LinuxGameCast Weekly 365: Pedro Tilt Zoom

Ion Fury gets a day-1 Linux release! Facepunch offers Rusty refunds, Nvidia offloads PRIME, and Logitech wheel configuration made simple.

Special Thanks To:

  • Acid Monkey (inc pledge)
  • MikeG (New Tiles)

05:12 Steam workshop MOD’s require approval
07:38 1 year of Goldberg emulator
10:09 Facepunch offers Rust refunds
12:57 Dead Cells: Who’s the Boss
14:51 Abandon Ship
17:58 Pro Cycling Manager 2019
20:03 Ion Fury
22:08 Electronic Super Joy 2
23:43 Return to Dust
29:54 NVIDIA PRIME offloading
32:20 Logitech Wheel configuration
35:27 Flycast HLE BIOS
38:45 Blackmagic OBS setup
53:08 Hate Mail


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam approves MODs

  • Only for Steam games ATM but it’s a start.
  • With all the hullabaloo about microtransactions and loot boxes, VALVe feels the need to regulate their own.


One year of Goldberg

  • Well that devolved into a rant quicker than I thought
  • Apparently the API has wierd wait times that some games actually depend on,so correcting performance will actually break stuff?

Steam: Game Updates

Rusty refunds

  • So long and thanks for all the dicks
  • I mean, this is the best resolution possible.
  • That’s as graceful a walk out as anyone would expect. Peace out!


Dead Cells: Who’s the Boss?

  • Hold me closer
    • She’s a bad reader
  • New weapons and enemies related to the bosses.
  • I still can’t beat the boss in the clock tower.


Abandon Ship

  • Oh hey, lookit that. Small team realizes they don’t have the capacity to do full e2e tests under Linux so they’re soliciting community help.
    • Whether they actually fix the issues or pull a Gary is TBD
  • Very interesting visual style on this one
  • I also like the notion that ship death doesn’t equal end of game. If you can secure your captain’s escape, you can rebuild
    • I kinda wish this sort of toying with granular failure would be explored more in games
  • If you dug the style of windward but it was maybe a little too much, this might be for you
  • That’s a good way to do it.
  • However, you’re mostly going to be relying on dual booters and people who already bought the game on Windows and will only give it a cursory look on the other OSs.
  • Though, with the advent of Proton, that is less of an issue nowadays.
  • Speaking of which!


Pro cycling Manager 2019

  • Let me get this out of the way, cycling manager, really!?
  • That said take a peek at what;s getting fixed.
  • Yeah, we’re getting Proton fixes now.

Steam: New Games

Ion Fury

  • Much hipster, so pixel.
  • Check out the DL size on Brad.
  • When I saw the 50MB space requirement on the Steam download window my first thought was: “Did they screw up the Steam depots?”


Electronic Super Joy 2

  • Sex moans: The squeakquel
    • Apparently you can turn them off
  • It’s free to play with bonus levels and a bunch of other goodies if you pay for the Gold edition.


Return to Dust

  • This time with less Adobe Air?
    • That was my biggest gripe with the game, as you had to jump through some hoops to get Air running under linux
  • It looks like they’re keeping the zelda-style stuff and adding some PS1 Quality 3D overworld
  • That’s a pretty big leap from the first Anodyne.
  • Or it would be, if it wasn’t for the very similar dungeons “inside of characters’ bodies”.
  • Much like Fritictional, it seems they can’t get away from their comfort zone.


NVIDIA PRIME offloading

  • No more bumblebee… eventually.
  • On X windows.
  • With recent GPU’s.
  • So you could already do full display offloading already, which actually works pretty great, albeit at the cost of having a separate inactive display that the nvidia gpu renders things on
  • This simplifies things by just letting you just offload OpenGL and Vulkan.
  • Also makes hybrid systems a little better as before you had a simple choice, either nvidia GL or mesa


Logitech Wheel configuration

  • This is the kind of GUI BS Linux needs.
  • I’m sure the 8 of you in linux land who use racing wheels are loving this project now.
  • When we eventually move to a bigger place, I do want to get a wheel.
  • And yeah, stuff like this, the little quality of life things, are very nice to have.


Dreamcast with BIOS.

