LinuxGameCast Weekly 322: Coming up NES

Flibit tackles Proton, VR gets smooth, seizuretastic farming and Star Trek on my Linux?


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • Shadow Warrior is totes playable now if you are using the Vulkan dev drivers.
  • 3.16-3 is now out and they’ve recompiled it without the debug stuff, again.


SPCS for Chrome

  • Took’em awhile!
  • There’s one for firefox too
  • Now with chrome goodness.


Flibit on Proton

  • They need his audio brainz
  • I can see Skyrim and Fallout 4 making it to the Whitelist once FAudio gets hammered in.
    • The Skyrim review nobody knew they needed.
    • Yerp. Valve’s gonna make their own windows. With blackjack. And hookers



  • SteamVR will now do fancy prediction to fill in frames that wouldn’t necessarily get delivered on time
  • The thinking here is that this not only improves apparent performance on weaker systems, it potentially adds additional performance for higher end systems
  • Only works on Win10 + Nvidia for now though


Hot steamy mess

  • For a company who claimed to be taking trolling into serious consideration, that doesn’t seem to apply to all parts of the store.
  • So the list of issues reported are
    • People using reviews as a bug tracker/blackmail.
    • Steam needs a better technical feedback system/bug reporting system
    • Existing methods for communicating with customers are insufficient and require man power
    • The automated region based pricing can fuck with your per game revenue by about 30-60% depending on which country you’re in
    • Valve only gives a shit if you, as an individual company, make them a shit ton of money

Steam: Game Updates

Portal edit

  • The cynical forced crossover that happened to be pretty damn good gets a new level editor
  • There were some physics issues that required some adjustments of their own levels, so you might need to go back and retest your stuff
  • They had to sort some bugs to make this work that might slightly effect some prebuilt levels.


Rocket Yoshi

  • Needs a windows only app to play in multiplayer that uses some whacky vpn worarkound to avoid pissing off psyonix
  • You also need some extra files from another site to fix the bushes.
  • Try it wil ball-cam on.

Steam: New Games


  • Sacre bleu! Le pied de l’etoile!
  • Also, are there actually 8472 types of aliens in this game?
  • Apparently it’ll run on centOS 5
  • I got all the way to the SUPER sketchy login screen.


Glad Bots

  • A bit like gratuitous space battles
  • You can pay 30 bucks to buy the “optimization pack”. Basically you don’t have to play the game to unlock points, you paid for them
  • What if GSB allowed you to set the general logic of the AI like Dragon Age Origins does, is the question being asked here.
  • It’s an App!
  • In-app Products $0.99 – $22.99 per item.
  • So $14.99 might be a deal if you really really like the game but how does that work with multiplayer?


Farm Together

  • Milkstone Studios sent over some review copies.
  • You shite is busted, Milkstone.
  • Had to throw -screen-fullscreen 1 -screen-width 3440 -screen-height 1440 -force-glcore42 -force-clamped into the launch options.
  • This is a solution from the developer.
  • Major Linux graphics snafu aside, this could be 3D Farmville.
  • As the people who made Ziggurat, I know they have the chops to fix it.



  • What about pulling Proton versions from the git and building those?
  • Apparently this is POL’s replacement for their wine build service.
  • Doing a bit of a winehub thing, but with docker
  • Minor nitpick but:
    • Okay, seriously guys. You’re writing documentation for developers and telling them to log out and log back in?
    • Seriously, learn the newgrp command.


Nightly RODS

  • This is kinda of interesting since I was never able to make this thing build since the history of ever.
  • It was responsible for my undying hatred for cmake.
  • I got it built and working once, drove around an oddly shaped track until my truck shot up into the sky.


Off Grid


Global beta

  • Linux gamer or not, grab some popcorn and watch how this plays out.
  • 60 free games for Nitro subscribers.
  • It’s still mostly indie games you probably already own
  • I am curious to see what happens
  • But I don’t appreciate relegating non-Windows users to second class status right off the bat.


