LinuxGameCast Weekly 305: Salami Concussion

Valve is eyeing your bones! Basemark brings the bench, Dead Cells comes to Linux, and how much money have you given the Steam machine?

Special thanks to:
Krejsy (increased pledge)
MadHi19 (HDMI splitters)

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Colour Key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Shovelware Spam Lists

  • Confirmation bias, the update.
  • This does fuck all to improve discoverability, but at least people who already know about you will get to see your new game.
  • As an aside, it does seem like less shovelware is showing up on my morning new games check.

$teamy monies

  • Important caveat: it won’t include codes you’ve redeemed.
  • 2.3K – Not bad for 6’ish years.
  • The summer sale didn’t really add to it since the only thing I yoinked was the Turok bundle.


  • Sensors on some vr controllers are sensitive enough to infer finger and bone position, so that sort of functionality is being worked into the vr input subsystem
  • This also translates into a series of animations that can be ingested in order to have the game mimic your actual jack off motion
  • It’s a useful development as one of the main edges of vr is verisimilitude. This helps the lie.
  • Valve is putting the onus on hardware manufacturers to add support for the Skeletal Input system to their new controllers, and not the individual app developer.


  • Speaking of fancy vr controllas
  • Some prototype units were shipped to developers. This is the latest revision
  • Works with the skeletal tracking stuff to approximate gripping and throwing
  • Look, another controller I’ll never be able to use.
  • Any bets on what the first things to be “squeezed” will be?

Steamy Wine Link

  • There is always the risk that intercepting the steam_api.dll calls will get your account VAC banned.
  • That said, if you’re willing to go to bat with VALVe just so you can play your WINE games from the Linux client, well… more power to you.

Yeah it is

  • Shots fired… kinda.
  • The more I think about it the more possible it seems.
  • Makes me wonder if steam knew this was in the works when they rolled out “group chats”
  • There is a market right now for how Steam use to be.
  • Remember that one?
  • The one where a game was more likely to be rejected vs the current day all welcome version.
  • If Discord has the capacity for video chat they sure as hell will be able to distribute games.
  • In all seriousness steam really needs to look out
  • If Discord whips out their game distribution salami Steam could end up with a salami concussion.


  • Ladies and germs, welcome to the fuck plateau
  • To be fair, the point of the serious engine always was to render a stupid number of enemies at once.
  • Looking forward to seeing what Vulkan does to an engine when it’s built with it in mind.

Dead Cells on Linux

  • Currently in the beta branch
  • Another metroidvania game, this time with random levels
  • Rogue Legacy by any other name…


  • New ways to buy earn content.
  • $10 for the aesthetics every couple of months doesn’t sound as terrible as some other games.
    • Oh, fuck! It’s gotten so bad in the videogaming industry, I don’t think this is all that bad now.

2 to 4 months

  • These lot know how to art, have to give them that.
  • If they manage to polish up the fighting they will really have something.
  • Windows only right now.
  • Dev says 2 to 4 months after release for the Linux version.

Log Jammers

  • Pong with throwing axes
  • But hey! Online multiplayer. And twitch integration. Means that it’s a little fucky.
  • Fast paced Pong!

Soul Saga

  • Holy unity jrpg batman!
  • Supposedly a love letter to ps1/ps2 era jprgs
  • This game has been “coming soon” for the past year.


Rate The article

  • Half of this could be condensed into “install Lutris”
    • And not a single mention of it in the article.


  • They are rolling back the VM lockout and working /w WINE to implement a fix.
    • Good on them for that at least
  • These changes were live on our Public Beta Environment for several months to give developers of third-party applications time to adapt.”
    • Knowing that, it’s hard to fault the devs.
  • League is one of those games that has been around long enough to accrue a user base dedicated to farming
  • They likely have the stats to back up their statements regarding not usage.
  • Can we have one of them flat WINE paks once this issue is resolved?