  • The reverse engineered BIOS claims about 90% compatibility.
    • For both native and WindowsCE games.
    • Yes kids, not all games ran the windows.
  • Apparently this has been a bit of a hurdle when it comes to open sauce dreamcast emulation
  • Apparently it supports network multiplayer that works with actual dreamcasts, for those who still have the OG hardware
  • The important thing though is that now you don’t have to go to random sketchy sites to get dreamcast bioses
    • ^ This!
  • More emulator teams should try and create open sauce BIOSes.
  • I realize that’s unlikely, since they’re not making much money on it and the time commitment is insane.
  • But it’d be great to see PCSX2 and the rest free themselves from the binary dump.


Blackmagic OBS setup

  • Time to dispel some motherfu*king myths.
  • Installation just works.
  • OBS, just works.
  • You can’t hear the fans and they don’t overheat.
  • Latency is imperceptible.
  • I’m not surprised some of you fk-o’s didn’t read the manual, nay.
  • I’m surprised you didn’t read the manual… and proceeded to make a video about it.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Ion Furry
Devel: Voidpoint, LLC / 3D Realms
Engine: Build
Price (Steam): £19.49 / US$24.99 / CA$28.99 – Psysichal Big Box Edition: $59.99

Wazzat: 3D Realms, creators of Duke Nukem 3D, Prey, and Max Payne, are excited to team up with Voidpoint to bring back the legendary Build Engine, famously known for classic first-person shooters like Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, and Blood. Ion Fury is the real deal!

Mandatory Disclosure: They poured keys in our faces.


Does It Launch

  • Two monitors went dark when launched, but it recovered.

Performance @ 1080

  • 244 master race!


  • Hipster 3D, is that a thing?
  • No glitches.


  • WASD


Does It Launch

  • Yup. Good ol’ eduke

Performance @ 1080

  • As I said previously, good ol’ eduke


  • I mean, their goal was to make it look like a late 90’s FPS. And they dood


  • Wasd. As it always is, as it should be


Does It Launch

  • It do

Performance @ 1080

  • VSync is on and it stayed on.
  • 60 FerPS all around


  • It’s Duke Nukem.
  • The character sprites look a bit different, but it’s still Duke Nukem.


  • Rebindable keys and the sensitivity slider actually works.

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • It’s strange playing Duke 3D @ 2160P on a 43” monitor.
    • The moves, so slick, the pixels, so crisp.
    • They got the look and most importantly the feel of the original down pat.
    • It’s fast paced and FKN cruel.
    • I was killed to death three or four times before reaching the first checkpoint.
    • Then I remembered quicksaves.
    • Kinda sucked the fun out of it at that point.
    • Good level design, fun guns, and something to help you forget that you’re fast approaching middle age and your kids will soon be expecting you to pay for college.. for a few hours.
    • Yeah, $24 is a little on the steep side for nostalgia but let’s face it, little Billy is going to drop out in the first semester anyway… and come back home to live, forever.
  • Jordan
    • It’s not a bad little shooter, even if you are afraid to shoot strangers.
    • The levels are well designed and employ the Jaquay style of looping back in on itself
    • I guess I find myself agreeing with the crowd saying that it does anything particularly innovative or new.
    • It does do one thing that tries to pray on your fear of the dark, but you’re also given an uzi immediately prior and your brain goes “oh, i should use this”
    • But I can respect a well put together game. Might be fun to pick up if you’re down depressed or lonely
  • Pedro
    • At this point, I’m done with 2D hipster pixel platformers.
    • At some point, I will probably be done with old sprite based 3D shooters.
    • That point isn’t here yet.
    • So I very much enjoyed Ion Fury.
    • It’s more DukeN without having to give Randy Pitchford money.
    • As far as I’m concerned, it’s all positives!
    • Seriously, Voidpoint did a very good job of capturing the fast pace combat in intricate levels which loop back in on themselves.
    • You need to be considerate with your ammo and different enemies go down a lot easier with different weapons.
    • It’s, in my not so humble opinion, a very good blend of modern complexities and intricacies with an old looking game.
    • I likey!
    • Even Shelly’s quips are sparse enough that you don’t immediately need to bring the voice slider volume down.

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:

Ions & Furries

  • I did ask them on twitter if the boxed edition comes with the Linux version
  • No answer thus far.

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