LinuxGameCast Weekly 343: Dwarves Are Waiting

NVIDIA launches the 1660! Dwarves come to Steam, DXVK 1.0.1 is out, and the ugly truth about Linux gaming. Then Overgrowth faces, the CHAIRQASITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Intel leads AMD on Steam 4:27
Steam VR Update 6:57
Steam Link Anywhere: 8:55
Steamworks SDK v1.44 12:21
Feral Game Mode 1.3 15:18
Steam Review Bomb 17:09
Dwarf Fortress Comes To Steam 23:03
Tuberbrook 26:43
Hypnospace Outlaw 29:06
Baba Is You 30:54
Shameless Plugs 33:29
Mesa 19.0.0 37:42
NVIDIA 1660 39:50
Google Game Console 44:54
DXVK 1.0.1 49:02
SDL 1.2 Compat 51:35
GODOT 1.3 54:20
Truth About Linux Gaming 56:09
Hate Mail 1:19:00


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • Breaking, people don’t build a new PC every two years.
  • AMD CPUs gaining traction under linux is another big duh
  • Turns out people like cheaper, fast processors *tries not to stare hungrily at ryzen 3700*
  • I’m totally getting a 3700X for myself come July!


Steamy VR

  • I guess those employees made sure to commit their code before getting axed
  • Once empty gets settled in, we need to have him take another crack at the Vive ft Proton



  • With some of the rumours we’re going to be discussing in the news segment, it makes sense that valve’s gonna take a crack at streaming over the Internet’s
  • Wonder what the latency is like
  • I think this will fall squarely into the “oh that’s neat” category but not terribly useful.
  • Well, until Steam launches their streaming service.
  • This is from a PC to a Link or Link App, not PC to PC… yet…



  • Encrypted end-to-end UDP.
  • NAT traversal is one of those things that no one wants to do but everyone should do.
  • Just having that is huge.
  • That 30% cut pays for stuff like this.
  • Yeah, this was what the Partner API update was all about.
  • I’m with Venn. This kinda stuff is one hell of a value add for 30%
  • Plus it’s open source too. At this point I’m not surprised given Valve’s been releasing open source shit left and right


Game mode 1.3

  • Support for configuring performance level on AMD GPUs (experimental, use at your own risk)
    • Yeah, feral’s still trying to figure out how to AMD
    • Same could be said for AMD.
  • Disabling the screensaver temporarily is a good touch. That’s been an issue for a good long while


Review us up the bomb

  • We’re going to automate some more shite that won’t work as intended.
  • Posting a review during a “review bomb” that you have FK all way of knowing about?
  • Review no longer counts count.
  • People in the comments are (rightfully) taking issue with the wording on VALVe’s bit around DRM and EULA changes.
  • I agree with those people, since DRM is very much a part of the game.
  • So if a developer makes the DRM more draconian or outright malware-ish, then the negative reviews are a very good way to identify it.
  • VALVe does at least give you the option to opt back in to the old way review scores are calculated, so it’s not the worst thing we’ve seen.

Steam: Game Updates

Steamy Dwarf

  • Interesting availability date.
    • I suppose you don’t do your software development at relativistic speeds?
  • A couple of the devs have some medical issues, so a new revenue steam is required for them to…you know…live
  • The steam version will have the new fancy tile set by default and steam workshop integration
  • People still using the ASCII version will still get get the same game and continuing updates, just not with fancy tiles
  • Is the Steam version genuinely not going to have the native Linux client?

Steam: New Games


  • Mixed reviews right off the bat doesn’t usually bode well.
  • This is a game Steve would be into, if only cuz of the scenery


Is this memes?

  • Become the cyber police and inform people when they dun goofed
  • A game about being the internet police, which is single player…
  • It seems a like it had some actual effort put behind it, at least.


Hipster ASCII

  • Another well received game jam submission makes it on to steam



  • The Witcher 3 gets a few fixes in the long release notes
  • OpenGL 4.5 is now a real boy
  • Lots of fixes aimed at VKd3d too
  • Mesa is going to built in meson.



  • $200 Turing encoder.
  • Seems like it handily whups the rx590
    • Mind you Sebastian, you should start including some vulkan benches cuz those DX ones aren’t all that useful to us
  • GDDR5.
    • Not even getting GDDR5X, that’s a shame!



  • Make it Android based and call it GOOUYA.
    • Sounds like something slimeboi macho man randy savage would say
  • So, a more expensive Steam Link that runs the app and a couple of android games?


One-Oh-One (eMpTy)

  • RE2 and DMC5 are the hot new thing, very good to see they’re getting extra care!
  • This kind of stuff is why I like dxvk being decoupled from wine. Easier to fix one component then rebuild the entire damn app



  • I’m curious if this uses any of Mr. Alert’s SDLCL project
  • Either way, this is a good thing. SDL1.2 needs to DIAF in the age of multi-monitor being the norm
  • It’s neat if you want to play old native games.
  • So, what changed his mind?



