LinuxGameCast Weekly 340: SpaceBoard Keybards

Linux gaming is on life support‽ Valve eyes Dota Auto Chess, The Talos Principle gets a Serious update, and music synced lighting for Steelseries gerbils.


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

RIP Steamflix

  • If Steam Boxes had ever became a thing this would have made sense.
  • They did not.
  • Guess I can remove the video filter from search now.
  • Can we get native Netflix support for BPM?
  • Yes, using the built in browser it works… mostly.
  • But it could be better with a default Netflix app with proper per app input mappings.
  • That’s something people have actually asked for, VALVe!
    • Maybe that’s what the partner API was?
    • Netflix.
  • Well, they tried and they failed.
  • Hopefully they learned something from the whole deal.
    • Or they’ll just fuck up steam streaming just like moves


Life Support

  • Yep, Valve makes all the engines that poop out Linux builds.
  • Regardless, we got Death Star Proton and Valve seems to be throwing resources at it.
  • Like I said on Twitter, it’s a mostly factual but otherwise inoffensive article.
  • I say mostly since editor person is clearly not a Linux user and hasn’t really followed this any deeper than what other publications have written/made videos about.
  • It was interesting to read Pierre Loup-Garou’s comments on the commitment to Linux.
  • I’m gonna hold you to that, Pierre!
  • The title was super click baity
  • Sure Valve has us captive, but at least for now they’re treating us well. That sounds normal
  • However, it looks like win32 is staying the course in terms of executable. Much ot Linux users and Microsoft’s chagrin



  • Might as well spend the rest of the Artifact budget that people actually enjoy, I guess.
  • I still can’t fathom why so many people like DotA so much, but then again I like Paladins (when I can play it) and that’s basically the same concept except as an FPS.
  • Also not a big fan of chess, though I will indulge some speed chess.
  • So based on a few videos and a how to article, this is basically gratuitous space battles, but with DOTA
  • It’s kinda funny how DOTA2, which started off as a starcraft mod spawed another mod that’s getting reasonably popular enough to become it’s own game
  • If it’ll get the kids spending money, Valve has no reason not to try to scoop them up

Steam: Game Updates

Talos 2.0 (empty)

  • Want to test the new Serious Engine?
  • Hey, you changed some movement in that benchmark,
  • Don’t think I didn’t notice.
  • At the risk of awakening the eldritch beast I posted a bench of the new hotness.
  • Whoo boy, that build does not like your resolution changing at fullscreen. Hardlocked my box twice.
  • Getting about 175ferps on ultra. Go go 1080 TI
  • No hardlocks here but if you change the resolution, when it comes back it’s on a little teeny tiny corner while the rest of the screen is black.
  • With everything on Ultra in the performance tab at UHD, it scores 90.2FerPS on average.
  • If I manually go in and set everything to the highest possible settings it almost gets 50FerPS.


Armadillo 2.0

  • Go see what’s coming in armello 2.0 and give some damn feedback to the developers
  • Rulespider begs us to not let him be the only linux beta tester


Rocket Friends

  • Fantastic. More tools for Venn to fuck with us
  • Curveball mutilator!
  • Yip, you can now apply english to the ball.
  • Extra ball physics phuckery!
  • Can we have a handegg shaped ball? Or a banana ball?
  • They forgot to inform the bots.

Steam: New Games

Sim game

  • Learn to fire 800 employees!
  • I will never get the fun in these games.
  • I almost got into Knights of Pen and Paper but these…
  • Kind of like a gamedev tycoon clone, though I guess the focus is more on the business management side of things



  • WHAR SDK 9.0!11!!
  • Oh nice! Fixing issues uncovered by DXVK. Good jerb Nvidia
  • It now builds against 5.0 kernels.



  • It’s faster than a 980Ti, just.
  • 6GB GDDR6 and 120W.
  • Has the NVENC goodness as well.
  • Only $70 less vs the 2060.
  • <wild speculation>This was made to compete with Navi, make of that what you will</wild speculation>
  • I keep seeing and hearing people question the naming the scheme, here.
  • This is the company which released the SHIELD, the SHIELD, and the SHIELD.
    • Oh and let’s not forget the two SHIELD accessories which came with the SHIELD.
    • TU16.
  • If you’d like to know the official reason for the name, here’s a link:
  • So I guess we’re not getting a 2050? We’re getting a 1650? Weird
    • But what if we do get a 2050?
  • 20 is reserved for RTX, it’s not rocket surgery.


Team blue

  • That’s matching the performance of the Vega 11.
  • What are the odds that the discrete GPU from Intel will have some x86 hiding around somewhere on the card.
    • Pretty good
  • That’s some impressive laptop performance. Colour me impressed intel.
  • I am a little cheesed that I Bought a 2700u for the IGP performance an Intel just announces something that smokes it



  • The Löve engine gets some… well… love with this VRR testing tool.
  • The version of love in the fedora repos is apparently way too old. Good thing they have a recent love appimage
  • Now that I can see it side by side, meh



  • What kind of world would this be if you couldn’t make full use of the YOLO in your RGB gaming swag?!
  • I shouldn’t really talk much, since I too have a mouse with fancy LEDs.
  • Not full RGB, though. So I still get to mock those people.
  • Gotta love the attitude of “this doesn’t work? Fuck it, i’ll make it work”
  • Hope he sends some of his stuff libratbag’s way.


