ChairQAsition: Trailblazers

Your intrepid heroes provide the quality assurance that should have been done in the first place. Trailblazers faces the ChairQAsition!

Game: Trailblazers
Webzone: Trailblazers
Devel: Supergonk
Engine: Unity
Price: £29.99 / US$29.99 / CA$33.99

Wazzat: Trailblazers is an innovative co-operative racer with groundbreaking on-track gameplay. Racing in teams of up to three-versus-three, players paint the track to create the best racing line, then use that paint to boost up to insane speeds. Drive with flair and style to gain skill points and blaze your way to victory!

Mandatory Disclosure: The publisher, Rising Star Games, sent us key

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Makes with the working


  • Main mechanic is broken on Linux.
    • Still broken after the patch.
    • Wonder why your boost is so irregular?
    • Because it’s showing painted track where there is none.
  • Does not save resolution settings.
    • This has been resolved.
    • It now defaults to 1080p on the main menu but everything in-game is 2160p.
  • Resets player’s option configurations and save data.
    • Also, resolved.
  • Performance
    • Has yet to dip below 60 @1080 with everything on 11.
    • 30 @ 2160 /w the crusty, old, 980.


  • 60 ferps @ UHD on the 1080ti. Although it better


  • They put out a Patch on Friday which fixed the issues with not saving configs or progress.
  • Yes, this game wouldn’t save progress when it was released.
  • I didn’t have the issue with track painting just happening without having to hit A


Shiny / Sounds


  • If you ever wanted to know what would happen if Borderlands fuc*ed a flying car.
  • Don’t know why but the soundtrack reminds me of SEGA Dreamcast.
  • That, or the late 90’s in general.
  • Each character has one or two lines that they repeat ad nauseum.


  • I keep saying cell shading helps hide a lot of the flaws in a games visuals
  • Soundtrack has wub


  • I can, and – spoilers – will, leverage a lot of criticism at this game
  • But the graphics look nice.
  • Granted, they look nice if you’re just wooshing along.
  • The moment you see any type of animation to or around your ship, that falls flat on its head.
  • The sounds are also on par with generic racing game #26’543’739 the likes of which Steam is infested with.




  • ZErO keyboard / gerbil support.
  • Steam controller works OOTB and things respond accordingly.


  • Played it with the blueteeth paired areola controlla


  • Changing controller layout with Big Picture makes fuckin’ all difference.
  • No rebindable controls
  • No way to change it even by setting a different layout through Steam.
  • No keyboard support
  • Accelerate is R2(RT) and paint is A.
  • For someone without fingers in his right hand, this game was a wrist pain inducing experience.




  • Single player has a few tracks (artificially inflated because they count mirrored and reversed as additional tracks) and some brain-dead AI.
  • Multiplayer is literally nonexistent.
  • I have cross-platform play enabled and will be leaving it in a lobby waiting on players until the prepre super showzen.
    • Scratch that, the Steam conrolla times out after 15 minutes and you guessed it, nobody in the lobby, nada, not a single one.
  • The primary game mechanic “painting the track” is still borked on my end and several others.
  • It seems to be a rendering glitch causing the car to lay paint 24/7 but you can only get boost from the areas you have actually painted.
  • Later in the game boost is required to win and good luck telling what is (and is not) real.
  • No sense of speed and yeah, no speedo.
  • Now for this last part IMA need you to listen to me hard as you can, K?
  • You want $30 for this.
  • Do you know what $30 is?
  • Ten dollars more than fuc*ing Rocket League.
  • That’s what is is Brad, and at the end of the day (take that shot) it’s all that matters.
  • If / when you un-FK this game you might have a fun little derp around racer on your hands.
  • Something that could fall comfortably in the $9.99 price bracket and build a decent community.
  • Seriously whomever decided the pricing on this is incompetent or even worse, malicious.


  • A far as racist games go, this one’s alright
  • That’s really about all I can say
  • Paint the ground, go zoom zoom, slam into walls
  • The AI is dumb enough for me to beat it. Makes me feel smrt
  • Way more dialogue than I expected for a racing game
  • Makes me want to…Race through it
  • Real trailblazing humor right there


  • Playing this game caused me physical pain and forced me to consider that grippy mechanical claw thing that Tim mentioned in last week’s hatemail.
  • I don’t think it would have helped much but maybe it wouldn’t have been such a slap in the face of people like myself, with less than ideal right hands, to have an option to rebind the fuckin’ keys.
  • Remember when I wondered if it’d be to much to ask this game didn’t suck?
  • Well, I think they may have been listening and decided to make it the worst possible game for me, specifically.
  • Also, £30 isn’t the same as $30 US.
  • What the fuck kind of pricing model is that?




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