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Steam kills Link, Shadow of the Tomb Raider heads to Linux, NVIDIA 2060 details leak and Humble has another JUMBO Bundle.

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

RIP Link

  • Low on Links.
  • This should have been obvious since the first time they went on sale for $5.
  • Two firesales and there is still stock.
  • They’re still handy if you want to set up a minimal party rig, but it’s one of those things where basically the entire target market owns one now
  • I wonder if they’re going to basically fold all this stuff into the Steam mobile app so that shit like Rokus or other set top android boxen can fill the niche
  • They are out of stock in the EU, apparently.



  • *checks nier automatic tomato*
    • It’s half off, but it’s still 40 bucks
    • Same with SoTR if you wanna test it before…well, spoilers
  • Pulled the trigger on DS III and sent that fkr right back.
  • Might have to get the Jedi Knight bundle since most of those are 75% off.

Steam: Game Updates

Artifact update

  • Quite the list of changes
  • I do like that they let you play offline without opening the starter packs so you can still get a refund.
  • You can also huck your garbage cards for event tickets at a rate of 20 to 1. How that stacks up moneywise, I dunno. Can you enroll in keep drafts with those tickets?


RIP Keys

  • Supposedly keys from indiegala were the only ones supposed to be revoked, but everything bought from groupees is as well
  • Apparently Indiegala has not been paying the developer their share of the sales
  • Normally, when one party does not hold up their end of a contract, the other party gets a lawyer and sues the former
  • Now y’all just have a bunch of pissed off customers
    • “On a side note I will work to make sure you guys get your keys back one way or another as it’s not your fault, I feel like we’ve both been screwed over by these sale sites.”
      • Might be a wee too late for that brad
  • Dude nuked keys that were on sale over a year ago.
  • Went scorched earf and killed a lot of keys that were not from the bundle as well.
  • Also, Indiegala called him the FK out, son. (post #10)
  • Should a developer be able to nuke 20K keys without providing some damn good reasons?
  • There should be something to prevent revocation after say, 90 days.


Moment of Xen

  • 14 years later.
    • Still running at a better clip than HL3
  • The game will not be delayed again until Q2 2019.
  • HD Ballsack boy!
  • He so bouncy!
    • HAWT!
  • The flying Manta Rays have a derpy face!



  • Has an option for Vulkan in the launcher.
  • It might need a little work.
  • OpenGL still runs like poo, struggling to maintain 60.
  • Really wish they would get the performance sorted, could be a fun game.

Steam: New Games

Yo Tombs

  • Lost that bet.
  • It’s surprising
  • My guess is that Feral had all of the tomb raider sequels on lockdown
  • Yeah, that and they are doing the MAC port so might as well.
  • First real battle for IndirectX vs DXVK.
    • Performance consistency is another thing. Feral has some trouble with AMD in ze past.
    • We might get a case where with Proton it runs better on AMD and on Feral it runs better on Intel+Nvidia
  • Did their contract with WB EABOD?
  • Not so much as a peep about Shadow of War.
  • First tweet’s gone!



  • Basically moves all the stuff from the 415.13 beta to the stable branch
  • They work, not much new to report.
  • I’m back on the repo version of the drivers for Solus, hopefully they keep following the short lived branch.



  • This could be an interesting little card for those of us looking to get the new nvenc hardware on the cheap.
  • Chances of it being sub $300?
  • The 980Ti really holds up on that particular benchmark and that, that’s kinda sad.
  • If they want to sell it in favor of the RX 580/90 they will have to sell it for under $350
  • Though if those benches translate into reality, it’s beating the Vega 56.
  • Leak a better benchmark next time, NVIDIA.


Jumbo 12

  • Pay 5 bucks for 3 linux games
  • Pay 10 bucks to see if Derp 4 runs well in proton
  • DiRT 4 does in fact work!


Zmach 2019?

  • Both videos at the bottom contain the same gameplay footage
  • Remains to be seen whether or not
  1. A “warehouse fire” doesn’t destroy all the units
  2. There are Power and thermal issues out the wazoo
  3. The performance is actually shit
  • Either way, this thing sold all the units it’ll ever sell in the kickstarter
  • Believe, see.
  • You too can prove to your mates, if this ever comes out, that you’re financially questionable by buying the €100 golden version.


Vendetta Vukan

  • A single cross-platform standard is also easier to maintain: instead of supporting DirectX, OpenGL and OpenGL ES on various different platforms.
  • It’s experimental for the Windows client only for the time being.
  • Oh, the one I never played because monthly sub!
  • An engine overhaul seems pretty overdue for these folks
  • The current vendetta looks to use SDL 1.2 and shuts down my other monitor


Dungeon pixels

  • For those of you who don’t know, devler is a hipster pixel first person dungeon crawler in the style of Pool of Radiance or Eye of the Beholder
  • Good on the developer for open sourcing their engine
  • Oh look, it’s done in java! Spool up the REEEEEEEEEEEEE drive
  • You can buy the full game on Steam for £6 during the sale, if you want to tell the devs you appreciate this!
  • I know I did.