Thimblesource Park

  • I guess this dude just wants to reverse thimbleweed park for the hell of it
  • Is this really an engine which needs reverse engineering?


Blood port based on EDuke32

  • But when!?!? When will we get an Eduke32 port of William Shatner’s Tekwar
  • Multiplayer works too. Bonus soda



  • Scoot Michaud for the betteridge law win

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Dank Souls III (Proton)
Devel: FromSoftware
Engine: Phyre
Price: £39.99 (£59.98 with Season Pass) / US$59.99 ($84.98) / CA$66.49 ($93.99)

Wazzat: As fires fade and the world falls into ruin, journey into a universe filled with more colossal enemies and environments. Players will be immersed into a world of epic atmosphere and darkness through faster gameplay and amplified combat intensity.


Does It Launch

  • This it does well.
  • It takes a minute and launches in a window but pops into fullscreen.

Performance @ 1080

  • @ 1080p with everything slammed to the right it holds 60 unless it don’t.
  • It will occasionally dip into the 45ish because reasons.


  • Brown, it’s brown.


  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaahahahahahaha.


Does It Launch

  • Yes

Performance @ 1080

  • Seems to keep a solid 60 @ 1080


  • I really like the aesthetic of these games. Grimdark fantasy is a weakness of mine, and this game does it really well


  • By default steam input settings on a DS4, the mouse is bound to the sixaxis which really fucked me up until I realized what was happening
  • From provides a couple different controls schemes, to address preference, but one thing that was missing was the right stick click didn’t do targeting by default. For whatever reason Steam input thinks the game is in the menu context
  • Everything in my brain is screaming for square to be attack. It’s messing me up


Does It Launch

  • It develops a bad case of the crash when you try to record it or stream it.
  • Playing normally, it’s solid.

Performance @ 1080

  • At 1080p it basically stays on 60.
  • I’ve seen it drop when getting invaded or when being summoned to other people’s worlds.


  • It looks the pretty.
  • It’s kind of a shame they put a piss filter on some areas.
  • Also, every room you walk in is massively detailed – with IKEA furniture.


  • Steam Input built directly into the game.
  • So if you’re like me and Jordan and think the middle left face button, on the right side of the controller should be attack, you can just change the controller config from the overlay.
  • The mouse being bound to the sixaxis did throw me off, but I just disabled that.
  • If you go into the options menu and pick controller configs, it will literally just launch the Steam Input Configurator.
  • I want more games to do this!

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • On paper I should rather like the Dark Souls series.
    • Open world, hack-n-slash, hella hard nightmare-fuel is something that gives me a chubby.
    • This, this makes me tilt my head a little and say “aww, it’s retarded”
    • You’re genuinely playing a videogame with special needs.
    • Everything from the inconsistent menu navigation, multiplayer that requires a guide, to a jump mechanic that makes Scientology seem reasonable.
    • After all it’s a series built on shit controls and a camera hellbent on killing you.
    • Can’t really say anything that has not been said ad nauseum.
    • Dark Souls, I look at you with sympathy, not anger.
    • It’s doing something right since the internet loves to play it and bitch about how shite it is.
  • Jordan
    • I kinda knew I wasn’t going to like it going into it
    • I’ve played a bit of DS2 a few years ago with some friends and it was quickly determined that I’m not up to this game’s speed
    • Which is a shame, because I love the worldbuilding and creatures, but for whatever reason this game causes me to fail to keep my temper in check
    • Something about having to grind the exact same point over and over again just gets to me
    • Maybe playing second to someone in multiplayer might make it a little better, but this isn’t my type of hard game
  • Pedro
    • As the one person here who has finished both Dark Souls+DLC and Dark Souls 2+DLC, take what I’m about to spew with a Wood Grain Ring.
      • Trust me, it’ll stop your sword from breaking before getting to the next bonfire.
    • Dark Souls 3 differs from the previous 2 by having a much faster and aggressive combat.
    • You could still play it slow and steady like the others, but this has a big Bloodborne influence.
    • And this makes it so, despite being the best at a technical level of the series on PC, it is the weakest in what us masochists like about the other games.
    • Which is that feeling that you’re clearly not suited to be doing what you’re doing, at least until your brain clicks.
    • Then you realize, you’re better off cheesing enemies off cliffs and elevator shafts than attempting to beat them in a “fair fight”.
    • This is a game which gets its porn from watching level design documentaries.
    • And if you like exploring while being presented with a challenge, this is your series.
    • Dark Souls 3, being the most technically competent, and having a faster and more forgiving combat, it is possibly the most approachable of all.
    • Even if I think Dark Souls 2 was still the better game of the series, unpopular opinion!
    • It may not be my favorite Dark Souls game but it’s still pretty goddamn fun.
    • I won’t be streaming any of it, but I’mma keep playing it all the same.

Fun Score:


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