  • Can’t kill opengl es 2.0 cuz opengl on windows and Mac are dog shit. I wonder why?


Six months a penguin

  • I know nouveau isn’t the greatest feature or performance wise, but considering the development process involves a tunneling electron microscope I feel the need to reiterate that the fact that it works at all is a minor miracle
  • There is a lot of valid criticism here, and distributions need to start working towards indicating what the driver options are and how to access them in a more user friendly manner that doesn’t require foreknowledge of the driver landscape
  • Having lots of options is a double edged sword. Customisation is one of Linux’s strengths, but options paralysis is a real thing, especially for new users, which is why I think folks distro hop at first
    • Also not having to wait for an official release throws more than a few wrenches into the equation
  • That said, some of these issues, to me anyways, smacks of “this is different from windows! Why are you making me learn this new thing, it’s hard because it doesn’t work out of the box”
  • There was another post from Jason saying he’d be comparing 9 different distros over the coming weeks.
  • Thar link:

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Overgrowth
Webzone: Overgrowth
Devel: Wolfire
Engine: Phoenix Engine
Price: £22.99 / US$29.99 / CA$32.99

Wazzat: Feel like the star of a martial arts film in Overgrowth, as you jump, kick, throw, and slash your way to victory.


Does It Launch

  • No issues.

Performance @ 1080

  • 70+ @ 2160.


  • Looks like a 9 year old game.


  • Not Xclone worked OOTB.
  • Yeah the default scheme is JACKED but such was the style when development first started.


Does It Launch

  • It launches with this weird windowed mode
  • Also when you change the resolution it resizes your monitor’s resolution

Performance @ 1080

  • Don’t try to play this at UHD. It seems to eat shit
  • Perfomance @ 1080 is good though


  • They’re OK. respawning involves a very creepily stretched out rabbit model


  • I’ll take it a step further than pedro. The default bindings make no goddamn sense
  • You kinda have to rebind everything


Does It Launch

Performance @ 1080

  • Performs very well


  • There were some graphical glitches in the recording but those don’t appear in game at all.


  • The standard bindings for the controller were a little off
  • But you can remap everything.

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • This game has so many FSM issues it’s not funny.. but I will try.
    • Yeah, I made it all the way to the wall run ice jump part.
    • Up until then I found the unresponsive floaty controls amusing.
    • I didn’t feel like RNGing my way through that bit.
    • I remember being intrigued by the combat system way back when but what we got was nothing more than hold attack, wiggle stick, hope for favourable outcome.
    • This a was Wolfire Games side chick and treated as such
    • And that’s a shame since I can see they had a vision for this game. There was a story to be told, a world to be fleshed out, maybe even fun to be had.
    • But that cocked that up and shipped a 9 year old hobby project that is hare bones at best.
    • Still a better love story than Carmageddon.
  • Jordan
    • Lugaru was kinda charming in a there are no games on linux oh hey there’s this indie developed 3d beat em up sort of way
    • Overgrowth hasn’t really expanded on the formula in any meaningful way
    • You still try to dropkick your way to victory, most weapon attacks kill your face and you jump around
    • The story isn’t anything special either, and I found myself just skipping through all of the “cutscenes”
    • I was kinda hoping that there would be something in here to justify that $30 price tag, and there just isn’t brad
  • Pedro
    • That’s the big question, innit?
    • It’s certainly funny, and I found myself just wanting to keep going.
    • But when I stopped, I didn’t real feel the need to go back in.
    • Some games have that pull that makes you want to fire it back up despite whatever bullshit it throws at you.
    • This one doesn’t.
    • As someone who likes the exploration aspect, I really didn’t like the empty ass maps.
    • They’re big, but there’s only ever one thing on them and that’s where you need to go and murder something, or have a little cutscene conversation.
    • And those cutscenes… talk about minimum effort.
    • I’m just glad they let you skip all of it.
    • Speaking of button presses, it’s really hard to tell when your character will accept the attack button input at all.
    • There really isn’t much of a visual indication of when you’re staggered unless you’re knocked to the ground.

Fun Score:


  • I see where the focus was, and they did the indie thing.
  • They focused on one mechanic, the combat, and built the bare minimum around it to call it a game.
  • I guess there’s plenty of mods to make up for it to a point, but the base game is a bit lacking.

Hate Mail:


  • Kill native Steam while you’re playing WINE games from outside Proton.
  • That was pretty much the only way I found to stop that, until an update came along that let you disable this.
  • If you go into Big Picture mode, in the General Controller settings (I think you can access that from desktop mode, now too) and untick the “Guide button focuses Steam” it should stop this behaviour.

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