Sonic Kartz

  • This is incredibly well done.
    • So well done I’m surprised neither Nintendo’s or Sega’s lawyers have said anything…
  • Also sports multiplayer.
  • Requires SDL2 Mixer.
  • The controls seem a little…off I suppose? I keep spinning out of control just by tapping left


Don’t blame WINe

  • TLDR: Homeboy thought it was because he was using Wine.
  • Turns out he’s using some mouse scripting utility to get through menus faster which Actiblizzion’s anti cheat picked up.
  • Someone brought up that this has a very subtle effect on overwatch, given that in ranked matches you could use it to guarantee which character you get, which is antithetical to the OW design
  • Life cheaters find a way.
  • Let this serve as a lesson.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Mark of The Ninja
Webzone: Mark of the Ninja Remastered
Devel: Klei Entertainment
Engine: Custom
Price:$20 USD, $5 if you have the original

Wazzat:In Mark of the Ninja, you’ll know what it is to truly be a ninja. You must be silent, agile and clever to outwit your opponents in a world of gorgeous scenery and flowing animation.


Does It Launch

  • Works OOTB unlike the non-remastered version.

Performance @ 1080

  • It maintains a solid 60 except when it don’t.
  • Sometimes depending on the hour of the day and what shoes you are wearing it will nosedive into the 40’s every 10 seconds or so making it unplayable.
  • This can be resolved by restarting the game… a few times.


  • Dark and flashy.


  • Steam controlla no issues.


Does It Launch

  • yessereeboberooniemajigger

Performance @ 1080

  • Runs smoothly @ UHD #Wintel


  • The animated cutscenes give me newgrounds flashbacks. Not that that’s a bad thing, I just haven’t seen that sort of animation in a good long while


  • Works OOTB with the ps4 controller. Still getting xbox prompts


Does It Launch

  • It does start right up

Performance @ 1080

  • Oh yes, when the performance tanks it tanks like the Panzer VIII
  • It’s jarring to see.


  • Graphics look crisp and even when your character is hiding you can still see it
  • Which I guess is where the focus of this particular remaster went into.


  • Yes, the Quick Time Events are still just as responsive as they were last time but more on that later.

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • Like HitMan this game has a little thing I like to call the nope cascade.
    • One little mistake can trigger a tsunami of guards and that’s that.
    • It’s repetitive as hell and that really sinks in around the two hour oh hi Mark of the ninja.
    • Press X to stab respects is hella annoying and adds nothing to the game.
    • When you are not doing that it’s hurry up and wait.
    • It does provide you with a bag-o-tricks to overcome situations designed for said bag-o-tricks.
    • When this game first arrived on Linux is was busted with the always run mechanic taped down.
    • Even after that was sorted it was nothing exceptional but OMG NEW GAME ON LINUX!11! allowed me to overlook a lot of shortcoming.
    • In 2018 we have a gang of games and more incoming so revisiting this is not a good idea.
    • Even with a new coat of HD it’s still… boring.
    • How, fkn, evar.
    • If you have been waiting for a remaster of bitch ninja Mc. bag-o-tricks and have the original pick this up for $4.99 and kill two hours.
  • Jordan
    • I’m with pedro, I’m not that big a fan of the QTE assasturbations
    • Aragami had it right, position yourself and press a button
    • The sneaking gameplay is pretty good, although sometimes you get screwed by the context sensitive menus
    • Sometimes though, the best option seems to be to cheese the fuck out of the enemies and make a mad dash to the next checkpoint
    • I guess I’m not very good at this game. It requires a sort of patience I really don’t have
    • Nice touch, you no longer run by default
    • Everything looks nice in UHD, so If you enjoyed the original one, want some new side missions and some crisper art, it’s not the worst 5 bucks you could spend
  • Pedro
    • I suppose I shouldn’t have expected much since it’s just a remaster rather than a remake.
    • But I still hate the QTE stealth kills.
    • And just how annoying it is, the moment you’re spotted, ninja dude forgets he has a sword until the enemy is knocked down.
    • Also, and I mentioned this last time, you get rewarded for not killing guards or raising the alarm.
    • But all you can do with those rewards is to buy more skills for your character to make the game easier.
    • If you’re already good enough to get through the levels without those skills, why would you want to buy them?
    • Klei does good games.
    • Shank is fucking awesome! Shank 2 is just more of that fucking awesomeness! Don’t Starve is great if you enjoy that kind of game.
    • Of all the games they decide to remaster this one… I don’t get it.

Fun Score:


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