LinuxGameCast Weekly 338: LGC HindenBlimp

ZaReason releases a Linux gaming PC! Steam gives out some awards, Rust receives a surprise update, and retro FPS DUSK answers the prayers of 17 people.

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • The amount of dick sucking for CDPR that’s happening here… I don’t get it.
  • Rocket Cars is the only Linux winner, and deservedly so!
  • The translation of the acceptance speech of that PUBG dev sounded a little… defensive.

Steam: Game Updates


  • Still runs like poo.
  • Unless a Unity version fixes the performance issues it will always remain so.
  • Facepunch is the poster-child for smash that export button and ship.
  • At least they did the right thing and stopped selling the Linux version.
  • No love /w Proton if you’re wondering.
  • Well, at least they acknowledge the possible fix for the Penguin.
  • Given Garry’s inclination to just piss from on high on Linux, it’s good to see at least this much.
  • Yes. Updating unity solves all issues ever.
  • You know what?
  • At this point I’m just happy that they’re still doing linux builds


Loria on Linux

  • Good work dudes
  • Apparently they never realized people want to play strategy games with other people so apparently they are working on multiplayer
  • If you ever wanted to play warcraft 1 with a warcraft 3 UI, this is your game
  • I want some WCII action, that was my jam back in the DOS ages.
  • Hell, I’m willing to try it.
  • That certainly looks like Warcraft.



  • Will it finally break free of the 720p window?
  • LOL, nope.
  • If you have 2 controllers which present themselves as similar to the system, the game will apply the same config to both.
  • A large portion of this post is explaining controller configuration, and I question some of his decisions
  • At least he’s using something SDL2 based.



  • If you dig retro 3D shooters.
  • I am at the very least curious about this one.
  • It looks quakey enough.
  • I am offended that Linux is relegated to Carl Weathers. Linux should be Arnold

Steam: New Games


  • It’s a post apocalyptic XCOM
  • Seems a little silly and grimdark, but good grid based shit is MY CRACK
  • Magic and firearms… It’s Shadowrun without the Orcs!


Bundle O Dox

  • It’s a pretty good deal if you’re a linux gamer who likes strategy games
  • Although the Magicka DLC only works on windows?
    • If so, it’s almost impressive.
    • Also, Proton.
  • This is one of those bundles I’mma have to pass up.
  • Mostly because I have 3 of the 7 games already and the ones I don’t are RTSs.
  • So I’m good!


Another nvidia overclock utility: (Rtheren)

  • It’s like the one we covered last week but with GTK goodness.
  • Hey, has a Flatpack.
  • Built if from git and worked OOTB.
  • I should say launched OOTB since it picked up the 980 and the fan temps from the 2060.
  • Those flathub servers are hosted in Middle Earth
    • Compile it, scrub.
  • Tried to run Superposition with the Historical Data window open and it was having none of it, when run from the Flatpak.
  • Something to do with the flatpak using its own runtime driver, from the looks of things.



  • It’s a bit like that old Wing Commander game Privateer
  • It definitely runs. I have no idea what I’m doing, but it looks pretty open ended and deep
  • They did add combat missions and beam lasers (are there other kinds?)
  • Also, credit where credit is due, they know how to ship a tarball with correct permissions set
  • Indeed, everything launched without issue.
  • Max windowed res is 1300 something.
  • Tried to play if for a minute but it’s one of those go find a manual games.


TDM performance & bugs

  • RIP winXP users.
  • OMFG lower the server timeout on your download script.
  • 45 min to download 3.5GB.
  • Ya know the feels when you launch an executable and all three monitors go dark.
  • Then you spend a few minutes trying to get your unsaved work sorted from the one monitor that manages to recover and it’s the one in portrait mode now in some bullsh*t resolution?
  • Them feels?
  • Needless to say my testing session came to an end.
  • That’s OG Doom 3 behaviour, right there.
  • It’s one of the reasons I’m glad about Dhewm and all the improved sauce ports.
  • 2.08 is going to be ditching openGL 2.0 for 3.3
  • I’m curious if someone is eventually going to slide a vulkan renderer in there.
  • They’ve done it with IDTech 2, we might as well make sure that all of them have it


Abyss hugs

  • Lovers in a dangerous submarine?
  • They have a playable linux demo.
  • And it does have online multiplayer
  • It launches and holy UI scaling batman.
  • Got stuck in a sonar screen with no way out.
  • I hope the character control scheme is alpha, bacause it’s a bit shite.
  • I can imagine the LGC play session of this just devolving into a competition to see who can kill everyone else first.


