Valve counts controllers, PlayOnLinux returns from the dead, BATTLETECH 1.2.1 adds support for Linux and Jackbox Party Pack 5 gets a release date. Then RAZED faces, the CHAIRQASITION!

All this, plus your hate mail!

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • 195k Steam Users using SNES controllers.
  • The 360 controller being on top shouldn’t surprise anyone
    • Yeah, considering xinput devices = XBOX.
  • The article also echoes my sentiments about the ds4, which on Linux is a lot easier to get set up
  • And now I’m even more tempted to get one of those Switch pro controllers but I’d probably end up not using it all that much.


SPCR for Steam

  • Handy because my brain-organ flat-out refuses to remember the URL.
  • Needs more Chrome


VR Crash

  • Ayyy steam vr gets some linux fixes
  • Now how about some games to take advantage of said fixes


Steamy compitition

  • Alright, securing digital sales with blockchain is kinda neat.
  • Being able to resell games, double so.
    • That is ripe for abuse
  • Especially with developers creating artificial scarcity to drive up price of their stuff.

Steam: Game Updates

Sunless Skies exits Early Access

  • Sequel/spiritual successor comes out at the end of January
  • They also made a tabletop RPG for it, which I perused
    • It’s pretty clearly a small scope game, inspired by apocalypse world


Rocket Cars v1.53

  • Bunch of Hot Wheels stuff to decorate your business with.
  • Hot Wheels Rivals’ is now available as a playable Arena in Casual Playlists, Tournaments, Private Matches and Offline Matches
  • And of course, another £4 worth of DLC cars.


Seeker and Slayer

  • New game+ mods to spice up replayability
  • Megabosses have been added to put your munchkining skills to the test
  • Why one would want a kill can in an isometric RPG is beyond me, but you have one now and you can configure it
  • As usual, a host of gameplay and AI fixes are also included


Chimply amazing

  • Stupid monkey update mumble grumble
  • 3 new levels including the nuclear plant and the mainframe
  • A few more.fucky block types you can use to attempt to screw over your friends but actually fuck yourself
  • You can also customize the bejeezus out the match, adjusting scoring, block appearance rates and more


Blade Symphony

  • Latest update adds Linux support.
  • Porting to the latest Source engine allowed this.
  • The update also includes a gentler learning curve: being inspired by games such as Jedi Knight’s lightsaber duels and Soul Calibur.
  • That said, if you are trying to make this friendly to newcomers ya might want to unfuck your controller settings.
  • Using the Steam Contolla (on a game built /w the source Engine) no button prompts are shown and “grab” is not even mapped.

Steam: New Games


  • Available in Beta on Steam only. When it goes live, it will release on all supported distribution platforms.
  • Multiplayer has some… issues.
  • Thanks to Jeremy from PCper for letting me know.
  • Hoo boy, this is a pleasant surprise.   Good job Hairbrained
  • This has the potential to be another time sink for me.   Turned based giant robot shenanigans


Total War: Kingdoms or something

  • THREE KINGDOMS is coming to Linux shortly after the Windows release on March 7th, 2019 according to a Feral human.
    • You know, considering feral;s turnaround time usually, that’s not too bad
  • It’s got to be a FSM damned awesome time to be a TOTES WAR fan and a Linux user.


Multiplayer Bomberman

  • It’s EXTREMELY basic but makes /w the working.
  • The first person perspective has me curious
  • Though, I can imagine the claustrophobia it will cause.


Jack V

  • Hope they maintain their unofficial Linux support for part 5.
  • Oh look, Linux support added to the preorder page.



  • Looks nice.
    • Bit of a salt and sanctuary vibe
    • Online multiplayer is a nice touch
  • Don’t know if I’m a fan of the animation rigging.
  • Looks a bit ragdoll.
  • I liked Salt & Sanctuary a lot but this one, going from the trailer, doesn’t seem to be selling me on it.
  • It may also be that games like this are dime-a-dozen on Steam nowadays.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we’re past the hipster pixel bullshit, but I’d like something with a bit more depth… dimensionally speaking.


We Don’t Like 4.0: Kingmaker

  • Like Baldur’s Gate?   Hate AD&D? Here’s one for ya!
  • Apparently this one is pretty good though.   A lot of my PF complaints come from shitty incentivised table behaviour and over demand of system mastery, but having a game to point you in the right direction and limit your options may work in PF’s favour
  • No online though, which is a wee sad


Last SC

  • Now that the Steamy controlla is baked-in do we really need this tool?
    • Still handy if you want to customise your controllers for non steam games
      • Or rasPis maybe?
  • The kernel driver supports HID functionality, but there’s really not much in the way of a config GUI.


DXVK Update

  • Better support for apus or machines without dedicated vram
  • Pipeline state caching allows for precompilation of shaders earlier during runtime, handy if you have driver updates, at the cost of CPU usage
  • My SteamBox is positively throbbing at the idea of seeing a Proton update.


PlayOnLinux 5.0 alpha 1

  • Now it looks even more like lutris
  • They’ve ditched bash for JS for their scripting engine
    • But why, though?
  • Future goals are to create a flat hub style build system for wine games
  • RIPD, Lutris.
  • I like PlayOnLinux for one thing, it allows the management of wineprefixes much more easily than Lutris ever did.
  • Especially, for games which have a heavy mod community and dedicated mod managing applications.
  • Easier may not be the best term but far more intuitive.
  • That Lutris UI needs work, Strider.


