LinuxGameCast Weekly 336: Sexualizing Pedro

NVIDIA 2060 review incoming! DXVK 0.96 reduces CPU overhead, We Happy Few heads to Linux, and AMD vows to have Radeon VII drivers ready at launch.


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • Handy dandy whitelist
  • It’s a whitelist with the added benefit of knowing that Proton version is being used for each game.
  • And by default it sorts by release date of when that particular group was whitelisted


Le Fork

  • Bound to happen.   
  • The beauty of open source
  • Dude is fixing bugs and the fork has 9 contribs.
  • Very nice to see!
  • Oh and as some people noticed, you can now use Proton if you add a non-steam shortcut to a Windows game.



  • Planning to take advantage of a new Chinese market?
  • Are we gonna see a Chinese steam announcement in February?
  • I’m good on games for a while but if Norse Appalachian Tarantino shows up I might yoink it.  
  • Oh, so there is a limit as to when you can put shit up on an off sale

Steam: Game Updates

We Happy Linux

  • These fixes will be coming for other platforms as soon as they are ready, along with their own platform specific fixes (including linux).
    • Oh hey!  Linux bugfixes
    • I take it to mean they’re actually going to release the long promised linux version
  • Sorta want?
  • I mean, the idea was neat but it released in a state that was well, unhappy.

Steam: New Games


  • If you like roguelikes and deck building games, this is the one you’ve been waiting for.
  • It’s a real boy.   Based on the patch notes, they finally nixed a few uncommon crashes
  • They’re promising more content soon.   Will it be team cherry style free updates or paid DLC?
  • Looks like a better love story than Artifact.
  • Why does this one have so much joy?


Rocket Golf

  • This is basically Nice Shot, but it works on linux
  • And looks a bit worse?    
  • It’s still in early access, so maybe it’ll get better
  • Yeah, right now this looks like a HS project and not much of one at that.



  • Space battle royale.
  • Yup, a 100 player descent style deathmatch
  • Cheap as free.   Might be worth a looky loo as a aftershow game
  • Online play only at this point.
  • It drops you in without giving you any instruction but nobody is playing so you can suss things out.


Good on them

  • Seriously, having drivers ready for a released product, progress.
  • Now the question is whether or not the distributions can catch up
    • Also a reminder that distributions should periodically update their installers with new kernels.    
    • They don’t
    • To be fair, there are now nightly isos available for a few distros.
    • You just have to go out of your way to find them…


The real 60

  • You will finally be able to get a 60 series card priced like a 60 series card!
  • Difficulty: It performs like a 60 series card.
  • There were also leaks suggesting a 1650 and a non TI 1660.
  • Confusing ass model numbers
  • If the price is right, it’s good news for gamers who want a good card for 1080P gaming
  • I’m amused by some of the fanfic about NVIDIA releasing a non RTX card faster or equal to the 2060.
  • That’s not going to happen and we both know it.


RTX 2060 review

  • Do you want to play the latest games @ 4K 120hz?
  • Cause if you do, ya better buy something elks.
  • However if you still live that 1080p lifestyle and needs the upgrade from a James Clerk series or lower card, check it out.
  • It’s not a bad for $390.
  • If you stream FKN BUY IT, period.
  • Serisouly, even if you have a 1080Ti buy this and butter robot it in a spare PCIe slot.
  • It basically gives you x.264 Medium quality with next to 0 overhead.
  • Also, USB C port is USB C port, winning!
  • Alright, let’s never speak of NVIDIA or RTX evar again.


Tracing Rays with RTX

  • I don’t know why you would want to but I made a guide for it.
  • It’s a lot of work for a semi-interesting slideshow.
  • However it does show that Vulkan is able to take advantage of wigglerays on Linux.



  • It compiles, has that going for it.
  • You still need to set the Coolbits
  • I guess the fan curve is the interesting part here.


Reinvent le wheel

  • “We also tried working with the DXVK project; that didn’t work out.”
    • Wat
  • Well, DXVK isn’t going anywhere and it seems like a bad idea for WINE to go out of their way to not support it
  • Yeah, there was some reason WINE didn’t allow DXVK into the project.
  • Honestly, keeping them decoupled might not be a bad idea.  
  • It allows DXVK to move a lot faster, as they have been without needing to constantly upgrade wine releases
  • It’s nothing nefarious, they simply couldn’t get in touch with the developer.
  • For some reason I instantly liked this guy.
  • It’s not the first time WINE decided to do things their way.
  • When CSMT was first introduced, WINE decided to implement it their own way rather than use the patches the original developer proposed.
  • Keep in mind dude is now working with Valve and I think part of their orientation processes is learning how not to communicate in any meaningful way.