DCSS 0.23

  • Of course it’s online.
  • Trap system overhaul
  • New Gauntlet portal to replace Labyrinths
  • Nemelex Xobeh rework
  • Nine unrandarts reworked and the new “Rift” unrandart added
  • Support for seeded dungeon play
  • Can be played locally but if you play online you get to see the “player ghosts” of others also playing online.
  • That’s popular nowadays in the Souls series.
  • If nethack isn’t hardcore enough for you


Not Steam box

  • Good to see some more vendors offering Linux as an option.
  • It’s got a 1050, spinny glass drives, and 8GB of memory RAM.
  • It might work as a 2D / retro console.
  • I feel one could do better for $799.
  • For $800 you can double the ram, triple the thread count and put a 1060 3GB in it.
  • Granted, at that point you’re limited to 500W 80+ Bronze PSU and at most 1TB of SSD space.
    • 600W is best W.
  • Gaming-wise, I suppose the Pentium wins in single-thread performance but a Ryzen 2600 (non X) will do a lot more for just about everything else.
  • You can always build a cheaper, better PC.
  • Aaaaaallllllllwaaaaayssssssss
  • With a System76 your’re paying for support.
  • One imagines Zareason would greet you with a blank stare.
  • I don’t know how you do blank stares over the tele, but they would find a way.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Dead Smells
Devel: Motion Twin
Price: £21.99 / US$24.99 / CA$29.99

Wazzat: Dead Cells is a rogue-lite, metroidvania inspired, action-platformer. You’ll explore a sprawling, ever-changing castle… assuming you’re able to fight your way past its keepers in 2D souls-lite combat. No checkpoints. Kill, die, learn, repeat.


Does It Launch

  • No Steam overlay.

Performance @ 1080



  • No overlay, no controller.


Does It Launch

  • Yes it do

Performance @ 1080

  • Hipster pixel 60fps+


  • There’s a baguette mode. That is all


  • Very tight controls
  • Correct DS4 button prompts too!


Does It Launch

  • Still doesn’t launch properly on the Steambox or any system running the SteamOS session.
  • Something between the Steam compositor and this game’s handling of its own window is out of whack.
  • Also the overlay is completely b0rk3d for this one.

Performance @ 1080

  • It performs very well


  • Hipster pixel all the way
  • The animation of the main character is nice.


  • DS4 only works if you plug it in.
  • Over blueteeth, the only way to play is to use it in Proton mode.
  • 8bitdo SNES Pro controller in XInput mode works perfect out of the box.
  • Proper controller support on this one means XInput only, unless you heathen-out and do it with Proton.

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • Permadeath came about due to the tech limitations of the day.
    • It was not a design choice.
    • Two hours in and yeah, permadeath is simply not fun for me in 2019.
    • The second time I “angered the gerdz” and had to kill 10 baddies without getting touched by an angel I noped.
    • I can get gud but throwing RNG into the mix caused me calmly exit the game and uninstall it.
    • Damn shame, that.
    • I was having a good time learning the mechanics and playing with the powerups.
    • Hell, I was even enjoying the hipster-pixel done right graphics and let’s not forget the soundtrack, it’s great and deserves a mention.
    • If you hate RNG flavoured permadeath like I do and find yourself needing to spend $20 on something with big chucky pixels might I suggest Axiom Verge.
  • Jordan
    • Dungeons and Dragons has spent 20 odd years teaching me about permadeath
    • You’re always one bad roll, one silly mistake you didn’t consider in the moment or even a careless finger away from death
    • And if you’re like me, you’ll forever be chasing that perfect run. Hoping that the luck/skill ratio works in your favour
    • Throw that on top of a pretty good metroidvania skeleton and you have yourself Dead Cells
    • I’m not usually good at games that require me to track a bunch of things on screen, but DC is pretty good about re-inforcing that i’ve made the mistake and providing me with ample outs in case I do make one
    • I really like the character designs in this, and the headless protagonist occasionally makes me chuckle with their mugging
    • The soundtrack is also pretty good
  • Pedro
    • There is something to be said about the random nature of the game.
    • A few runs I’m just doomed from the start because I don’t get any of the weapons I like.
    • I wish you would get a selection of melee weapons, at least.
    • Rather than the melee, ranged and shield option.
    • However, I enjoy this game a lot.
    • I would enjoy it more if I could sit on the couch with the Steambox 360 and the Steam controller and have at it.
    • But as it stands it’s doubly broken if you’re looking for that experience.
    • I’ve mentioned before if a hipster pixel platformer wants to succeed in my eyes, it needs to do something different.
    • Something to make it stand out.
    • Dead Cells takes some minor Dark Souls/Salt and Sanctuary influences and puts it into a Rogue Legacy type of scenario.
    • And it’s a great and fun experience.
    • It just needs to be fixed if it is to be an awesome one.

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:


  • That’s illegal in Britain. If Pedro did that, the queen would bust through his door and whoop his buns
  • Looks like this Virgin HUB 3 does have a modem mode.
    • Oh no!
    • Your buns!



  • For better or wurst Unity, Godot, and Unreal have enabled game designers and artist to play developer.
  • We’re waiting on a Vulkan buttons.
  • Some of ya’ll might get angry at me beause I’m right, but that’s okay.

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