OBSGL Inject

  • This is kinda/sorta what GLCencode was doing back in the day.
  • You’re going to trigger any and all anti cheat mechanisms within Steam.


Royale With DOOM

  • Sorta want to play around with this.
  • Might as well…
  • Every other engine and their dog has a battle royale game, why not one of the Doom engines?


FLOSS Skills

  • There’s a good sentiment in this article
    • Don’t get to hung up on your told tools or framework, you’ll need to switch out pieces when.necessary
      • Got hung up on my told once, nasty business, that.
    • Developing good practises is more important
  • Also, you will get a ton of criticism and disparaging remarks about your progenitors.
  • It’ll teach you to do the right thing and avoid those comments.


Over 1,000

  • Fuck yes hotdog storm

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Webzone: RAZED
Devel: Warpfish Games
Engine: Unity
Price: £9.29 / US$11.99 / CA$13.49

Wazzat: Sprint through dynamic neon levels in the quickest time possible, employing skills such as super-speed boosts, mega-jumps, drifts, stomps and strafes to bypass obstacles and uncover shortcuts to propel yourself up the online leaderboards.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys


Does It Launch

  • OOTB.

Performance @ 1080

  • 1080 @ 2160 locked at 60.
  • Didn’t have issues with micro stutters until I did.
  • The game would dip to 40frps ever 5 seconds or so even in the menu.
  • I was able to resolve this by changing the screen res to 1080 and back to 2160.
  • Alright, resolve is a strong word, minimize is more accurate.
  • They put some pretty over the Unity boilerplate but your options are limited to Unity boilerplate.  


  • Photons, all up in my face eyes.
  • Simplified poly graphics and pretty colours.


  • Steam controlla, OOTB, had correct button prompts.


Does It Launch

  • yes

Performance @ 1080

  • It seems to force vsync whatever you do, so 1080 or UHD will give you “60”


  • yes


  • No DS4 Button prompts, but not ding worthy


Does It Launch

  • Doesn’t like to be moved to another monitor.
  • No windowed mode

Performance @ 1080

  • The FerPS are locked to 60
  • At 1080p it’s fine
  • At 3840×2160, even if the frame counter on the overlay doesn’t indicate any drops, there’s some very obvious microstutter.
  • To the point where it affects the maneuverability and speed of your character


  • It does in fact display things on screen.


  • Did you think I wouldn’t notice the lack of rebindable controls?
  • It’s <current year argument>, enough of this!

QA Score:




  • It’s already got me talking shite to it.
  • Then again any game with a quick reset button is intentionally asking for said talking of shite.
  • That’s right kids, we’re about to talk about, you guess it, speed running games!
  • But first we have to address the magic talking shoes.
  • They were (are) bizarre enough to get a chuckle out of me, there, now you can’t claim I didn’t say something nice.
  • The one thing, one thing you absolutely, positively have to have in a precision speed-running game is fluid gameplay.
  • You seemed to have cocked that up, royally.
  • My RYZEN 7 / 980 combo barley notices RAZED is running so I’m not going to lay the blame there.
  • Then again I’m not running the recommended system which is, wait for it, Fedora.
  • I love RedHat, I’ve been running Fedora since Core 1.
  • Hell, you could call me a fan human.
  • But are you fucking with me? Fedora? Really?
  • Anyway, RAZED is a polygon run and jump joint that has you bouncing off walls and collecting diamonds while getting killed to death due to RNG physics, slippery controls and inconsistent frame-pacing.
  • At the end of the (take that shot) RAZED is a definite improvement on Outcry, the prototype is was based on but FK right off if you think this is a finished product.
  • Hey, who knows, there could be a future patch that sorts all the issues but until then, stay away.


  • I’m one of these people who gets really frustrated at games (see gilf/w fiends)
  • Speedrunny precision types are most certainly not my cup of tea, and this isn’t any exception
  • There is something wrong with your game if your drift mechanic is less effective than not using it at all
  • Pedro’s right about all the various little annoying inconsistencies, from acceleration, to accruement of charge
  • The visual style  is fine, and I actually dig the soundtrack, but goddamn that gameplay can EABOD


  • At the end of the video I recorded for this review, I finally beat the third level of the 2nd “chapter”.
  • I threw my hands up, flipped the sky wizard the bird, and promptly hit Alt+F4.
  • At 65 minutes I’m done.
  • I’m done with the microstutters, which cause me to run off platforms all the damn time.
  • I’m done with the crapshoot physics, which sometimes will make you slow down to a crawl when you land and others won’t affect your speed at all.
  • I’m done with randomly dying because I got a femtometer too close to some random hazard.
  • Games like these need a sense of fluidity and consistency.
  • We threw chairs at Distance last week, and for all its flaws it does exactly this but in a fluid consistent way.
  • I don’t mind the random physics fuck ups as much in Distance because the rest of the game actually holds up.
  • Razed doesn’t, I’m afraid.

Hate Mail:


  • I’d be lying if I said I didn’t at least have one VM or service cluster called turbococksmasher


So cold


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