BaseMark (RTheren)

  • This thing straight-up refuses to work.
  • Tried to dpkg -i the critter and it noped with dependency errors “CURL_OPENSSL_3”
  • Extracting the *.deb and launching directly brings up the menu but that’s about it.
  • I sent them an email, they responded.
  • After extracting the deb it launched just fine on Solus.
  • Ran after extraction on Fedora 28.
  • It definitely did something


  • Apparently this can be used to play local only multiplayer games online?
  • Hamachi 2018?
  • Runs the game on their servers and you and your buds connect to them
    • So OnLive meets Hamachi, gotcha!
  • Downloaded it and tried to set the critter up.
  • Unable to host from Linux so it’s hella useless.

Because board

  • This boy has been around for a good many years.
  • Done in everyone’s favourite language even!
  • Still helps to have the actual rulebook handy

Belated status update

  • The reimplementation diaspora continues
  • His main goal was to get online networking up and running. Super tux kart, take note
  • Devilution also got bumped this week, and has similar goals to Freeablo
  • There’s probably bits and pieces of each other that they can strider
  • Both have basic gameplay.
  • Devilution is a straight up decompile/reverse engineer while Freeablo is a reimplementation.
  • Devilution needs some help to get rid of some of the Windows DLL dependencies.


  • You mean to tell me the company who’s previous major product was a hat with a bluetooth speaker might be in over their head-organ?
  • This is just another PSA for not backing hardware projects on indiegogo.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Odium to the Core
Webzone: Odium_to_the_Core
Devel: Dark-1
Engine: Unity
Price: £2.49 / US$2.99 / CA$3.39

Wazzat: Odium To the Core is a challenging single-button, music based game with a dark monochromatic art style. Guide Odium, the floating character, through dangerous and intense music-fueled levels to eliminate the spreading corruption. Reach the core and save the world!

Mandatory Disclosure: Dev sent us keys


Venn: (Ubuntu) |

1 Does It Launch

2 Performance @ 1080

  • 60 @ 1080 & 2160.

3 Graphics

  • Fails to remember the screen resolution.

4 Control

  • No issue with the Steamy controlla.

Jordan: (Fedora)  |

1 Does It Launch

2 Performance @ 1080

3 Graphics

4 Control

Pedro: (Solus)  |

1 Does It Launch

2 Performance @ 1080

3 Graphics

4 Control

QA Score:




  • I’ve never played flappy bird but I did spend some time /w flappy goat.
  • Mechanics wise this is more of the same.
  • Ya got one button and all it does is push your inky gelatinous arse up.
  • The rest is up to gravity and your ability not to sling your controlla into the wall.
  • It’s hard bordering on because FK YOU hard / malicious and you know what, I can respect that.
  • Yeah, sometimes I Like getting a little angry because anger gets shite done.
  • Well, for 30 minutes because that’s where I flapped out.
  • Might go back to it next time I’m in need of higher blood pressure because Odium to the Core absolutely delivers that.
  • It’s one of those games that gives you something beatable if you just get your shite together.
  • Dig the art style, simple to pick up, and $3.00.
  • No sir, don’t completely hate it.


  • I disagree with pedro
  • I have a seething, irrational hatred of tappy chicken
  • I will say this, I actually really like the design of the game . It blends well with the industrial/techno soundtrackl
  • It’s very clear people actually tried to make this game
  • It just can’t overcome the boredom these games cause me


  • I hate flappy bird.
  • It’s not completely irrational hatred.
  • It’s the going in blind, everytime, and whenever you make progress the game throws more of the same repetitive bullshit and all you can do is tap.
  • Well, this game improves on Flappy Bird quite a lot.
  • The levels are all finely crafted, the speed based on the music in the background, the play with color.
  • This is possibly the best example of the helicopter game Flappy Bird was based on.
  • And as such it cements my total, complete and utter “Meh” about the genre.

Fun Score:



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