Oh well

  • Feral vs DXVK.
  • Getting ready for that Resident Evil 2 Release weekend
  • They’ve redone the shader cache format to reduce the total number of calls.
  • In fact, there seems to have been an effort all around to eliminate unnecessary API calls
  • Trimming down the fluff to make things work better is always welcome!
  • Is there a (easy) way to swap out the DXVK bits in Proton?


Weeping parody

  • Inb4 the final boss is the statue of liberty
  • It’s free and quite honestly, it should be.
  • It’s Slender but with the titular man replaced with a “Weeping Angel”

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: A Story About My Uncle
Devel: Gone North Games
Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Price: £9.99 / US$12.99 / CA$13.99

Wazzat: A Story About My Uncle is a first person platforming adventure game about a boy who searches for his lost uncle, and ends up in a world he couldn’t imagine existed. Take help of your uncle’s mysterious inventions that let you jump incredibly high and far through beautiful scenery, uncover clues to your uncle’s whereabouts, and meet fantastical creatures that will help you on your journey.




QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Talking child salamander girl is the embodiment of all things NOPE.
  • Speed, this game lacks it.
  • I see speed lines but that’s really the only indicator.
  • How many times have been lost?
  • Yeah, I gave it an hour and a half and fk this nonsense.
  • It’s live die repeat over here at casa de Stone.
  • Imagine if this game had permadeath.
  • I made it as far as the sky village and tapped out at the second windmill ride.
  • At that point I had a lizard on my back and no real reason to overcome the moon physics required to not slam into FKN rocks.
  • You can’t not compare this game to Valley.
  • Yeah, Valley had some funky parts with annoying physics but sweet mother of holy hell did it hit you with a hella interesting story from frame one that made you push through the BS parts because ya needed some closure.  
  • This, this just has me hauling around the third course at a Japanese restaurant.
  • What it boils down to is simple, the main mechanic is swinging off shite and I don’t like the way it’s handled.
  • It should be WeeeeeeeeeEEEeeeee not a FKN chore.


  • Those kids got a bit of an innsmouth look.  Just saying
  • Also, those people are literally living in Fred’s waste.   
  • That’s kinda fucked up
  • Momentum is kinda weird in this game.   Angular momentum is a different problem entirely
  • I found myself bouncing off a ton of rocks.  
  • Also the grappling mechanic is hyper janky
  • After about an hour of fucking up jumps, I gave up.   I wasn’t really having fun at that point
  • I get that this is a baby game for babies, but I found it pretty obtuse at times
  • And to get the inevitabel valley comparison, when they gave you a linear challenge, the level was pretty straight forward, telegraphing all the precise jumps
  • This gives you a barely functional grappling hook and says have at
  • Also, yeah, teleporters?  Fish people? This is one shoggoth away from baby’s first lovecraft story


  • A game like this will inevitably get the Valley comparison.
  • And Valley was pretty damn good.
  • Now I hear some of you point out that Valley came out in 2016 and this one was originally released in 2014.
  • Thing is, Valley released on Linux in October 2016 while A Story About My Creepy Uncle only released for the penguin in May 2017.
  • So, yes! I am going to compare it to Valley and right off the bat it’s already at a disadvantage.
  • Valley made it all about the movement, speed and momentum dictated how successful you were in the 3D platforming.
  • In ASAMU the grappling thing breaks pretty much any momentum you had up to that point and often breaks your perception of speed.
  • Like Venn mentioned, the only indication of speed are the lines around your vision but even the rocket boots do nothing to help you feel like you’re moving faster through the air.
  • Yeah, the screen goes all blurry and you hold whatever jump you’re doing for a bit longer but come on… They’re rocket boots for fuck’s sake!
  • Though with that said, it’s still an interesting story about a dude’s uncle which may or may not have started a civilization of salamander people from trash.
  • It’s just the platformy bits in between the story that don’t really help.
  • Narrator dude also seems very meh about the whole thing, despite saying how awesome it felt to fly through the air.

Fun Score:


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