is another perfect example of a game in which the visuals are highly detrimental to your ability to play it.
  • The backgrounds are made up of the same colorscheme as the actual level.
  • The character leaves ghosts of itself as it moves, which in the middle of boss fights becomes a crapshoot to figure out which of the semi-transparent splotches of pixels you’re actually controlling.
  • It encourages movement yet certain obstacles are damn near impossible to see while you’re trying to woosh past the levels.
  • The music was alright… nothing to write home about, but at least I didn’t feel the need to mute it.




  • Tighten that business up, yo.
  • Everything get compared to the Hollow Knight standard, this is no Hollow Knight.
  • Not busted, hell they are nicely laid out but I expect tight ridgid controls when I see pixels.
  • Serviceable


  • Usually for a precision platformer I prefer to use the dualshock 4 cuz it has that nice d-pad
  • Wouldn’t get detected tho.   So that’s a shame
  • Xbox controller works


  • The actual controls are fine save for the fact it doesn’t hide the mouse cursor.
  • That’s something I thought every engine let you do easily, these days.
  • But the big thing here is the camera… fuck this camera!
  • Every time you dash, the camera moves to where your character would be assuming a successful dash.
  • Problem is, when your character hits an enemy and gets pushed back slightly, the camera does this awkward jerk back to where you are.
  • It’s disorienting and makes certain levels a bit of a crapshoot whether or not you can actually make progress.




  • I really struggled to put an hour in this.
  • 10min in and I was all “yeah, I get it. You made a FK you hard game”
  • On top of that you race against a clock and loose time for regenerating health.
  • I like me some precision platformer but not with a heaping side of bulls*it Twitch bait game mechanics.
  • It’s not bad for a game created by one person but it belongs on itch, for free, or simply as an item in your portfolio.


  • Hyper precision focused speed based platformers have never really been my thing
  • Back as a wee child I was diagnosed with a medical condition which my old piano teacher Mrs Mellinger referred to as “stupid fingers”
  • Sliding around feels good and fast, but you’re you only have a set number of slides/attacks before you need to back off and recharge
  • The character blindness and the lack of consequence aside from meaningless time rankings I don’t care about basically turn this into a repetitive, frustrating heap of game I’m not all that interested in


  • Ersatz is trying to be a platformer with a focus on speed but, often, you end up getting stuck in certain levels because the camera is all over the place and you can barely tell where your character is.
  • It becomes much easier to play if you take your time.
  • “Oh, but then your score will be shit compared to your friends.”
  • That’s implying I have friends or that I care about the score, or even this game for that matter.


Final –CHAIR

Hate Mail:


  • If it is free with a product then no, it does not count as a heretic purchase.
  • That said, I gave my free copy of whateverthehellitwas from my 1700 to Frenchy.

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