LinuxGameCast Weekly 310: Dopplebanger

Rust drops support for Linux, Linus (not that one) plays a game, Steam really wants to Discord and Pyra prepares for mass production.

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • Oh goody, we can has GL rendering for the browser but still no option to set zoom levels.
  • New Steam chat is now available for everyone on the stable client.
  • So now, everyone can stick to Discord and not worry about it too much.
  • Well, if you got one of those old ibm keyboards toy can now use the f24 key
  • Other than that, this is mostly promoting beta to stable


  • So they can count to three.
  • Also, HL3 Linux exclusive confirmed.
  • Hopefully this will also bring some much needed modern libs to the steam runtime
  • I really want SteamOS to be awesome.
  • But it’s hard to stay positive when it takes them so long to release stuff and it’s just small incremental stuff.
  • I want new features, man!

Card games

  • Oh yeah, I forgot Steam Broadcasting was a thing.
    • Yeah, they could have done something with that but, yeah.
    • I’m not sure it ever really worked on linux
  • Short and long of it?
  • Valve is big, fat, and happy.
  • So was AOL, IBM, Myspace and ATARI… at one point in time.
  • I mean, we all know valve has dug themselves into a little niche and has taken full advantage of it’s position as first
  • An amazon offering could prove interesting, but that’s something else amazon is trying to take over…


  • Thanks for the free copies Garry, I guess?
  • I’m tempted to say “and nothing of value was lost” (which would be true) but I’ve never been able to form an opinion on the game.
  • It takes a big man to admit they can’t Linux, in 2018.
  • So long and thanks for all the caveman penises.
  • I’m just surprised it took him this long to admit defeat.
  • If you can’t manage Linux support with the help of baby’s first multiplatform engine, you’re probably better off not advertising that particular shortcoming.
  • But he does have a point, we should be grateful for the few hundred developers with smaller budgets turning out Linux ports that are as sound as a pre-Brexit pound.
  • I mean, it’s not like there’s 12 million other crafty survival games available these days
  • And considering how long Gary’s been screaming that he doesn’t make any money of linux, I’m surprised they took this long.

Open stars

  • GG Blind Mind Studios.
  • Granted, I have zero interest in the game but this could give it new life.
  • Credit for not going the NS2 foisting route
  • Can’t really see the fun of spreadsheet games.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I like games with stats and numbers but there comes a point it’s just too much.
  • That said, kudos to the devs for releasing the sauce.
  • Very much looking forward to see what people do with it.
  • I wonder if there are any multiplayer issues between the steam version and the open source version


  • This, this is why I want to see more open source games on steam.
    • Distribution and multiplayer were always the big draws to having the game on steam
    • We just need a good floss/GPL compatible lib to hook into that multiplayer sauce
  • Big honking security hole gets patched automagically.
  • One of their known issues is Microsoft’s One Drive messing with the configs if you use it to sync across multiple devices.
  • Multiplayer is working for 1.13.2 and above simultaneously.

Buy that for a dollar

  • That’s one way to get people to check out your shooter on linux
  • Q3 based shooter is a hard sell in 2018 even @ $1.00.
  • That’s a good price, nonetheless.

Not so Epic

  • RPG Makes on a budget?
  • More like a Mario maker style game. Make fantasy platforming levels to fuck with and infuriate your friends

Dad Simulator

  • A 3D version of that happy wheels game from a few years back\
  • Needs VR.
  • It’s actually amazing the amount of content in this game.
  • I guess it does have that youtube appeal.

Walter Light

  • Did someone burn $100 on a joke?
  • Someone spent $100 to call VALVe out on that trolling clause.
  • Troll or Avante garde shite not obeying the steam store guidelines. You decide!


New webzone

  • Php 7, mobile responsive, fancy about page, blah blah blah.
  • Ripped out a gang of old plugins and replaced them with new sauce.
  • Replaced the caching system with new hotness.
  • Wicked-clean RSS feeds for podcasts.
  • And last but not least, no adds.
  • I’m not touching it again until 2027.

Linus gaming video

  • Yall got any of them, native games?
  • Make a video that people who know FK all about Linux will reshare because ReeeeEEEEee command line, Linux HARD!
  • Make a video that people who are just glad Linux is getting a mention will share.
  • Make a video that Linux enthusiast wanting to point out what they got WRONG will share.
  • As I said on the LWDW aftershow, you don’t retain a 6mil audience by accident.
  • However, at the end of the day it was a good plug for Lutris.
  • Seriously, kudos to Strider!
  • Though I want to be in his french shoes even less now.
  • I really wouldn’t want to deal with that kind of sudden attention.
  • I mean, the quality of content in the video itself was kinda meh
  • I do advocate pasting things directly into terminals without reading them though.
    • It’s just good advice to live by

Sweet mother if changelog

  • Lots of gameplay and rules changes implemented
  • Shiny ‘new’ QT5 ui
  • Slowly but surely moving to SDL2

Wifi Controlla

  • Guts replacement kits for a couple different retro controllas
  • SNES and nes controller had notoriously short cables, so if you got a modern den (or back pain) this is a good little project
  • Can I have one for the Saturn controller?

Only $799

  • The PCBs are mostly finalised
  • There’s still some confoobling to do with the WiFi antennas and they still gotta go through FCC certification
  • So take note Smach zero team
  • Is there really a demand for these when you can slap together a PiBoy for about tree fiddy?

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Osmorrow
Webzone: Osmorrow
Devel: Night Apparatus
Engine: Game Maker Studio
Price: £3.99 / US$4.99 / CA$5.69
Wazzat: An adventure set on the planet of Osmorrow, where the Ogre clan has run rampant. Your mission is to help restore peace and order to this world as you liberate Osmorrow from the Ogre oppression. Use high skilled melee and ranged combat along with swift and precise movement to quell the Ogre threat.

Mandatory Disclosure: Dev sent us keys


Does It Launch
Performance @ 1080

  • No windowed mode.
  • Two cursors and one is laaaagy.


  • Works with the Steamy controlla.


Does It Launch

  • jes

Performance @ 1080

  • No complaints here


  • The cursors! The cursors!


  • Has pseudo correct dual shock prompts


Does It Launch
Performance @ 1080

  • No way to enable Windowed mode
  • Even the usual Game Maker shortcuts don’t work.
  • There’s 2 cursors on screen at all times, the OS one and the game one.


  • It sees controllers but they don’t work

QA Score:


Fun section: (Catch all) Were the controls good, graphics pretty, nice sounds etc.


  • Venn:
    • 45 minutes of You Have Died.
  • Jordan
    • Yeah, fighting in this game sucks
    • And considering that its you’re main mechanism in the game, you might wanna reconsider
    • It’s also a wee unfair that enemies can fire diagonally but you can’t
    • They even have an annoying little ship battle segment
  • Pedro
    • It’s so infuriating.
    • Days are super short and you have limited lantern fuel so going around at night is a squinting exercise.
    • There’s little to no feedback that you’re hitting something or something is hitting you. The combat in general just feels like you’re waving a featherduster at things until they or your character fall over.
    • The music screeches so loud at times you have to wonder if your neighbours are going to come running to see if you’re feeling alright.
    • There’s possibly a game hidden under all this, but I just can’t seem to muster the stubbornness necessary to find it.

Fun Score:


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