Stats for nerds

  • I want to throw this in since Feral insists on giving system (CPU) requirements for Intel only.
  • And they recommend Ubuntu for the OS.
  • Would be great to see the breakdown by part names, too.
  • And the numbers of how many people are installing which of the official flavours.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Ultimate Chicken Horse
Devel: Clever Endeavour Games
Engine: Unity
Price: £10.99 / US$14.99 / CA$16.99

Wazzat: Ultimate Chicken Horse is a party platformer game where you build the level as you play, placing traps and hazards to screw your friends over, but trying not to screw yourself.

Mandatory Disclosure: Foxy sent us keys


Does It Launch

  • Kinda sorta, yes.
  • It better since you will be restarting the game, constantly.
  • Seriously, getting an online game going it a legit carpshoot.

Performance @ 1080

  • 300+ @ 1080.


  • Flat, cartoon, works.
  • I really do like the art style.


  • When it works, it works.
  • Giving it a fail since it will randomly eat shite leaving you unable to control fk or all until the end of a round.
  • Or a restart.
  • Another biggie is the inability to launch the game with key/gerb, it locks out the controller.
  • Launching the game with the controller works but you get SUPRISE player two if you breathe on the keb/gerb.


Does It Launch

  • Oh, it’ll start up, but every time you want to start a new multiplayer match, you need to restart the game

Performance @ 1080


  • Look at that chicken dance


  • 2 years and your first input is still slot 1.
  • So make sure you grab that controller before doing anything in a menu


Does It Launch

  • It launches reliably, which is a notable improvement from Early Access
  • But it still fails to join online games without a restart.
  • And you will be going through that a lot if you don’t have friends over to play the game with you.

Performance @ 1080

  • 60 because VSync


  • Both graphics and audio works


  • Controller support was also very flaky at first but now even the 8bitdo SNES pro controller works fine

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • I’m giving this a reluctant two.
    • Building a nope gauntlet to kill your friends while simultaneously creating a path for yourself is wicked-fun.
    • Yeah, really really fun but really really busted.
    • All I can say is this.
    • 20% of any Chicken horsing session is composed of fucking with controllers, restarting the game, randomly losing connection, and trying to find a level everyone can connect to.
    • When it works, it’s brilliant.
    • That said, if I called the Host/Client sync incredibly buggy I would be accused of understating the facts.
  • Jordan
    • On paper, UCH is a fantastic party game
    • The platforming is really good, the vs mechanic is inspired in how it makes people’s brains contort and it inspires really good shit talk
    • However, in practise there are some problems. Mostly technical in nature
    • The control issue has been around since their demo and they haven’t fixed it
    • You need to restart the game to start a new MP match
    • And for some reason, it spawns a second cursor when I use a controller
    • Lack of single player is a bit of a moot point because this is a party game by design
    • The ability to create and share levels is nice]
    • It took 4 intoxicated technical people to sort out online multiplayer. Sober non techies don’t stand a chance
  • Pedro
    • My admiration toward Ben Yahtzee Croshaw is news to no one.
    • But you can never agree fully with someone else.
    • Yahtzee’s shtick is that a video game needs to be able to stand on its singleplayer campaign. I disagree.
    • But this game doesn’t even have a pretense of one.
    • Its job is to be a party game.
    • Simple mechanics, easy to understand concepts, and a healthy dose of watching people fail.
    • It has what it needs to be a good multiplayer only game which could, in theory stand on its own.
    • Unfortunately, having to continuously debug a game when you have friends over is not what people want.
    • This isn’t Early Access anymore, if the game is an officially released state, crap like being unable to reliably play it should be fixed.
    • It’s not fun when the game fails to deliver on the most basic thing it sets out to do.

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:


  • I got it to work in Solus by doing the same thing that person did.
  • The annoying bit is having to open Winecfg in that Proton prefix to set 2 extra libs to native and setting the game to run inside a virtual desktop.

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